OpenAI, Data roaming charges & Insecure passwords
BBC Radio Foyle on OpenAI firing Sam Altman, Data roaming charges & insecure passwords. Listen. (21 Nov 2023)

NCSC: AI will increase speed and scale of critical infrastructure attacks
ITPro on how Ransomware remains one of the biggest threats to critical national infrastructure with attacks increasing tenfold and in severity. (14 Nov 2023)

What are Kerberoasting attacks and how do you stop them?
ITPro on how attackers target service accounts that use Kerberos to look out for weak or easily guessable passwords that can be cracked quickly. (7 Nov 2023)

‘Hamas’ Derry Halloween costume image circulated online believed to be fake, say PSNI
BBC Radio Foyle on whether a ‘Hamas’ Derry Halloween costume image circulated online is fake. Listen. (3 Nov 2023)

The Impact of Tech in 2024
IEEE Roundtable based on an IEEE survey of global technology leaders which included 350 CTOs, CISOs covering future technology trends. Listen. (2 Nov 2023)

CEO of Web Summit tech conference resigns over Israel comments
Highland Radio on Paddy Cosgrave, the CEO of one of the world’s largest technology conferences resigning on Saturday amid furor over remarks he made about the Israel-Hamas war which sparked a boycott that led to droves of speakers and companies to pull out of the gathering. Watch. (23 Oct 2023)

Natwest study reveals top financial scams of 2023; finds seven in 10 targeted by scams in last 12 months
Business in the News on the issue of phishing attacks, the use of AI and the best practice to avoid being caught out by attackers. (17 Oct 2023)

How much does it really cost you to leave your tech on standby?
BBC Radio Foyle about the average annual standby energy costs for a device on standby for 20 hours per day (that is 7,300 hours per year). Listen. (10 Oct 2023)

Red Cross lays down hacktivism law as Ukraine war rages on
The Register on The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) setting out eight rules for hacktivists to discourage civilian involvement in cyberattacks against other countries. (4 Oct 2023)

Managing Data Security Risks of AI Technology
ERMA on how employee training should provide real-world examples and case studies that employees can relate to, showcasing the impact of security practices on their work. (29 Sep 2023)

Major Data Breach Exposes Domestic Abuse Victims
TalkTV – Vanessa Feltz show about a major data breach which has rocked multiple organizations, including an NHS trust, a police service, a government department, and local councils, resulting in the exposure of the locations of domestic abuse victims to their alleged abusers. Watch. (27 Sep 2023)

Harnessing Water, Defending Data: Ensuring Cybersecurity in Hydropower and Dam Facilities
Ground Control on the rise of ransomware attacks by state sponsored hacking groups. (22 Sep 2023)

Apple to Fix iPhone Radiation Levels with Software Update
BBC Radio Foyle on Apple Fixing iPhone Radiation Levels with Software Update & airplane mode on flights. Listen. (20 Sep 2023)

Ransomware volumes at record high after Clop’s MOVEit attacks
Global Security Magazine on MOVEit attacks having driven ransomware attacks to a record high, according to NCC Group’s global threat intelligence team. (15 Sep 2023)

China bans iPhones in Government – WiFi reading & Smart Toilets
BBC Radio Foyle on the Chinese government banning iphones of some government workers, WiFi enabled reading & worries over smart toilets being hacked. Listen. (12 Sep 2023)

How can companies adapt their approach to ensure comprehensive protection across their networks
Intelligent CISO on the risks inherent in poorly deployed IoT devices. (6 Sep 2023)

Supply Chain Risk: Log4j, SolarWinds, What’s Next?
Assured on how software dependencies are becoming a popular backdoor to compromise. (5 Sep 2023)

Sunak’s Government Defenceless Against Russian Hackers
The European Conservative on suspected Russian state leaking information linked to the Ministry of Defence. (5 Sep 2023)

Google: Celebrating 25 Years of Revolutionizing Search
BBC Radio Ulster on the 25th anniversary of Google which is recognised by Forbes as the second most valuable brand on the Planet. Listen. (4 Sep 2023)

Russian cyber-attacks ‘relentless’ as threat of WW3 grows, expert warns
The Independent on a new era as third-party companies hold data on our military infrastructure. (3 Sep 2023)

Putin’s regime ‘likely’ sponsored cyber-attack on Britain by Russia-linked hackers who acquired secrets about military sites then leaked them onto the dark web amid tensions over Ukraine, expert warns
Daily Mail on sensitive information about sites including HMNB Clyde, home of the Trident nuclear submarines, and GCHQ, being leaked. (3 Sep 2023)

Supply Chain Risk: Log4j, SolarWinds, What’s Next?
Assured Intelligence on the lack of transparency in code making it harder for organisations to assess the software’s security and identify potential vulnerabilities. (1 Sep 2023)

With the growing adoption of IoT devices, how can companies adapt their approach to ensure comprehensive protection across their networks?
Intelligent CISO magazine on the need for taking care when deplying IoT devices with regards their life cycle and overall security policies. (1 Sep 2023)

Skilled and trained workforce needed to combat cyber risks
Cyber Magazine on how there needs to be a collective effort from businesses, industry groups, schools and universities to encourage more young people to enter the cybersecurity industry. (31 Aug 2023)

Officers on high alert after Met Police security breach
Daily Express on whether an external audit is needed in the aftermath to see if best practices were followed. (28 Aug 2023)

Met should thoroughly investigate cyber security practices, says experts
Jersey Evening Post on unauthorised access to the IT system of one of its suppliers. (27 Aug 2023)

Met Police probes ‘unauthorised access’ to IT system containing details of police officers
LBC News about the Metropolitan Police looking into a possible security breach after one of its contractors reported ‘unauthorised access’ on its IT system. Listen. (27 Aug 2023)

Met should thoroughly investigate cyber security practices, says experts
The Independent on unauthorised access to the IT system of one of its suppliers. (27 Aug 2023)

Smart Cities: Utopian Dream, Security Nightmare, or Political Gimmick?
Security Week on some of the cybersecurity implications on rolling out Smart Cities without deep reflection on security in depth. (11 Aug 2023)

Officers identified in PSNI data breach as working with MI5 could be called as witnesses in terror trial
BBC Radio Ulster Talkback show on the biggest terror trial in Northern Ireland’s history been impacted by the PSNI data breach, with defence lawyers planning on calling officers identified on the leaked list as working with MI5. Listen. (16 Aug 2023)

Google starts warning users about potential inactive account deletions
BBC Radio Foyle on Google warning users about potential inactive account deletions starting in December. We also discuss how to improve WiFi and outdoor webcams. Listen. (15 Aug 2023)

Northern Ireland police to incur fines and face compensation claims due to data mishap
Vigour Times on the need to emphasise the need for consistency in enforcing data protection regulations and why the police should be exempt. (11 Aug 2023)

Northern Ireland police faces fines and compensation claims after data blunder
The Financial Times where I mention that the Information Commissioner’s Office, the UK’s data protection watchdog, which is currently being more lenient towards public sector bodies may find itself under pressure. (10 Aug 2023)

PSNI chief admits officers anxious and angry at data breach
BBC UK News at 6 on the differences in the PSNI data leak as opposed to run of the mill data breaches Watch. (10 Aug 2023)

Why The Data Breaches Within The Northern Ireland Police Force Are So Dangerous
The Huffington Post on how data classification/data loss prevention tools could have been used in the background to protect the documents, and that cyber security training should be mandatory for all organisations. (10 Aug 2023)

Northern Ireland police under further pressure as they investigate second data breach
BBC Radio Ulster on the PSNI investigating the theft of stolen documents and a laptop hours after a “critical incident” was declared over a huge breach relating to 10,000 officers and staff. Listen. (10 Aug 2023)

How PoisonGPT and WormGPT Brought the Generative AI Boogeyman to Life
techopedia on how WormGPT and FraudGPT which claim to get around the restrictions of the ‘normal’ LLMs, are making it easier for hackers. (9 Aug 2023)

Electoral Commission apologises for security breach involving UK voters’ data
TalkTV’s Vanessa Feltz show on confidence in the UK’s electoral regulator been thrown into question after it emerged a hostile cyber-attack accessing the data of 40 million voters went undetected for a year and the public was not told for another 10 months. Watch. (9 Aug 2023)

New acoustic attack steals data from keystrokes with 95% accuracy & the insecurity of IoT devices
BBC Radio Foyle on a team of UK researchers which trained a deep learning model that can steal data from keyboard keystrokes recorded using a microphone with an accuracy of 95% & the dangers of IoT Devices. Listen. (8 Aug 2023)

UserSec Group Behind Belfast City Airport DDoS Attack
BBC Radio Ulster on the Russian UserSec hacking collective which has taken responsibility for orchestrating cyber attacks on two prominent airports in the United Kingdom including Belfast City Airport. Listen. (7 Aug 2023)

Managing Data Security Risks of AI Technology
Risk Management on the risks posed by AI technology, including the significant data security threats that are already having unintended consequences for companies. (1 Aug 2023)

Don’t Take the Bait: Collaborative Intelligence to Build Phishing Resilience
InfoSecurity Webinar on the concept of collaborative intelligence – the combination of human skills with machine learning technologies. Watch. (27 July 2023)

Cyber criminal AI tool WormGPT produces ‘unsettling’ results
Computer Weekly on a newly discovered generative AI tool dubbed WormGPT which is being sold to the cyber criminal underground via the dark web, and poses a significant danger. (19 July 2023)

ChatGPT rival ‘WormGPT’, used by cybercriminals to launch phishing attacks
Global Security Mag on WormGPT which is a new generative AI tool being used by cybercriminals to launch sophisticated business email and phishing attacks. (18 July 2023)

Threads app signs up 100m users in less than a week
Highland Radio about Threads, the social media app aimed at rivalling Twitter, which has signed up more than 100 million users in less than five days. Listen. (11 July 2023)

How Has GDPR Changed Our Approach to Data Protection?
Infosecurity Magazine on how General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has strengthened the fundamental right to data protection across the EU. (7 July 2023)

Threads could cause real problems for Twitters
BBC Radio Ulster on Meta launch of its much-teased rival to Twitter, Threads, in the UK and US. Listen. (6 July 2023)

The Residual Threat Caused by Ransomware
European Financial Review on ransomware being a major cybersecurity threat to organisations and individuals at this time. (3 July 2023)

Center for Internet Security, CREST launch new enterprise cybersecurity accreditation scheme
CSO on a new program from CREST which aims to provide organizations a way to show customers and partners their cybersecurity posture meets certain standards. (29 June 2023)

Turn your phone off every night for five minutes, Australian PM tells residents
BBC Radio Foyle on the Australian PM’s cybersecurity advice, saying forcibly closing apps could stop criminals from monitoring users or collecting data. Listen. (27 June 2023)

Scam adverts still rife on Facebook and Instagram
BBC Radio Foyle about paid-for scam advertising thriving across social media with risky investment adverts putting UK consumers of risk of fraud. Listen. (20 June 2023)

Six generative AI cyber security threats and how to mitigate them
IT Pro on the widely available generative AI tools which have lowered the barrier to entry for adversaries looking to use AI in their attacks. (19 June 2023)

APWG.EU’s Tech Summit Is Back to Keep the Internet Safe for All
APWG on cybercrime researchers and industry responders gathering in Dublin to fight cybercrime that threatens commerce and culture globally. (12 June 2023)

Destroying Hard Drives – Apple Checkin – Whatsapp edit feature
BBC Radio Foyle about millions of storage devices being shredded each year, even though they could be reused. We also discuss the forthcoming Checkin feature from Apple and WhatsApp allowing messages to be edited. Listen. (6 June 2023)

ChatGPT – Opportunities & Challenges in Education
BBC Radio Foyle on US lawyer using ChatGPT for case research with false case references, Netflix crackdown on Password sharing & the NHS allowing Facebook to harvest sensitive information. Listen. (30 May 2023)

ChatGPT – Opportunities & Challenges in Education
Voice of Islam Radio about the potential benefits & negatives of ChatGPT in Education. Listen. (29 May 2023)

The reality about generative AI – moving beyond the hype
Voice of Islam radio about how Artificial Intelligence will affect the job market and the future of humans competing against AI in the future. Listen. (23 May 2023)

Meta €1.2bn fine,”They have to adhere to EU rules.”
CGTN about Meta been hit with a €1.2bn fine by the EU for privacy violations and ordered to suspend transfers of user data to the US. Watch. (22 May 2023)

The rise of identity-based cyber attacks and how to mitigate them
IT Pro on the importance of having a sensible allocation of levels of access to individuals or groups of individuals. (19 May 2023)

How to realise data potential without compromising trust
Raconteur on the need to ­prevent any personally identifiable information from being released in public data sets. (18 May 2023)

Proactive defence: A new take on cyber security
Public technology where I explain that taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity means being prepared for potential threats and mitigating risks before they can be exploited. (16 May 2023)

Irish Times apologises for hoax AI article about women’s use of fake tan
BBC Radio Foyle on the Irish Times newspaper apologising for running an article about Irish women’s use of fake tan that was submitted by a hoaxer who used artificial intelligence. Listen. 15 May 2023)

WhatsApp could disappear from UK over privacy concerns
BBC Radio Foyle on the UK’s online safety bill which gives Ofcom the power to impose requirements for social networks to use technology to tackle terrorism or child sexual abuse content. Listen. (9 May 2023)

New rules ban subscription traps and fake reviews
BBC Radio Foyle on the UK government’s new Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill which aims to help consumers and increase competition between big tech firms. Listen. (25 Apr 2023)

UK-wide emergency alert to sound this weekend
Highland Radio on a nationwide test of the UK’s emergency alert service which will ‘ping’ millions of phones on Sunday. Watch. (21 Apr 2023)

Twitter removes Blue verified badge of non paying users
BBC Radio Foyle on the removal of traditional Blue tick Twitter accounts and the UK emergency alert system. Listen. (21 Apr 2023)

Rape victims’ charities had data stolen in attack on Derry company
BBC News about organisations dealing with rape and sexual abuse victims who had their data stolen following a ransomware attack on a company in Derry. Watch. (17 Apr 2023)

Cyber attack: Data from charities stolen in ransomware attack
BBC Radio Foyle on hackers stealing data from charities and community organisations in a cyber attack on a Londonderry-based IT company. Listen. (17 Apr 2023)

The government’s plans to regulate artificial intelligence with new guidelines on “responsible use”
BBC Radio Foyle on the government’s plans to regulate artificial intelligence with new guidelines on “responsible use”. Listen. (29 Mar 2023)

4G on the Moon, & Broadband Price increases
BBC Radio Foyle about 4G on the Moon, & Broadband Price increases. Listen. (28 Mar 2023)

How can public sector bodies go on the front foot against cyber threats?
Public Technology on how critical it is for organisations to strengthen their cyber hygiene, boosting resilience to combat threats proactively. Watch. (27 Mar 2023)

Public emergency alerts to be sent to all UK smartphones
BBC Radio Bristol on a siren-like alert that will be sent to smartphone users across the UK next month to test a new government public warning system. Listen. (24 Mar 2023)

Singapore government says officers can only use TikTok on issued devices on a ‘need-to basis’
Today Online about Public officers being allowed to use TikTok on Singaporean government-issued devices only on a “need-to basis” under existing policy. (17 Mar 2023)

TikTok: UK ministers banned from using Chinese-owned app on government phones
BBC Radio Ulster on British government ministers been banned from using Chinese-owned social media app TikTok on their work phones and devices on security grounds. Listen. (16 Mar 2023)

China says US “overstretching concept of national security” on TikTok ban
CNA Singapore on the US imposing a 30-day deadline for federal agencies to purge the TikTok app from its devices due to national security concerns. Watch. (28 Feb 2023)

European Commission bans TikTok on staff devices
BBC Radio Foyle about staff working at the European Commission been ordered to remove the TikTok app from their phones and corporate devices. Listen. (23 Feb 2023)

Test text message warning of world war to be sent to your mobile in weeks
BBC Radio Foyle about a disaster alert that warns the UK public about the outbreak of war or a pandemic will be tested for the first time within weeks. Listen. (21 Feb 2023)

Investigation under way after cyber attack at Virgin Media Television
EastCoastFM on an investigation under way after a cyber attack at Virgin Media Television to access its systems. Listen. (21 Feb 2023)

An attempted hack on Virgin Media TV
Newstalk on Virgin Media TV identifying an unauthorised hacking attempt on their systems in recent days which may cause disruption to programming. Listen. (21 Feb 2023)

GOV UK says ‘digital pound likely this decade’
Global Security Mag on the UK Government considering introducing a ‘digital pound’ through stablecoins. (9 Feb 2023)

teissTalk: Threat trends in 2023 and beyond – how uncertain times affect cyber-risk
teissTalk podcast along with CISO’s where we discuss potential cybersecurity threats appearing on the landscape. Watch. (9 Feb 2023)

Kids as young as six years old donate money to online streamers without parents knowing
BBC Radio Foyle on Kids as young as six years old donating money to online streamers without parents knowing. Listen. (8 Feb 2023)

BBC HD Only, Children exposed to Porn & 5G from the skies
BBC Radio Foyle on the move to HD only channels from the BBC and how 5G may soon be delivered from overhead. Listen. (31 Jan 2023)

People unaware 3G mobile network switch off to begin in February 2023
BBC Radio Foyle on the 3G service which is still used by more than 30 million in the UK pulling the plug on the UK’s 3G network, with Vodafone the first provider to do so next month. Listen. (24 Jan 2023)

Safe Homes: Security Tech for Remote Workers
Silicon on digital security approaches that all enterprises should have in place. (19 Jan 2023)

Cybersecurity predictions for 2023, according to experts
Verdict on what trends to expect in cybersecurity in 2023. (17 Jan 2023)

AI bot ChatGPT stuns academics with essay-writing skills and usability
Highland Radio on chatGPT’s impressive conversational user interface which has impressed for its ability to make human-like interpretations of questions and implications for cheating on essays. Listen. (12 Jan 2023)

Royal Mail unable to despatch items abroad after ‘cyber incident’
BBC Radio about the Royal Mail facing severe disruption to its international export services after a “cyber incident”. Listen. (12 Jan 2023)

Hackers can trick Wi-Fi devices into draining their own batteries
New Scientist on a WiFi attack which can quickly exhaust the battery of a typical IoT device thus leaving the victim’s device in a disabled state. (9 Jan 2023)

Cyber experts train lens on Lensa-like apps
The Economic Times on privacy concerns over neural network trained Lensa AI app. (17 Dec 2022)

Outrage after Twitter suspends several US journalists who reported on Musk
BBC Radio News on Elon Musk accusing journalists of posting “assassination coordinates” by publicizing the ElonJet account, which was suspended earlier. Listen. (16 Dec 2022)

Twitter relaunches Blue Tick, Apple Satnav Service & End to End Encryption
BBC Radio Foyle on Twitter relaunching the Blue Tick, iPhones using satellite communication and WhatsApp threatens to pull out of the UK if asked to break end-to-end encryption. Listen. (14 Dec 2022)

The 2023 Trend to Rule Them All
Connected World where I predict that the most impactful 2023 development is likely to revolve around privacy-preserving technologies. (1 Dec 2022)

A blueprint for SaaS data security
Raconteur where I suggest using secure access service edge (SASE) to focus on identity access management, but encompasses every element of the technology stack including cloud tools. (17 Nov 2022)

Ransomware: Why do businesses still pay up?
IT Pro on businesses infected with ransomware still frequently paying up. (15 Nov 2022)

‘Weaponised app’: Is Egypt spying on COP27 delegates’ phones?
Aljazeera on concerns raised at the United Nations’ COP27 climate talks over an official smartphone app that reportedly has carte blanche to monitor locations, private conversations and photographs. (12 Nov 2022)

Fake NI secretary email prompting Elon Musk tweet was sent due to ‘archaic’ system
Belfast Live on how Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris had to deny he had resigned after a sham statement was emailed to the press on the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) circulation list. (11 Nov 2022)

Twitter tales: What next after Elon Musk’s firing spree left 20% staff in India
The Economic Times alongside former Twitter India head Manish Maheshwari on the possible future of the microblogging platform. Listen. (8 Nov 2022)

Elon Musk does not know what he is doing says former Twitter executive
BBC Radio Foyle News about the chaos which has ensued since Elon Musk opened up verification for anyone who pays. Listen. (7 Nov 2022)

Elon Musk says $8 monthly fee for Twitter blue tick
BBC Radio Foyle about Elon Musk declaring Twitter will charge $8 (£7) monthly to Twitter users who want a blue tick by their name indicating a verified account. Listen. (2 Nov 2022)

Elon Musk completes Twitter takeover amid hate speech concerns
BBC Radio Foyle about the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, completing his $44bn acquisition of Twitter, amid warnings from politicians and campaigners that hate speech on the platform must be held in check. Listen. (28 Oct 2022)

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month: How Do We Increase Safety in a Digital World?
IGI Global on how people often under estimate the importance of cybersecurity awareness until it is too late and they suffer loss and upheaval in their lives. (27 Oct 2022)

Government offers £200,000 to evaluate device security
Global Security Magazine on how organisations need to ensure they deploy IoT devices with sufficient security policies in place, such as firewalls and intrusion detection & prevention systems. (10 Oct 2022)

Tackling the Scourge of Cryptocurrency Thefts
Infosecurity magazine online summit podcast on various cryptocurrency scams. Watch. (27 Sep 2022)

How Can Financial Services Combat Cyber Crime?
MinuteHack on how financial services businesses are an enticing target for cyber criminals. (27 Sep 2022)

The dangers of historical social media posts
BBC Radio Ulster on the dangers of troublesome historical social media posts. Listen. (26 Sep 2022)

Ofgem issues warning over scam energy support messages
Energy Live News on how Phishing attacks remain a big problem as they are designed to be effective by targeting large numbers of people with energy bill-related claims. (24 Sep 2022)

What did we learn from wannacry?
ITPro podcast on how the security world was rocked by one of the most sudden and widespread ransomware outbreaks in history named wannacry. Listen. (2 Sep 2022)

5G Is the Future
EduBirdie on how only fast networks, such as 5G, can support millisecond-level latencies. (1 Sep 2022)

Why Cybersecurity should be your TOP Priority!
Gibraltar Association of Compliance Officers on how cybercrime units have roles typically found in large legitimate business such as partner networks, associates, resellers, and vendors. (30 Aug 2022)

A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Cybersecurity Strategy
Invensis on the importance of reviewing the protection of physical locations and employee access, data management, data retention, network security, enforcement and restoration procedures and all IoT equipment. (29 Aug 2022)

Squaring up to cyber threats: how can financial services firms prepare?
Huxley on the need to increase the amount of IT security staff and consistently train staff in, at least, basic cyber skills. (26 Aug 2022)

Snapchat’s new parental controls & Hard drive failures
BBC Radio Foyle on the Janet Jackson song “Rhythm Nation” crashing older laptops, Snapchats new parental feature & Google incorrectly deeming CSAM material. Listen. (23 Aug 2022)

Resilience Engineering: What It Is and Why You Need It
ISC2 on how secure programming and security testing are not always preemptive fault-management methods. (16 Aug 2022)

Cyber-attack targets IT firm used by Northern Ireland’s health service
BBC Radio about NI health officials shutting down the health system’s access to an IT company’s services after the firm was affected by a cyber-attack. Listen. (12 Aug 2022)

Web3’s complexity a challenge for security as adoption of ‘the new internet’ grows
SC Magazine on the associated security threats of Web3 and how companies can better understand them while moving forward. (4 Aug 2022)

Chess Robots, Twitter sales and Cats watching video games
BBC Radio Foyle about finger breaking robots, Twitter quarterly update and cats watching video games. Listen. (26 July 2022)

ONS: UK homeworking more than doubles since 2019 – IEEE comments on cybersecurity risks
Source Security on employees operating outside of the traditional IT safety-net leading to increased risk of employees making bad choices. (18 July 2022)

The danger of a digital iron curtain
Brussels Report on the increased obstacles for the Huawei to operate in the European Union and other jurisdictions. (9 July 2022)

IEEE comments on cybersecurity risk
IT for CEOs & CFOs on the dangers surrounding medical information in the cloud. (6 July 2022)

Cybersecurity experts on lessons learned from Marriott’s latest data breach
ChannelWeb on the difficulty of detecting remote exploits. (8 July 2022)

The Residual Threat Caused by Ransomware
The European Financial Review about the difficulties of preventing ransomware attacks. (4 July 2022)

Wearables and privacy: What happens to the information collected?
DataQuest on how wearable devices may connect to broad ecosystems that contain reams of personal data. (29 June 2022)

Finding the balance between innovation and data security in healthcare
Computer Weekly on how privacy-enhancing technologies, such as homomorphic encryption, will transform cloud security. (24 June 2022)

IEEE expert comments on scam Covid text messages
Global Security Magazine on phishing attacks designed to target a large number of people with Covid-19 related items. (23 June 2022)

Wearables and privacy: what you need to know
The Economic Times on the unique threats to the security and privacy of customer data from wearables. (23 June 2022)

How to remain cybersecure with ‘bringing your own devices’
Intelligent CISO on how essential it is for organisations to address potential risks before implementing processes such as BYOD. (10 June 2022)

The problem of catfishing on social media
BBC Radio Ulster about catfishing – which is the act of luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online account. Listen. (8 June 2022)

Robinhood ransomware, Horse written emails and the end of 3G
BBC Radio Foyle about ransomware which forces people to do good deeds, Icelandic horses typing messages and the end of 3G in two years. Listen. (1 June 2022)

IEEE shows Zero Trust protects post-pandemic industries
IOT global Network Podcast about how Zero Trust Architecture can build stronger protection for businesses with remote and in-office staff. Watch. (26 May 2022)

Covid-19: Text scam claiming to be from NHS circulating NI, police warn
BBC Newsline on police warning people about a Covid text messaging scam that is circulating in Northern Ireland. Watch. (24 May 2022)

Why do we have such a hard time with passwords? Here’s the answer
Sunday Times on the need for a holistic understanding of cybersecurity as an organisation-wide risk, along with all how regulatory implications, and password awareness is part of this. (8 May 2022)

Musk says Twitter may see ‘slight cost’ for businesses and governments
BBC Radio Scotland about Elon Musk wanting to make improvements to help increase the attractiveness of what he describes as a “niche” platform. Listen. (4 May 2022)

Researcher discovers simple tweak that neutralises Conti, REvil, WannaCry attacks
ITPro on how a security researcher provides a ‘temporary’ solution to mitigate the damage and threat posed by some ransomware attacks. (4 May 2022)

Snapchat, DJI drones, Best Mobile Networks, EU press for universal charger
BBC Radio Foyle on Snapchat’s new Pixy drone, Chinese drone firm DJI pauses operations in Russia and Ukraine, best and worst UK mobile networks revealed for 2022 and EU claims Apple breaking competition law over contactless payments. Listen. (3 May 2022)

Elon Musk strikes deal to buy Twitter for $44bn
BBC Radio Foyle on the board of Twitter agreeing to a £34bn takeover offer from the billionaire Elon Musk. Listen. (26 Apr 2022)

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter in takeover attempt
BBC Radio Foyle about Tesla CEO Elon Musk making his “best and final” offer to buy 100 percent of Twitter in an updated 13D filed Thursday with the SEC. Listen. (14 Apr 2022)

Staying cybersecure when ‘bringing your own devices’
Computing on how to remain secure whilst enabling personal devices. (6 Apr 2022)

Staying cyber-secure with AI and Machine Learning
teiss News on how artificial intelligence is bringing cyber-security to a new level of effectiveness. (6 Apr 2022)

5 Marvel Technologies In The Real World
Bapera News on the futuristic drones that can be used for advanced warfare. (4 Apr 2022)

Stamping Out CSAM With Machine Learning?
Info Security Magazine on the larger privacy debate revolves around a perceived intrusion by users where Apple is seen to be overreaching into previously unscanned items on our phone. (31 Mar 2022)

From cyber security to cyber resilience: The paradigm shift
Eir Evo Webinar on how businesses need to build cyber resilience into every part of the business and be equipped to prepare, respond and recover from cyber attacks. (30 Mar 2022)

Blackout: What would a full-scale cyber attack on Northern Ireland look like?
Belfast Telegraph on possible cyber attack targets on Northern Ireland’s digital infrastructure. (28 Mar 2022)

Not smart but clever? The return of ‘dumbphones’
BBC Radio Ulster Lynette Fay show about the rise in younger people buying ‘dumbphones’. Listen. (24 Mar 2022)

Keeping smart cities secure
Business Reporter on some of the security risks inherent in smart cities. (21 Mar 2022)

Evolving your security strategy to the challenges of 2022
Infosecurity Magazine Webinar on the evolving threat landscape and expected trends for 2022, as well as the growth of crowd security and how it works. (17 Mar 2022)

The keys to catching a cyber crook
IT Pro on methods by which cyber criminals fail to sometimes cover their tracks. (17 Mar 2022)

Cyber security certification overhaul brings new questions and longer exams
ITPro on how CISSP exam participants using the Computerised Adaptive Testing (CAT) format will be exposed to double the number of ‘dummy questions’ in the exam paper. (14 Mar 2022)

New Tools To Detect Cyber Attacks
Cyber Security Intelligence on the rise in cybercrime & solutions for detection of malware. (12 Mar 2022)

Securing Your System Against the Next DDoS Attack
Infosecurity Magazine Webinar on how to better prepare & maximize protection against DDoS attacks. Watch. (10 Mar 2022)

Posts share false ‘tip’ for verifying Facebook account security
AFP Fact Check on how commenting with the letters “Gg” on a Facebook post does not verify whether the commenter’s account is secure. (28 Feb 2022)

What can we expect from the infosec market in 2022?
Jornal Dia Dia on some interesting movements within the infosec market which may catch our attention in the coming months. (24 Feb 2022)

The evolution of cyber security
Eir Evo on how advances in security, such as homomorphic encryption, are helping secure the cloud. (24 Feb 2022)

How 5G Will Change The World
Bollyinside on how 5G’s connectivity benefits will make businesses more efficient and give consumers access to information faster. (15 Feb 2022)

Meta could shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe
NTD News on data privacy in Europe and what it means for Meta as they threaten to pull out. Watch. (9 Feb 2022)

CIISec to manage UK’s first cybersecurity Extended Project Qualification to teach key skills, kick-start careers
CSO on CyberEPQ providing cybersecurity skills that can be measured against an industry-recognised framework. (9 Feb 2022)

Next level cyber hygiene for SMEs
teissTalk on the cybersecurity landscape for SMEs in 2022. Watch. (9 Feb 2022)

Social media: Can politicians avoid the pitfalls?
BBC News on safeguards that politicians can adopt to avoid social media mishaps. (31 Jan 2022)

The Rise of Ransomware and the Evolving Threat Landscape
Information Security Magazine on how homomorphic encryption can prevent hackers from disseminating data after a breach. (28 Jan 2022)

Top trends in the cloud security market for 2022
Hubi 4.0 on the importance of storing sensitive information with strong encryption and being careful in managing access keys to prevent intrusions. (28 Jan 2022)

A month in the life of a social engineer – part four
ITPro on how law firms are attractive targets for hackers because of the amount of money that flows through our client accounts and the volume of transactions. (27 Jan 2022)

Sinn Fein MLAs apologise for offensive historical tweets
BBC Newsline about social media third party scrappers which may unearth historic posts on sites like Twitter. Watch. (26 Jan 2022)

Data Protection Day – comment from IEEE expert
Global Security Mag on the most prevalent risks at the moment, and how to best prevent. (26 Jan 2022)

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2022 (Part 2!)
TechRound on how the increased use of mobile devices can lead to new risks as users install potentially malware-infected software and expose data to external networks. (25 Jan 2022)

A month in the life of a social engineer – part three
IT Pro on how hackers navigate the exploitation phase and embark on betraying our trust. (21 Jan 2022)

IEEE shows Zero Trust protects post-pandemic industries
Trending Tech Podcast interview on how Zero Trust Architecture can build stronger protection for businesses with remote and in-office staff. Listen. (19 Jan 20222)

A month in the life of a social engineer – part Two
IT Pro on how social engineers plan their attacks – from identifying targets to exploitation. (13 Jan 2022)

UK – EU Mobile Roaming charges introduced by mobile operators
BBC Radio Foyle about Virgin Mobile and O2 phone users not facing roaming charges following announcements by other networks to reintroduce extra fees after Brexit. Listen. (11 Jan 2022)

A month in the life of a social engineer – part one
IT Pro on how social engineers plan their attacks – from identifying targets to exploitation. (6 Jan 2022)

The Top 100 Most Ambitious Companies in Ireland 2022
Spark Crowdfunding on Vaultree being named one of the leading Tech companies in Ireland. (28 Dec 2021)

Confidential data processing – the next frontier in security
English Times on the urgent need to secure data when processed in cloud environments. (25 Dec 2021)

HSE cyberattack: America helps recover data stolen by Russian hackers
The Times on data stolen from the HSE by Russian hackers been recovered with the help of the United States. (17 Dec 2021)

Cybersecurity Risks Around Smart City Development
Info Security Magazine on potential cybersecurity risks in future smart cities. (17 Dec 2021)

Facebook rejects hoax about new policy giving platform ‘full access’ to user content
Correct Success on reports circulating that Facebook has adopted a new policy to allow the platform unrestricted access to user content. (15 Dec 2021)

Online Holiday Season Scams Reach Record Highs; Tips on How to Avoid Them
The Jewish Voice on scams to look out for during the holidays. (16 Dec 2021)

The New, New Normal: What’s In and Out in 2022 and Beyond
APN News on how once virtual reality becomes mainstream, we may also see more immersive shopping experiences which will lead more to shop online. (8 Dec 2021)

Google disrupted a massive botnet that hackers used to steal information and mine cryptocurrency
ANews about Google warning 14,000 of its users about being targeted in a state-sponsored phishing campaign from APT28, a threat group that has been linked to Russia. Watch. (8 Dec 2021)

Instagram Scrolling, 5G and Rubbish Apps
BBC Radio Foyle on Instagram Time Use Warnings, 700 MhZ spectrum and 5G. Watch. (8 Dec 2021)

The Most Popular Holiday Online Scams—and How to Avoid Them
Wall Street Journal on various email & SMS scams which can arise during the holidays. (8 Dec 2021)

The Normalisation of Data Breaches
Information Security Solutions Review about the problem of data breaches & how companies can protect themselves. Watch. (7 Dec 2021)

11 Experts Share Advice on Device Security in 2022
Solutions Review on how devices belonging to employees means traditional ‘rules’ and mandates for enforcing new updates may simply not work, requiring us to reevaluate current data protection policies. (6 Dec 2021)

Three Trends to Guide Your Data Protection Strategy in 2022
TDWI on some trends that data and analytics professionals should pay attention to in 2022. (2 Dec 2021)

Could an Apple lawsuit mean the end of Israeli cybercriminals NSO?
The Edge on Apple bringing charges against the NSO group who create powerful mobile phone spyware. Watch. (26 Nov 2021)

(ISC)2 pilots new entry-level cyber cert to tackle workforce shortages
Reseller News on (ISC)2 announcing plans to pilot a new entry-level cybersecurity certification to validate the fundamental skills and abilities necessary for entry-level positions. (26 Nov 2021)

Facebook rejects hoax about new policy giving platform ‘full access’ to user content
AFP on reports circulating around the world claim Facebook’s parent company Meta has adopted a new policy to allow the platform unrestricted access to user content, including deleted messages. (26 Nov 2021)

Man vs. Machine: How to Win the Battle of the Bots
Infosecurity webinar on how security and fraud teams can identify and block “bad” bots before they can steal data, commit fraud, or harm the business. (25 Nov 2021)

The Rise of Mental Health Apps
BBC Radio Ulster on how Tech companies are seeking to analyse data on the way we tap, scroll, text and call to monitor our mental health – with potential consequences for privacy and healthcare. Listen. (21 Nov 2021)

Google loses appeal against €2.4 billion EU fine over its shopping service
The Edge (Turkey) on the EU Commission arguing that Google had unfairly used its dominant search engine to redirect traffic to Google Shopping, a service that allows users to compare products and prices from online retailers. Watch. (12 Nov 2021)

After the pandemic: Securing smart Cities
Network Security on how the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and location-based services have helped minimise the risk of transmission, maintain social distancing measures and ensure the continuation of vital services. (11 Nov 2021)

Cyber theft is the fastest growing crime in the world – but help is at hand
Daily Telegraph on the serious long-term effects for a business caused by data leaks. (10 Nov 2021)

Monitoring Remote Workers, Facebook News Feed & Energy costs of computing
BBC Radio Foyle about technological issues such as employers monitoring people working remotely, Facebook experiments with news feed and the energy concerns around computing. Listen. (9 Nov 2021)

NSO Group: Israeli spyware company added to US trade blacklist
The Edge on the Israeli company behind the controversial Pegasus spyware – which has been used by nation states to target the phones of rights activists & journalists – which has now been added to a US trade blacklist. Watch. (4 Nov 2021)

Vaultree raises BRL 18 million and aims to expand in Latin America
Startups on how Vaultree raised BRL 18 million, from Ten Eleven Ventures, with support of Enterprise Ireland, Unpopular Ventures, HBAN and the former head of security at Cisco, John N. Stewart. (3 Nov 2021)

Online Safety Bill puts user protection onus on platform providers
Voice of Islam about how the Online Safety Bill will place new duties and responsibilities on online platforms accessible from the UK, but as it currently stands, it contains several grey areas. Listen. (3 Nov 2021)

IoT Data – The fuel that feels the AI engine
AI Business on how Security must be part of the IoT project’s design phase & not an afterthought. (2 Nov 2021)

Why we Invested in Vaultree
TenEleven ventures on the unique value offered by the team at Vaultree. (2 Nov 2021)

Cabinet policy obliges ministers to delete instant messages
Voice of Islam about UK Ministers and civil servants being required by policy to set instant messaging chats to delete automatically. Listen. (28 Oct 2021)

Is Zuck Stuck? Facebook Facing New Challenges & Rebranding Unlikely to Save the Day, Observers Say
Sputnik News on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg been named as a defendant in a consumer protection lawsuit stemming from the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal. (22 Oct 2021)

How not to get hit by ransomware in 2022
ITPro on the motivation behind ransomware, the importance of backups and simple methods to help prevent being attacked. (20 Oct 2021)

(ISC)2 pilots new entry-level cybersecurity certification to tackle workforce shortages
CSO on Global cybersecurity membership association (ISC)2 plans to pilot a new entry-level cybersecurity certification to validate the fundamental skills necessary for entry-level positions. (20 Oct 2021)

Social media companies ‘must do more’ to protect MPs from online hate
BBC Radio Foyle on how social media companies ‘must do more’ to protect users from online hate. Listen. (18 Oct 2021)

Cybersecurity: Staying cybersecure and the impact on various industries
Irish Tech News on the various cyber threats to different sectors at this time. (13 Oct 2021)

What happened to Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram
Turkish TV aNews “The Edge” on the Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram outage. Watch. (5 Oct 2021)

Deliveries to car boots, Windows 11 & Facebook Outage
BBC Radio Foyle about Hermes & Ford partnering to allow car boots to be used for deliveries, launch of Windows 11, Facebook outage & the problem with scooter QR codes. Listen. (5 Oct 2021)

The rise of cloud misconfiguration threats and how to avoid them
CloudPro on how the cloud industry is relatively new which has led to a noticeable deficit in knowledgeable cloud architects and engineers. (5 Oct 2021)

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram outages caused by ‘faulty configuration change’
Highland Radio on Facebook blaming a “faulty configuration change” for an outage that prevented the company’s 3.5 billion users from accessing its apps and services, including Whatsapp and Instagram, for nearly six hours. Listen. (5 Oct 2021)

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram back after outage
BBC Radio Foyle about social media services Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffering an outage that lasted almost six hours. Listen. (5 Oct 2021)

Over 55s issued fresh warning as fraudsters become ‘more sophisticated’ – how to stay safe
Daily Express on the increase in cybercriminals actively targeting older people and tricking them in to clicking on spam links. (2 Oct 2021)

High street £100 voucher site opens amid ‘huge demand’
BBC Radio Ulster on problems handling website visitors to Northern Ireland’s high street voucher scheme. Listen. (28 Sep 2021)

Lithuania tells citizens to throw out Chinese phones over censorship concerns
News Radio UK on Lithuania’s Defence Ministry recommending that consumers avoid buying Chinese mobile phones after a government report found the devices had built-in censorship capabilities. Listen. (23 Sep 2021)

Relentless cyber attacks on NI Civil Service uncovered
BBC Radio Ulster on the Northern Ireland Civil Service blocking between 80m and 100m suspicious emails every month, with a “large portion” likely to contain malicious cyber threats. Listen. (21 Sep 2021)

Relentless cyber attacks on NI Civil Service uncovered
Belfast Telegraph on the rise in cyber attacks on the Northern Ireland Civil Service. (21 Sep 2021)

Facebook accused of discrimination after mechanic and pilot jobs targeted at men
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook been accused of breaching equality laws after its technology was found to favour men when targeting job adverts for male-dominated roles such as mechanics and pilots. Listen. (9 Sep 2021)

Facebook accused of allowing sexist job advertising
BBC World News on Facebook breaking equality law in the way it handles job adverts after it failed to prevent discriminatory targeting of ads and its algorithm was biased in choosing who would see them. Watch. (9 Sep 2021)

Germany calls on Russia to end cyberattacks ahead of elections
The Edge (aNews Istanbul) on the German government accusing cyber-actors of the Russian state and, specifically, Russia’s GRU military intelligence service of cyberattacks. Watch. (7 Sep 2021)

Record €225m fine imposed on WhatsApp by Irish regulator for ‘severe’ breaches of privacy law
ANews (Istanbul, Turkey) on Ireland’s data privacy watchdog slapping WhatsApp with a record €225m (£193m) fine for violating EU data protection rules. Watch. (3 Sep 2021)

In space, no one can hear cyber security professionals scream
The Register on how persistent, over-the-horizon vision and continual, assured, high data-rate connectivity is fundamental in winning modern wars. (2 Sep 2021)

Claim LucidTalk can see through VPNs challenged by Ulster expert
Belfast Newsletter on how a properly configured VPN can hide your true location. (31 Aug 2021)

Ready for a new term? How universities are improving their cybersecurity
Security Insights podcast on potential attacks on university infrastructure. Listen. (25 Aug 2021)

Do We Need to Have a Security Conversation About GPT-3?
Info Security Magazine on the potential cybersecurity threats from Generative Pre-Training Transformer 3 (GPT-3). (24 Aug 2021)

IDC: Ransomware hitting more than a third of global firms
Computer Weekly on how the sophistication of ransomware attacks was continuing to develop and the need for an evolving response for customers to keep data protected. (13 Aug 2021)

What is Web 3.0?
Metro International (Brazil) on how Web 3.0 is envisioned to lead to a future where we can interact with data and other systems over a P2P network without the need for third parties. (13 Aug 2021)

Apple to scan icloud photos for CSAM
BBC Radio Foyle on TikTok rising to most downloaded app of the year and Apple’s mission to stop child sexual abuse material on icloud. Listen (11 Aug 2021)

How to ensure cybersecurity in the payments process
Raconteur on how despite a cashless society on the horizon, moving that way presents major risks for the payments industry. (7 Aug 2021)

Pakistan’s Cyber Security Policy
Pakistan Indus TV on techniques the Pakistan government can use to secure the IT infrastructure. Watch (4 Aug 2021)

Is this the end of the road for ransomware?
IT Pro on possible counter-measures for the problem of ransomware. (1 Aug 2021)

Left to our own devices
Technology Magazine on the bring-you-own-device culture creating a headache for CSOs. (21 Jul 2021)

Ensuring a More Secure Cyberspace
Huawei webinar on how we can achieve a more secure cyberspace. Watch (16 Jul 2021)

Google hit with record $593 million fine in France in news copyright battle
BBC World News on how France’s competition authority fined Google 500 million euros for failing to negotiate “in good faith” licensing deals with publishers and news agencies. Watch (13 Jul 2021)

Connected Cars: The State of Digital Transport
Silicon on how modern vehicles have evolved to contain a complex network of as many as 100 independent computers, electronic control units (ECUs). (13 Jul 2021)

Hit My Line! How Could Wide Availability of Raab & BoJo’s Phone Numbers Affect UK’s Security?
Sputnik News on how serious it is that UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s personal phone number has been online for at least 11 years. (2 Jul 2021)

Smart cities and the future of transport
Digital Bulletin on how autonomous vehicles & urban digital ecosystems will deliver connected smart cities with intelligent transportation & security at their centre. (29 June 2021)

SX releases new data plans, experts call for transparency
Healthcare Global on the difference between having computerised records within healthcare IT infrastructure and having records reside on a public facing server. (24 June 2021)

Patients to get more control over their data
Global Security Magazine on how there should be greater visibility and accountability with regards to the use of our healthcare data. (23 June 2021)

Ransomware surge emphasises cyberthreats faced by UK education sector
CSO on the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warning about a recent increase in ransomware attacks targeting the uk education sector. (10 June 2021)

The centralised nature of our internet makes outages like Fastly’s inevitable
i news on how our reliance on a handful of companies to provide an internet backbone demonstrates on how precarious the systems are. (8 June 2021)

Microsoft Bing search engine removes China’s tank man images
BBC Radio Foyle about Microsoft blaming an “accidental human error” for its Bing search engine not showing image results for the query “Tank Man”. Listen (7 June 2021)

Smart Cities, Intelligent Transport
Digital Bulletin on how a transport system to be genuinely transformative for its users, the technical components must be fully interoperable. (3 June 2021)

Galway cyber expert believes state should have paid hackers
Connacht Tribune on the reason it may have been better for the HSE to pay the ransom. (3 June 2021)

Data Classification: The Foundation of Effective Cybersecurity
Info Security Magazine webinar on data classification, which provides a solid foundation to build towards onward compliance. (27 May 2021)

Phish in a barrel
Education Technology on the various methods that online scammers use. (27 May 2021)

The growing pains of HarmonyOS
IJIWEI Talk (China) on the difficulties facing Huawei’s HarmonyOS after Google ban. Watch (25 May 2021)

Are We Ever Going to Run Out of Digital Storage Space?
My interview with Gizmodo on whether we might ever run out of digital storage. (24 May 2021)

Take that slur back Minster! Law Society demands apology from Donnelly about how the HSE cannot abdicate responsibility, as they were the gatekeepers entrusted to keep the data safe. (24 May 2021)

HSE Ransomware attack leading to legal action
Virgin Media News on the ongoing saga of the ransomware attack on the HSE. Watch (21 May 2021)

State could face huge damages claims for cyber attack
Irish Examiner on how the State could face hundreds of millions in legal claims from victims if the HSE is found to have failed to adequately protect patients’ data. (21 May 2021)

‘Russian keyboard’ could protect you from potential cyber hack, expert says
Newstalk Breakfast show on majority of ransomware strains having a built-in failsafe designed to cover the backsides of the malware purveyors and will simply not install on a Windows OS that already has one of many types of virtual keyboards installed — such as Russian or Ukrainian. Listen (21 May 2021)

The state could face damages claims for cyberattacks
Newstalk Breakfast Show about the fallout from the ransomware attack on the HSE. Listen (21 May 2021)

Patient data ’10-15 times more valuable than credit card data’
Irish Examiner on how health files offer permanent and extremely useful information about patients to criminals. (20 May 2021)

Is Open RAN the future or a security threat?
IJIWEI Talk (China) on whether Open RAN leads to more resilient network or is a security threat. Watch (18 May 2021)

Ireland Health Service Ransomware Attack
Highland Radio about Ireland’s health service shutting down IT systems over ransomware attack by ‘international criminals’. Listen (14 May 2021)

Covid Passport – Mobiles – Ransomware – Drone Deliveries
BBC Radio about an app for proof of vaccinations, the importance of mobiles, the ransomware attack on USA Pipeline and drones for deliveries. Listen (11 May 2021)

5G security concerns
Huawei TV where I question Jeremy Thompson on how Huawei can alleviate security concerns over 5G rollout. Watch (4 Dec 2019)

Huawei vs. Sweden PTS, what happened in the court?
IJIWEI Talk on Huawei’s court case against the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority appealing the ban of their 5G equipment. Watch (9 May 2021)

Should companies spy on their employees?
IT Pro Podcast about the line between security and surveillance of employees. Listen (7 May 2021)

Protecting your business data with Vaultree
SME Business Podcast about the special properties of Enhanced Searchable Symmetric Encryption. Listen (4 May 2021)

What we can do to improve our mobile phone signal
BBC Radio WM on some measures we can take to improve our mobile phone signal reception. Listen (28 Apr 2021)

Ordr selected to improve security and patient safety at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust
Information Age on how to deliver an effective cyber security strategy within healthcare. (29 April 2021)

Data Classification: The Foundation of Effective Cybersecurity
Infosecurity Magazine on how data classification can provide a solid foundation to build towards onward compliance. (28 April 2021)

Facebook v Apple: The ad tracking row heats up
BBC Radio Ulster about Apple dealing a blow to technology rival Facebook with a new privacy feature that will block companies from tracking iPhone users around the Internet. Listen (26 Apr 2021)

Disputes over 5G network are brought to court
Newsbeezer mentioning my participation in the Swedish PTS trial over Huawei & ZTE products from China being banned from Sweden’s 5G network. (21 April 2021)

Is There VR for Senses Other Than Sight?
Gizmodo on whether you can have Virtual Reality for various senses other than vision. (19 April 2021)

Encrypted Data in the Cloud
Info Security Magazine about the importance that searchable encryption will play in the future. (16 April 2021)

Delivering an effective cyber security strategy within healthcare
Information Age on the delivery of an effective cyber security strategy within healthcare. (9 April 2021)

Everything HR needs to know about cybersecurity in 2021 (and beyond)
Unleash on the importance of using Anomalous AI-based detection systems to search for outliers in network inbound connections. (1 April 2021)

Staying cybersecure in the workplace
Global Banking & Finance Review about best practice in cybersecurity that organisations should follow. (31 Mar 2021)

Securing the #COVID19 Vaccine & Supply Chain
Infosecurity Magazine webinar assessing the cyber-risks that threaten COVID-19 vaccines and how to ensure the supply chain is adequately protected. (30 March 2021)

BT’s Openreach to build full-fibre internet ‘like fury’ after Ofcom move
BBC Radio Foyle on Ofcom deciding not to impose price caps on full-fibre connections provided by the firm’s Openreach subsidiary. Listen (18 Mar 2021)

Confidential computing – the next frontier in security
ITPro on Confidential Computing which is a technique for securing data while in use by creating secure spaces that users rather than administrators’ control. (18 Mar 2021)

How the smart city is key to our return to ‘normal’
ITPro on how IoT, 5G and big data will be critical to our post-pandemic recovery. (17 Mar 2021)

Does email security need a human solution or a tech solution?
Computer Weekly about how IT teams must have a holistic understanding of and approach to enterprise cyber security to combat phishing emails. (13 Mar 2021)

An A-Z of Web Hosting Security Best Practice
PC Pro on the need to use TLS to ensure end-to-end encrypted data transit. (pg. 102) (11 Mar 2021)

Irish start-ups smoke out cybercriminals
The Times on how regulations are forcing companies to take cybersecurity more seriously. (7 Mar 2021)

The technology deployment revolution
The Times on how secure access service edge (SASE), located in the cloud, offers a holistic solution to provide a secure environment in an era of zero trust. (3 Mar 2021)

What are supercookies?
ITPro on how supercookies can recreate a user’s online behaviour from data on their devices – even when browser cookies are deleted. (18 Feb 2021)

Dark Web Sites make Eradication of Child Pornography very difficult
Sputnik News on the difficulty of removing child pornography from the Internet. (13 Feb 2021)

How cyber-security will impact the future workplace
Business Reporter on how Cyber-security remains a top priority for CIOs and CTOs. (11 Feb 2021)

The three most important areas where blockchain will have a major impact in the near future
My predictions for the role of Blockchain in the years ahead at the Blockchain Summit Bytesize 2021. Watch (9 Feb 2021)

Fight off cyber-attacks with AI and ML tech
The Evolving Enterprise on how machine learning can help in cyber security. (9 Feb 2021)

Apple Face ID feature for masks & Netflix sleep timer
BBC Radio Foyle about a new feature in Apples iOS 14.5 which unlocks iPhones while wearing a mask. Listen (2 Feb 2021)

The necessity for better data security in 2021
IT Pro on the need for individuals and organizations to ensure reliable and sophisticated safety measures are in place to help avoid inevitable attacks. (1 Feb 2021)

Who should take ownership of your cyber security strategy?
IT Pro on the need for a chief information security officer (CISO) to take the lead in cybersecurity strategies. (31 Jan 2021)

DDoS attacks and ransomware: How to protect yourself against them
ZDNet on how to mitigate against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks and ransomware. Watch (29 Jan 2021)

Whatsapp backlash over update to privacy policy
BBC Radio Foyle about the backlash over WhatsApp forcing users to agree to its new privacy policy or else losing access to the app. Listen (26 Jan 2021)

Most Cars Will Have Internet By 2025 & Will Be Autonomous By 2040
Drive Spark on the need for car manufacturers to begin setting firewalls in place to restrict access from integrated systems. (25 Jan 2021)

How to Secure the Most Vital Data Channel in Your Organization: File Transfers
Info security magazine on how a well-designed secure transfer solution can save your organization time and money. (16 Jan 2021)

Do Social Media Bans of Trump Mark the Demise of US Democracy?
Sputnik News on the consequences of breaching the abuse guidelines in place by all social media networks. (14 Jan 2021)

Social Networks Ban Donald Trump
Highland Radio on how opinion is divided over social networks banning Donald Trump. Listen (12 Jan 2021)

The impact of Brexit on Technology
BBC Radio Foyle about some of the impacts that Brexit may have on technology in the UK. Listen (4 Jan 2021)

How will 5g change our lives, Industries & The Whole World?
Appventurez on the impact that 5G’s low latency could bring to driverless cars. (4 Jan 2021)

Etiquette For Relationship with a Millionaire
Arab American Dictionary on the importance of scaling down your ‘pals’ checklist just to actual buddies. (3 Jan 2021)

Turkey Innovation Week 2020 Security Talk
Turkey Innovation Week 2020 on key aspects of remaining safe online. Watch (27 Dec 2020)

Web 3.0: Real Definition and Cybersecurity Implications
My IT Guy on how data security could be enhanced with the open, decentralized networks that Web 3.0 envisages. (25 Dec 2020)

Facebook to move all UK users onto US agreements
BBC Radio Foyle about Facebook shifting its UK users onto agreements with the company’s HQ in USA in a move that could put UK users out of reach of Europe’s privacy laws. Listen (16 Dec 2020)

Society at Increasingly High Risk of Cyber-Attacks
Info Security on how hacking does not necessarily require a significant amount of technical expertise anymore as substantial help from readily accessible tools online. (16 Dec 2020)

How AI changed cyber security
The New Statesman on how Artificial Intelligence has a range of applications in cyber security, including network security, fraud detection, malware detection & user/machine behavioural analysis. (9 Dec 2020)

New transformative 4th industrial revolution or industry 4.0 technologies enabling transition to smart factories
International Defence, Security & Technology (IDST) on how fog computing introduces more cybersecurity risks to devices and virtual machines and how addressing these threats will be crucial for wider scale adoption. (3 Dec 2020)

Surge in organised cybercrime prompting huge opportunity in cybersecurity sector
Rize ETF on how “hacking enterprises” even have “dedicated call centres” to assist victims of ransomware attacks they themselves carry out. (2 Dec 2020)

Santa Zoom Calls, Amazon covid profits and the rise of Bitcoin
BBC Radio Foyle about Zoom calls to Santa, Amazon profits from covid and the rise of Bitcoin. Listen (1 Dec 2020)

Cybersecurity and the business: Aiming for alignment
Infosecurity Magazine on the need to include security by design allowing organisations to formalize infrastructure design and automate security controls so one can build security into every part of the IT management process. (30 Nov 2020)

How to Secure the Most Vital Data Channel in Your Organization: File Transfers
Info Security webinar with Brian Honan where we discuss how to secure vital file transfer channels and how important the security, integrity, availability of these workflows are to the greater operational functions of organizations. (26 Nov 2020)

Pandemic underscores skill of supply chain management
Irish Times on incorporating Internet of Things technology in the supply chain so you can track that an item was kept, end to end, at the required temperature, including in the vans delivering it. (20 Nov 2020)

Why is IoT security still such a problem?
ITPro on how we need a baseline of security compliance for IoT devices. (13 Nov 2020)

Effective cybersecurity is the cornerstone of modern hyperconnectivity
Business Reporter on how biometrics, authenticator apps and/or hardware tokens will play an increasingly important role in the future. (12 Nov 2020)

Why securing the DNS layer is crucial to fight cyber crime
Computer Weekly on DNS over TLS (DoT) & DNS over HTTPS (DoH) which encrypt plaintext DNS traffic to prevent third parties from intercepting DNS requests. (21 Oct 2020)

A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Cybersecurity Strategy
Invensis on how organizations must enforce their compliance protocols and perform routine audits of all linked equipment and safety risks even physical ones. (13 Oct 2020)

Tweets wishing for Trump’s death violate Twitter policy, company says
BBC Radio Foyle about Twitter saying that tweets wishing for Donald Trump’s death in the wake of the president’s diagnosis with Covid-19 violate its policies and could result in suspension. Listen (5 Oct 2020)

Human Factor vs Technical Error: What’s Behind UK’s COVID Test & Trace System ‘Glitch’?
Sputnik International on the 15,000 COVID cases which were missed due to a software glitch in the government’s Test and Trace system. (5 Oct 2020)

Fake news in Covid-19: how misinformation is spreading online during the pandemic
BBC Radio Foyle about the false information on coronavirus appearing on social media. Listen (2 Oct 2020)

6 areas where technology can make our world safer
Futurithmic on how 5G can support the “millisecond-level latencies” that are required to make driverless cars react in true real-time to situations and critical information. (28 Sept 2020)

Putin’s Security Dialogue Offer To US Very Timely Amid ‘Sleepwalking’ Into Nuclear Crisis
UrduPoint on Russian President Putin inviting the US to adopt a large-scale program to reboot cooperation in international information security. (25 Sept 2020)

Micheál Martin suggests influencers could be used to communicate with young people about Covid-19
BBC Radio Foyle about Micheál Martin suggesting that influencers could be used to help communicate with young people about Covid-19. Listen (22 Sept 2020)

The Dark Web & Accountability
Voice of Islam about the Dark Web & recent trends in cybercrime. Listen (16 Sept 2020)

The state of zero trust: A new normal for cybersecurity
TechBeacon on how Zero-trust security model operate within the framework that no network user can be trusted by default. (16 Sept 2020)

Oracle Wins Bid for TikTok in U.S., Beating Microsoft
BBC Radio Foyle on Oracle Corp. winning the bidding for the U.S. operations of the video-sharing app TikTok. Listen (16 Sept 2020)

IFSEC Global influencers in security and fire 2020 revealed
IFSEC Global list of Global influencers in cybersecurity for 2020. (15 Sept 2020)

4g Connected EVERYONE…… 5g Will Connect EVERYTHING
Vintage Taxis & Tours on the need for supporting infrastructure for driverless cars. (12 Sept 2020)

Universities should treat cybersecurity like an ‘arms race’
Research Professional about the dilemma faced by organisations on whether to pay ransomware. (9 Sept 2020)

Zoom shares hit a record high on Monday as the company announced blowout earnings for the second quarter
BBC Radio Foyle about Zoom shares hitting a record high as the company announced blowout earnings for the second quarter of 2020. Listen (2 Sept 2020)

How IoT is helping cities become more sustainable than ever before
Information Age on IoT’s role in helping cities become more sustainable. (31 Aug 2020)

Cyberattacks a pressing threat to all retailers
Irish Times on the need for risk assessments to ascertain the risk to customer data. (27 Aug 2020)

Ofqual Chief Regulator Resigns Over UK Exam Chaos
Sputnik News on the problems caused by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations which resulted in chaos. (26 Aug 2020)

Online Scams During Covid-19
Highland Radio about some of the more dangerous online scams during covid-19. Listen (6 Aug 2020)

The Threat of Cyber Crime
Lodge Information Services on how “baking in” cybersecurity in the design of new software will help companies stay safe. (4 Aug 2020)

TikTok to exit Hong Kong ‘within days’ & UK cybersecurity fears about Huawei
CNN Prima News (Czech Republic & Slovakia) about President Donald Trump announcing he is banning the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok in the US. Watch (1 Aug 2020)

How did the Twitter hack really go down?
New Statesman on preventative measures Twitter could have taken to prevent the phishing attack which led to the recent hack. (31 July 2020)

Quantum security: The end of security as we know it?
IT Pro on how more time and testing is needed to improve the efficiency & build confidence in post-quantum cryptography, as well as improve its overall usability. (29 July 2020)

Transforming industry and society: blockchain beyond the coin
Information Age on how blockchain has transformed industry and society. (23 July 2020)

Google bans spying software ads & Twitter hack
BBC Radio Foyle on how advertising for software & hardware designed to stalk and spy on people will soon be banned on Google & Twitter hack. Listen (21 July 2020)

How to perfect your blockchain strategy
Information Age on the limitations of blockchains for storing large scale data. (17 July 2020)

Twitter Insider Reportedly Gave Hackers Access to Hijack High Profile Accounts With Bitcoin Scam
Sputnik News on hackers taking over blue-ticked accounts across the Twitter platform for a Bitcoin scam. (16 July 2020)

Supply Chain Visibility in 2020
Logistics Manager on how the internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the supply chain & enhancing visibility for a more robust system. (16 July 2020)

Apple and Ireland win appeal against European Commission’s €13 billion tax ruling
BBC Radio Foyle on the EU General Court overturning a ruling by the European Commission stating that Apple should pay 13 billion euros in tax to the Irish government. Listen (15 July 2020)

How safe is TikTok? Euronews asks the experts
Euronews on the pragmatism of the threat posed by Tiktok due to its Chinese roots. (15 July 2020)

Trump taking responsibility for Russia cyber attack could backfire
New Statesman on the risks of admitting to nation-state sponsored cyber attacks. (14 July 2020)

TikTok to exit Hong Kong ‘within days’ & UK cybersecurity fears about Huawei
BBC Radio Foyle on TikTok exiting the Hong Kong market within days & the UK government likely to change its policy over Huawei’s role in the UK’s networks. Listen (7 July 2020)

Voice controlled devices could be part of the ‘new’ workplace
Total Telecom on how voice control technology is a great next step to limiting transmission of the coronavirus. (6 July 2020)

Remote working & the risk of increased data breaches
Global Security Mag on how remote working raises the risk of increased data breaches for organisations. (5 July 2020)

Voice Controlled devices are safe alternatives During COVID-19
CRN India on the problem of aural eavesdropping when it comes to voice interactions. (4 July 2020)

A quantum future: The end of security as we know it?
IT Pro on how the cryptographic community is focusing more on post-quantum cryptography, but more time & testing is needed to improve the efficiency & build confidence in post-quantum cryptography. (30 June 2020)

The Future Of Courier Transportation
Nationwide Courier Services on the future of drones in delivery. (24 June 2020)

How to apply zero-trust models to container security
Computer Weekly on how the dynamic nature of containers may cause problems because of complexity in networks, overlays & dynamic IPs, together with the limitations of firewalls which can struggle identifying nefarious activity. (23 June 2020)

Flying after covid 19 lockdown
Newstalk Radio Breakfast show on some of the newer features of flying post coronavirus. Listen (23 June 2020)

5 ways to stops phishing in its tracks
The Raconteur Digital Transformation supplement in the Times on the importance of cybersecurity training for employees. (22 June 2020)

How Trustworthy and Far-Reaching Is Twitter’s Flagging of POTUS Trump’s Posts?
Sputnik News on the effectiveness of Twitter’s automated labelling algorithm on offensive tweets. (21 June 2020)

EU set to charge Amazon for anti-competitive behaviour & Instagram ‘will overtake Twitter as a news source’
BBC radio Foyle about the EU charging Amazon for anti-competitive behaviour and nearly a quarter of UK 18-24-year-olds now using Instagram as a source of news about coronavirus. Listen (16 June 2020)

Welcome to the pandemic-proof office of the future
The Times on technical aspects of the new norm of working remotely. (14 June 2020)

Cyber Security and the remote workforce
Computer Fraud & Security magazine on how Covid-19 has impacted the cyber-risk profile of enterprises worldwide. (12 June 2020)

e92plus adds zero-trust response with Ericom signing
Computer Weekly on how Phishing attacks remain a big problem by targeting people with Covid-19-related claims. (9 June 2020)

How to protect employees COVID-related data
Global Security Magazine on the key aspects of keeping an organisation safe from cyber threats during the pandemic. (8 June 2020)

Infosecurity Magazine’s State of Cybersecurity Report 2020
Infosecurity Magazine’s State of Cybersecurity Report on the increasing sophistication of phishing attacks. (4 June 2020)

How 5G Will Change The World
Tech Glow on how only fast networks, such as 5G, can support millisecond-level latencies needed for driverless vehicles. (3 June 2020)

Time for 20:20 Visibility
Logistics Manager Magazine on how the traceability offered by IoT can make labelling and identification technology more efficient. (1 June 2020)

BBC Tech Review – EasyJet Hack, 5G conspiracy, Netflix and Google Covid-19 search trends
BBC Radio Foyle about the EasyJet hack which compromised 9 million accounts, 5G conspiracy theories, Netflix resuming increased quality & trends in Google searches during covid-19 lockdown. Listen (19 May 2020)

Cyber attack knocks UK research supercomputer ARCHER out of action indefinitely
New Statesman on the UK’s most powerful research supercomputers being been knocked offline indefinitely due to a security exploitation of its login nodes. (15 May 2020)

How UK Government’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Works – Is User Data Safe?
Sputnik International on some of the security concerns surrounding the UK’s contact tracing app. (7 May 2020)

IoT devices at the centre of a storm of cybersecurity badness
IoT Now on how poorly secured IoT devices are still providing a backdoor into enterprise systems, allowing malicious actors to cause damage to businesses. (6 May 2020)

From Wuhan to Weybridge and Woking
Networking Plus on how Universities are facing similar challenges as students grapple with alternative methods of learning and the security issues synonymous with it. (6 May 2020)

Security Awareness in the era of Remote Work
Mark Potkewitz about aspects of computer security which have arose since the rapid move to remote working. Listen (1 May 2020)

Facing the Cyber Risk Hydra
Raconteur on how organisations should make any compromise difficult by reducing the attack surface. (25 April 2020)

Cybersecurity Concerns Demystified
Huawei USA Chief Security Officer Andy Purdy on topical issues relating to Huawei and network security. Watch (24 April 2020)

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Trends to Dominate in 2020
MobiDev on some of the trends that will reshape the industrial IoT landscape. (22 April 2020)

The risks of working from home during the coronavirus
RTE Brainstorm on how the mass move towards remote working during the Covid-19 crisis has increased cybersecurity threats and risks. (17 April 2020)

Cyber-Attacks and Trust Issues: Challenges People Face During Online Negotiations Amid Pandemic
Sputnik International on best practice in communicating securely during the pandemic. (15 April 2020)

Coronavirus: UK confirms plan for its own contact tracing app
BBC Radio Foyle about the UK confirming plans for an app that will warn users if they have recently been in close proximity to someone suspected to be infected with the coronavirus. Listen (13 April 2020)

What best practice approach should businesses take to password security?
Intelligent CISO on how password protection is a critical component of a strong business cybersecurity strategy. (8 April 2020)

Video conferencing in the coronavirus era
Highland Radio about the popular video conferencing applications that people are using during the coronavirus lockdown. Listen (6 April 2020)

Zoom videoconferencing problems and the rise of Houseparty
BBC Radio Foyle Morning News about the popularity and the problems with Zoom Video Conferencing and the ease of use functionality provided by the Houseparty app. Listen (3 April 2020)

Containing COVID-19 at the Cost of Surrendering Any Vestiges of Privacy: Is It Worth the Pain?
Sputnik News on the privacy risks of countries which are using extraordinary surveillance to track citizens infected with the covid-19 disease. (27 Mar 2020)

How to keep business data safe while working from home
Tech Observer on best practice in remaining secure while working remotely. (25 Mar 2020)

Netflix and YouTube are slowing down in Europe to keep the internet from breaking
BBC Radio Foyle on Netflix & YouTube reducing streaming quality in Europe for at least the next month to prevent the internet collapsing under the strain of unprecedented usage due to coronavirus pandemic. Listen (23 Mar 2020)

Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Data Safe While Working From Home
IEEE Transmitter on the importance of keeping operating systems and software packages up to date. (23 Mar 2020)

COVID-19 offers a unique opportunity to pilot zero trust, rapidly and at scale
CSO on the importance of zero trust security models for remote working in the COVID-19 era. (23 Mar 2020)

Providing protection from the ground up
The Sunday Times (Raconteur supplement) on how organisations should remove unnecessary functionality & anonymise data when it’s exported to reporting tools. (22 Mar 2020)

Attack Surface, Vulnerabilities Increase as Orgs Respond to COVID-19 Crisis
Dark Reading on the importance of utilising the proper secure endpoints when working remotely. (20 Mar 2020)

Are tomorrow’s ‘smart cities’ a security risk?
The Sunday Times (raconteur supplement) on how we can expect key urban infrastructure to be a front line target in future. (17 Mar 2020)

Expert discussion: What best practice approach should businesses take to password security?
Intelligent CIO on how password protection is a critical component of a strong business cybersecurity strategy. (17 Mar 2020)

Highland Radio Nine till Noon Show – Coronavirus
Highland Radio on their Weekly News Review on the Coronavirus. Listen (6 Mar 2020)

Future of cloud computing as an essential tool for innovation
CIO East Africa on how new business models will emerge when devices are boosted by inexhaustible cloud-based resources. (6 Mar 2020)

Why can’t I marry the robot I love?
New World AI on how robots could become intimate companions for humans and some people may even seek to marry them as they become more human-like. (1 Mar 2020)

Insider threats: Are employee devices the biggest risk to enterprise security?
SC Magazine on how IT departments have difficulty in keeping track of which devices are connected to their systems and data. (27 Feb 2020)

Windows 10 Update deleting files, Smart Speakers snooping, Dodgy Streaming Sites
BBC Radio Foyle about the Windows 10 update which resulted in users losing files, how smart speakers listen unintentionally and dangers of illegal streaming sports sites. Listen (25 Feb 2020)

3 Ways to Protect IoT Smart Home Appliances from Cyber Attacks
Express Computer on how manufacturers need to be held more accountable with regards to road maps for IoT device updates. (24 Feb 2020)

Industrial control system security needs urgent revamp, says study
SC Magazine on how Industrial Control Systems are increasingly becoming targets with sophisticated malware. (18 Feb 2020)

Automation in Data File Transfer: Improving Security and Saving You Time
Infosecurity Magazine webinar on the various benefits that automation can bring and how organization’s can securely transfer files. (20 Feb 2020)

How to make cyber security intelligence-driven for a more proactive cyber defence
Information Age on how to make cyber security intelligence-driven and, in turn, create a more proactive cyber defence. (18 Feb 2020)

How to ensure your organisation is safe from the cyber threat
Information Age on how organisations can better protect themselves from cyber threats. (17 Feb 2020)

Internet of Things: Smart Cities pick up the pace
ESTI Developers on how environmental data from IoT devices will allow governments and councils to improve quality of life for residents. (14 Feb 2020)

3 cybersecurity threats and possible solutions for 2020
Express Computer on dangers of IoT-connected devices and how enterprises are using AI for protection. (13 Feb 2020)

Tech Roundup: Google Maps, Coronavirus App, Google Passwords & Satellite Mobile Bills
BBC Radio Foyle on Google Maps hack, Coronavirus app, Google Passwords check & satellite roaming charges. Listen (11 Feb 2020)

Keeping Children safe online
#WeAreUU podcast on various aspects of keeping children safe online. Listen 11 Feb 2020)

China’s Smartphone Giants Team Up to Beat Google on Software Field
Sputnik News on Huawei joining a four-member club of major Chinese smartphone makers to create a digital distribution service that would take on Google Play. (8 Feb 2020)

Protecting IoT appliances from cyber attacks
UK Tech News on how manufacturers need to be held more accountable with regards to road maps for updates for any devices they sell. (6 Feb 2020)

The dangers of connected devices
Robotics Law Journal on the different security challenges posed by the Internet of Things (IoT). (6 Feb 2020)

Conversation hijacking emerges as a cybersecurity threat
Smarter MSP on a new trend in phishing where hackers insert themselves into email conversations between third parties that are known to and trusted by each other. (6 Feb 2020)

Who should take ownership of your cyber security strategy?
IT Pro on the importance of the chief information security officer (CISO) taking the lead in cyber security strategies. (4 Feb 2020)

Mobile roaming: What will happen to charges after Brexit?
BBC Radio Foyle about what may happen after Brexit with regards additional charges for roaming on mobile phones when traveling to another EU country. Listen (4 Feb 2020)

Facing the cyber security challenge
Critical Communications Today on the problem of Distributed Denial of Service attacks on public safety networks. (3 Feb 2020)

How to Keep You, Your Family, and Your Data Safe Online in 2020 on keeping your home devices safe from hacking. (31 Jan 2020)

3 Ways to Protect Your IoT Smart Home Appliances from Cyber Attacks
IEEE Transmitter on how to protect your Internet of Things devices from attack. (30 Jan 2020)

Most children sleep with mobile phone beside bed
BBC Radio Foyle about a Childwise report which found that more than half of children say they sleep with their mobile phone beside their bed. Listen (30 Jan 2020)

3 Cybersecurity Threats (And Solutions) for 2020
IEEE Transmitter on what businesses and consumers worry about and the steps they can they take to protect themselves. (30 Jan 2020)

GAA tells clubs to stop using WhatsApp due to GDPR concerns
BBC Radio Foyle on the GAA telling clubs to stop using the messaging service WhatsApp due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerns around those included in team groups. Listen (29 Jan 2020)

Internet of Things: Smart cities pick up the pace
The Financial Times on how IoT data could allow governments and councils to improve quality of life for residents in cities. (29 Jan 2020)

Boris Johnson feels increasing heat over UK 5G role for Huawei
BBC Radio Ulster on whether the prime minister’s national security council will grant Huawei a restricted role providing equipment for the UK 5G infrastructure. Listen (28 Jan 2020)

UK to decide on Huawei 5G ban
BBC Radio Foyle on the prospect of Huawei being banned from the deployment of their 5G equipment in the UK. Listen (28 Jan 2020)

Royal College of Psychiatrists says social media firms should hand over data for research
BBC Radio Foyle on the Royal College of Psychiatrists report which demands that social media giants aid research into the potential harms they cause by sharing data & funds with researchers. Listen (17 Jan 2020)

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threads Everyone Should Know About Today
Bernard Marr on what will be top of the agenda when it comes to cybersecurity over the coming year. Watch (17 Jan 2020)

Don’t be fooled: Why you need to be on high alert for online fraud
Security Advisor Middle East on the ridiculousness of governments attempting to create backdoors for encryption. (16 Jan 2020)

Conversation-hijack threat gets personal: security professionals speak out
SC Magazine about the latest email phishing trend known as “conversation hijacking” which increases the chances of malicious links being clicked on. (16 Jan 2020)

The 5 biggest cybersecurity trends in 2020 everyone should know about
Bernard Marr on some of the trends in cybersecurity we can expect in 2020. (16 Jan 2020)

Could implanted medical devices be hacked?
The British Medical Journal (BMJ) on the likelihood of implanted medical devices becoming hacked. (14 Jan 2020)

NVTV Behind The Science
NVTV “Behind The Science” Programme on the Ulster Legal Innovation Centre and Cybersecurity. Watch (14 Jan 2020)

Microsoft ends support for Windows 7
BBC Radio Foyle about Microsoft no longer providing updates for Windows 7. Listen (14 Jan 2020)

Soleimani’s Killing as a Trap for Iran: Why Cyberattack is the Least Likely Option Tehran May Pick
Sputnik News on the likelihood of Iranian cyber attacks in the aftermath of Qasem Soleimani’s assassination. (8 Jan 2020)

What does 2020 hold for Ireland’s tech landscape?
The Sunday Times on what the coming year may bring with regards to technology in Ireland. (5 Jan 2020)

The unintended consequence of US campaign against Huawei could be a global split in technology standards
South China Morning Post on the geopolitical battle between the US and Huawei. (24 Dec 2019)

Are your systems safe?
Intertraffic on traffic light control systems which are based on wireless communication technologies being susceptible to attack. (24 Dec 2019)

NI battles for cyber-security jobs amid global shortage
BBC on the shortage of cyber-security talent globally. (23 Dec 2019)

The Internet of Insecure Devices
NV magazine (Russia) on the problems of insecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices. (19 Dec 2019)

Silicon in Focus: CES 2020
Silicon UK on security & privacy presentations & technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Vegas. (19 Dec 2019)

Blockchain and cryptocurrency predictions for 2020: 22 industry experts have their say
The Verdict on the risk of cryptojacking in the future. (17 Dec 2019)

The evolution of 5G across Ireland
Sync NI on the rollout of 5G in Ireland. (15 Dec 2019)

That Encrypted Chat App the White House Liked? Full of Holes
Livingston Ledger on how the only way to ensure that a piece of software does not contain back doors or gaping holes is to have independent trust experts audit the code. (14 Dec 2019)

Inside the mind of a hacker
IT Pro on the importance of educating employees about the dangers of clicking on links in phishing emails. (11 Dec 2019)

How do IoT and blockchain for traceability simplify compliance?
IoT Agenda on how blockchain can help organisations simplify the compliance process with blockchain for traceability. (9 Dec 2019)

Does your ex know your passwords? Are you sure?

Marie Claire on some easy ways to protect your accounts. (7 Dec 2019)

Welcome to the 5G future: Here’s how the world is about to change
Irish Times where I predict areas in which 5G will have a major impact. (5 Dec 2019)

Convergence of 5G and internet of things to bring huge benefits to industry

Irish Times on some of the expected benefits from 5G. (5 Dec 2019)

Bug Bounties: Big Business
Communications of the ACM on “Bug Bounties” where organisations pay security researchers to unearth vulnerabilities. (3 Dec 2019)

Contract for the Web – Inventor of the web has a plan to save the Internet
BBC Radio Foyle about Sir Tim’s ‘Contract for the Web’ which calls on governments, companies & individuals to ensure the web is a safe, free and open platform for all. Listen (26 Nov 19)

How technologies improve infrastructure and contribute to its longevity and adaptability
UK Construction on how the strain on resources and complexity of projects in construction is leading to increased technology reliance. (25 Nov 2019)

Fear of 5G: Launch of new phone network sparks talk of health hazards, but do you need to worry
Daily Stock Dish on concerns over 5G radiation in Ireland. (24 Nov 2019)

Welcome to the 5G future: Here’s how the world is about to change
The Irish Times on how 5G will have a impact on driverless cars due to their reliance on near real-time reliable communications. (23 Nov 2019)

Cyber resilience: Preparing for the worst
The Irish Times where I recommend some basic steps for organisations to take in order to build their cyber resilience. (22 Nov 2019)

Where does my data go?
The Irish Times on big data, GDPR, webcams and the need for strong passwords. (21 Nov 2019)

Why use IoT traceability over traditional methods
IoT Agenda on how organizations have increasingly added blockchain in many pharmaceutical tracking trials. (21 Nov 2019)

Batteries as transparent as glass could power devices in your home
New Scientist on how transparent batteries could be revolutionary in smart glasses, phones and cars. (19 Nov 2019)

What are traceability systems for IoT asset management?
IoT Agenda on how IoT traceability systems can create connections between smart manufacturing machines to automate the entire supply chain process. (19 Nov 2019)

Google Gathering Medical Data: ‘There Must Be Opt-In Consent From Users’
Sputnik News where I say tighter regulations on patient data sharing should be introduced in the US. (15 Nov 2019)

Cybersecurity Prof on Google Gathering Medical Data: ‘There Must Be Opt-In Consent From Users’
Sputnik News on Google’s Nightingale” project which was gathering millions of patient records on behalf of US health care provider Ascension, while doctors and patients were not informed. (14 Nov 2019)

Keeping it real
NI4Kids where I speak about some practical steps that parents can take to keep their kids more protected online (8 Nov 2019)

Is enough being done to enforce EU data protection laws?
The Irish Times on how the introduction of GDPR has ushered in a new paradigm in data management. (7 Nov 2019)

Defending against threats which keep on changing
The Irish Times on the challenges that organisations face when it comes to protecting themselves against cyberattack. (7 Nov 2019)

Creating and managing a zero-trust security framework
Tech Target on how enterprises should introduce a zero-trust security framework and challenges they are likely to face. (7 Nov 2019)

A hot topic at the top table
The Irish Times on the topic of cybersecurity being taken more seriously in the boardroom. (7 Nov 2019)

Google acquires 28 million users’ data in Fitbit deal
Global Data Review on how Google’s acquisition of health tracker company Fitbit has come with a promise that Google will not use Fitbit users’ health data for advertising purposes. (5 Nov 2019)

Industrial Internet of Things Trends to Dominate in 2020
Mobidev on fog computing introducing more cybersecurity risks to devices and virtual machines. (5 Nov 2019)

Technology and stress: A complex, evolving relationship
Open Access Government on whether technology can really be the answer to our modern anxieties that are often caused by technology itself. (4 Nov 2019)

Huawei surges despite US ban
Palmer News on Huawei remaining in limbo as US politicians again toughened their rhetoric against the Chinese high-tech company. (31 Oct 2019)

Twitter will ban all political advertising starting in November
Highland Radio Nine till Noon about Twitter banning all political ads globally, starting November 22nd. Listen (31 Oct 19)

What are the biggest career trends in cybersecurity?
ITPro where I mention that Belfast has developed one of the strongest cybersecurity hubs in the UK. (28 Oct 2019)

Huawei ruled out of positive signs amid resuming China-US trade talks
The Global Times (China) on Huawei remaining in limbo as US politicians again toughened their rhetoric against the Chinese high-tech company. (28 Oct 2019)

Can we tackle the ever-evolving threat of cybercrime?
The Telegraph on the rise of cybercrime and the threat landscape. (22 Oct 2019)

Driverless vehicles move to slow lane
Sunday Times where I mention we can never quantify the amount of times semi-autonomous vehicles have saved lives. (20 Oct 2019)

Don’t Be Afraid of Google’s Ambient Computing
Lifewire on how ambient computing needs devices which can anticipate our desires and data regarding our habits is key to achieving this. (18 Oct 2019)

The worries about 5G radiation
Newstalk radio on the worries by some about radiation from 5G mobile networks. Listen (17 Oct 19)

Three network down leaving thousands unable to make calls or use data
BBC Radio Foyle on Three customers unable to get a phone signal or access the Internet in many regions of the UK. Listen (17 Oct 19)

Huawei wins most 5G contracts in Europe
The Global Times (China) on Huawei Technologies signing more than 60 5G contracts worldwide, mostly in Europe. (15 Oct 2019)

Mitigating the Spear-Phishing Attack Threat
Info Security on the danger of spear-phishing attacks and how they can impact businesses. (3 Oct 2019)

Challenges vs. benefits of edge computing security
TechTarget on how IT leaders need to cultivate new skills within their security teams to cope with new types of security & compliance challenges that edge computing brings. (3 Oct 2019)

How to build a comprehensive cyber security strategy
ITPro on how a cyber security strategy needs to take account of the risk people can bring. (2 Oct 2019)

Foldable smartphones – Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch
BBC Radio Foyle about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold which has a 7.3″ foldable display and a 4.6″ cover display. Listen (1 Oct 19)

How 5G and IoT would create global changes – Deltec Bank perspective
NBC29 on how 5G which provides millisecond-level latencies can improve driverless cars. (24 Sep 2019)

How AI Can Champion Cybersecurity in the Insurance Industry and Beyond
CPO Magazine on how IT managers should prepare their ecosystems to work effectively and confirm that their databases provide relevant data for smooth automation. (18 Sep 2019)

Edge computing use cases must be driven by business value
TechTarget on the various benefits of Edge Computing. (18 Sep 2019)

The Big Tech Show: The 5G health scare is it real?
The Big Tech Show where I dismiss the dangers from 5G as opposed to University College Cork’s Professor Tom Butler who believes in the dangers. Listen (13 Sep 19)

Is the smart city safe? The dark side of smart cities
Techworld on the dangers of vulnerable Internet of Things devices installed in smart cities. (12 Sep 2019)

Who should take ownership of your cyber security strategy?
IT Pro on the importance of a chief information security officer (CISO) taking the lead in cybersecurity strategies. (11 Sep 2019)

Building for the future: three eco-cities preparing for overpopulation, rising sea levels and air pollution
Science Focus on how technology is going to be key in allowing future eco-cities to develop. (9 Sep 2019)

Presuming Data We Release to Facebook Will Leak is a ‘Healthy Attitude’
Sputnik News (Russia) on the dangers of privacy leakage from Facebook’s new dating app. (8 Sep 2019)

Fear of 5G: Launch of new phone network sparks talk of health hazards, but do you need to worry?
The Irish Independent about the lack of evidence to support fears over 5G mobile networks leading to health risks. (6 Sep 2019)

Are you ready for the EU Payment Services Directive?
The Irish Times on the EU Payment Services Directive. (5 Sep 2019)

Mobile phone is becoming the de-facto payment system
The Irish Times on aspects of security in mobile payment systems. (5 Sep 2019)

Debate on perceived health risk posed by 5G rollout
Highland Radio on whether 5G poses a public health risk. I debated with Kim McMenamim from Stop 5G Donegal. Listen (2 Sep 19)

US desperately building allies against Huawei: analysts
Global Times (China) on the continuing US crusade against Huawei in the guise of cybersecurity risks. (3 Sep 2019)

Revolut App – User victim to fraud
BBC Radio Foyle about a user in Donegal who was the victim of fraud using the Revolut card. Listen (28 August 19)

Are smart cities a disaster waiting to happen?
ITPro on the security implications of making our cities smart. (21 Aug 2019)

Are smart cities the answer to rising populations?
Irish Tech News on how Smart city technologies, when implemented correctly, can scale, allowing growing populations to be serviced more easily. (15 Aug 2019)

Five ways 5G technology will change your life
News 1 on aspects of 5G which will impact our lives in the future. (26 Jul 2019)

Facial Recognition: Why Facebook’s ‘Alt Text’ Feature Can be Abused by Spooks & Hackers
Government Slaves on Facebook using Facial Recognition AI for Data Mining, Advertising & Tracking of Users. (17 Jul 2019)

Facebook to pay record $5bn to settle privacy concerns
BBC Radio Foyle on the Federal Trade Commission imposing a $5 billion fine on Facebook over privacy violations and its failure to inform tens of millions of users about a data leak. Listen (25 July 19)

Fog computing brightens prospects for secure edge computing
SC Magazine on the need for identity & authentication, access control systems, and securing the virtualized network infrastructure in Fog Computing. (25 Jul 2019)

Concerns over viral app FaceApp collecting too much information
BBC Radio Ulster about concerns over the viral FaceApp with regards security and privacy in part due to the app creators being based in Russia. Listen (19 July 19)

Can you trust FaceApp with your face?
Highland Radio about FaceApp which edits photos of people’s faces to show younger or older versions of themselves & the privacy concerns. Listen (18 July 19)

Facial Recognition: Why Facebook’s ‘Alt Text’ Feature Can be Abused by Spooks & Hackers
Sputnik International News on Facebook’s intrusive use of technology to classify image contents. (17 Jul 2019)

Who should take ownership of your cyber security strategy?
IT Pro on the need for a chief information security officer (CISO) to take the lead in any cyber security strategy. (15 Jul 2019)

The Best Home Security Systems in 2019
The Eco Experts on risks inherent in smart IoT locks. (28 June 2019)

Openness, collaboration will shape 5G’s future on having more than one vendor provide core infrastructure is crucial. (17 June 2019)

Openness, collaboration will shape 5G’s future
The Global Times on China Mobile tender showing Huawei providing 49% of 5G core MME/SGSN equipment while Swedish firm Ericsson will provide 34%, followed by Finnish player Nokia with 12% & ZTE with 5%. (16 June 2019)

YouTube Hate Speech Ban Gives Company Power to Decide What Can & Cannot be Seen
Sputnik News on YouTube deleting material that glorifies Nazis in an attempt to stop people from becoming radicalised however questions are being asked about the company’s algorithms when it comes to choosing which videos will be removed. (14 June 2019)

UK phone firms demand clarity over Huawei
BBC Radio Foyle about the Britain’s mobile operators warning that the UK risks losing its position as a world leader in mobile connectivity. Listen (11 June 19)

Amazon shows off new delivery drone that flies like a helicopter and a plane
Highland Radio on Amazon announcing that it expects to start delivering orders to shoppers’ homes by drones in the coming months. Listen (10 June 19)

‘1984’. How close to his fiction has our reality become
BBC Radio Ulster Sunday Sequence on the relevance 70 years later of George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’ & the role of social media. Listen (9 June 19)

Is my own home my greatest cyberthreat?
CyberRadioTV on the cybersecurity risks associated with home IoT devices and the steps which can be taken to secure your smart home. (8 June 2019)

Amazon’s new transforming Prime Air delivery drone
BBC Radio Foyle on Amazon unveiling their latest version of its Prime Air delivery drone, a hybrid aircraft that is capable of vertical takeoff and landing as well as sustained forward flight. Listen (7 June 19)

Amazon to deliver by drone ‘within months’
BBC Radio Ulster on Amazon announcing it will use delivery drones “within months” which can spot obstacles such as people, dogs, and clotheslines. Listen (7 June 19)

Huawei debate tests UK political integrity, independence
The Global Times (China) on the UK trying to strike a balance managing its relations with the US and China, with Huawei standing in the middle. (4 June 2019)

Will the gig economy replace the job for life?
BBC Radio Foyle on the options available with the growing gig economy to work from home. Listen (4 June 19)

5G: EE launches UK’s next-generation mobile network
BBC Radio Foyle on EE rolling out 5G networks in London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester. Listen (30 May 19)

Robocrop: fruit pickers to be replaced by robots
BBC Radio Foyle about a UK raspberry picking robot that could replace human fruit pickers. Listen (28 May 19)

US Huawei ban agitates allies
The Global Times (China) on the escalating technology Cold War between China and the US. (24 May 2019)

Huawei’s use of Android restricted by Google
BBC Radio Foyle about Google banning the world’s second biggest smartphone maker, Huawei, from some updates to the Android operating system. Listen (20 May 19)

Donald Trump, Social Media & elections, 5G & Reality TV ban
Highland Radio on proposed Trump visit, the use of social media in elections, whether 5G poses a health risk & the Jeremy Kyle show ban. Listen (17 May 19)

ID: Has Microsoft just jumped the blockchain shark?
SC Magazine on Microsoft’s new decentralised identity (DID) network called ION (Identity Overlay Network) which runs over the top of the Bitcoin blockchain and achieves throughput of tens-of-thousands of operations per second. (17 May 2019)

Google’s Algorithm: How Big Tech Became Chief Arbiters of Political Discourse
Sputnik News on the controversy surrounding Google’s aggregation algorithm with regard to the purported censorship of conservative political discourse by the Silicon Valley giant. (16 May 19)

WhatsApp discovers surveillance attack
BBC Radio Foyle about a vulnerability in the messaging app WhatsApp which allowed attackers to inject commercial Israeli spyware on to phones. Listen (14 May 19)

Could ESG concerns threaten national security?
Raconteur on what the future holds for the development of nation-state artificial intelligence. (12 May 19)

How much data are you giving away every day?
My interview on Highland Radio about the privacy implications of using social media sites and what can be done to reduce your online footprint. Listen (7 May 19)

Facebook users are convinced it’s ‘listening’ to conversations – but the truth is just as creepy
Daily Mirror on Facebook users who are convinced it’s ‘listening’ to conversations. (4 May 19)

Social Media Crime Is A Threat To Business
Cyber Intelligence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn proving to be golden opportunities for cyber criminals. (30 April 19)

Five Ways 5G Will Change Our Lives
Radius on some of the implications of 5G supporting millisecond-level latencies. (29 April 19)

Social Media – What are the actual risks?
Cyber Radio on the risks inherent in over sharing on social media sites. (29 April 19)

Germany won’t exclude Huawei, ZTE from construction of 5G networks: official
The Global Times about a German official promising not to block any company including Huawei from participation in the 5G roll-out in the local market. (28 April 19)

The demystification of blockchain is the most important thing right now
The Irish Times on the inherent stumbling blocks which have to be overcome to see Blockchain deployed on a large scale used for real-time transactions. (26 April 19)

How a social media network could bring down your business
ITPro on the practice of Doxing on social media sites where hackers research identifiable information about an individual or organisation. (26 April 19)

Understanding the battle for telecommunications supremacy
John Menadue on issues around Huawei issues of late around 5G licences. (25 April 19)

Be aware of the potential risks of blockchain, not least where humans interact
The Irish Times on the need for organisations to be aware of the weaknesses of certain aspects surrounding the blockchain ecosystem. (25 April 19)

Blockchain: 5 things to know about the cyrptocurrency technology
The Irish Times on the potential for Blockchain to be deployed in the future for secure e-voting. (25 April 19)

Most Hacked Passwords Revealed By NCSC
BBC Radio Foyle on the National Cyber Security (NCSC) which published its ‘UK cyber survey’ revealing the most hackable passwords that people are still using today. Listen (22 April 19)

Cloud Computing: Experts predict what’s coming next in business league
Analytics Insight on the cloud becoming the foundation of devices that use data at the edge of the network and AI benefiting as a result. (20 April 19)

Kroger debuts driverless delivery cars in Houston, just over a year after fatal incident involving autonomous Uber
Newsweek on use cases which become possible in the future for society with driverless vehicles. (18 April 19)

Facebook bans UK far right groups and leaders
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra about Facebook banning a dozen “dangerous” far-right organisations and individuals for spreading hate. Listen (18 April 19)

UK to introduce porn age-checks in July
BBC Radio Foyle about all UK Internet users being forced to prove themselves to be over 18 or be entirely blocked from seeing adult content. Listen (18 April 19)

IoT Security and AI Ethics Among Topics to Be Featured at Annual IEEE Event
IEEE Spectrum on my keynote talk where I discuss the future security risks posed by the IoT. (17 April 19)

Amazon fake reviews – Social Media Nudge Techniques & Locked iPhones
BBC Radio Foyle on the problem of fake reviews on Amazon, Alexa recordings being listened to by humans, Snapchat streaks & icloud lock Listen (16 April 19)

Quantum Computing: Can Cryptography Survive?
Binary District on whether the potential for quantum computing to compromise cyber security is offset by its potential to aid in security measures. (12 April 19)

5G – should the public be concerned?
Highland Radio on whether 5G poses a risk to health and the worries by some that trees are being cut down to clear the air waves for 5G. Listen (11 April 19)

How 5G Networks Will Benefit State and Local Agencies
StateTech on how 5G will enhance services in smart cities and public safety. (11 April 19)

Cloud computing: What’s coming next and how you can help your business to prepare
ZDNet on how online will be the default setting for business operations in the future. (9 April 19)

How university CISOs can keep cyber threats at bay
Tahawultech on what Chief Information Security Officers at Universities must do to mitigate cyber threats. (9 April 19)

Is The NHS Capable Of Delivering Complete Digitisation Safely?
MinuteHack on the cybersecurity challenges that the NHS needs to overcome as part of the process of digitisation. (9 April 19)

Electric cars and the problem of fake product reviews online
BBC Radio Foyle on the problem of fake reviews on Internet shopping sites with a fake review ecosystem such as Facebook groups set up to reimburse shoppers for Amazon purchases in exchange for positive reviews. Listen (5 April 19)

Why publish in The JBBA?
The British Blockchain Association on the JBBA, Scientific Publishing, Peer Review and Blockchain Academic Communities. (4 April 19)

Mark Zuckerberg visits Ireland to discuss Facebook reform pledge
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who met with Irish lawmakers after calling for more action from governments to regulate social media. Listen (2 April 19)

MCU Tech That Already Exists (Or Very Nearly Exists)
Fandom on the likelihood of some of the technologies in superhero movies like Iron Man becoming a reality. (29 Mar 19)

The Benefits of 5G Network Slicing in Public Safety
StateTech on how Network slicing will give first responders more dynamic quality of service guarantees for specific applications. (29 Mar 19)

EU ignores US calls for blanket ban on Huawei in Europe as Chinese company’s 5G expertise helps its cause
The South China Morning Post on the EU ignoring the US call for a blanket ban on Huawei’s 5G gear in Europe. (27 Mar 19)

EYE Views: Is Facebook really becoming privacy focussed?
Mobile Industry Eye on Facebook and its approach to privacy. (22 Mar 19)

Should you have a practice WhatsApp group?
Practice business on the security of WhatsApp & implications for National Health Service (NHS) staff who have been urged to minimise the amount of patient-identifiable data they communicate. (21 Mar 19)

MPs call for tax on social media companies
BBC Radio Foyle about the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) calling for a tax on social media companies’ profits after their inquiry into the health impact of social media. Listen (18 Mar 19)

Huawei’s response to US’ geopolitical game: move on and do better
The Global Times (China) on why many countries are ignoring the backlash and rumours of cyber security risks and installing Huawei equipment especially in 5G rollouts. (18 Mar 19)

Merging messaging services: will tech giants be stronger with all their eggs in one basket?
ITPro Portal on the business benefits for Facebook merging their various messaging services and pioneering change in the social media space. (15 Mar 19)

Foldable Phones, 5G and Other Highlights from MWC Barcelona
IEEE Transmitter on some of the highlights from Mobile World Congress 2019. (15 Mar 19)

How 5G and Multi-Access Edge Computing Can Optimize Public Safety
StateTech on how 5G will be important in the public safety realm, as first responders start to use the technology for a variety of uses cases. (14 Mar 19)

Porn block: UK free porn website ban to commence soon
BBC Nolan Live Show about the sweeping default “porn ban” that will prevent Brits from accessing adult websites without handing over ID for age verification first. Watch (13 Mar 19)

Should we be worried about radiation from 5G networks?
RTE Brainstorm on whether there is justification for health concerns about mobile phone usage and new 5G networks. (13 Mar 19)

Distinguished Academics appointed to the Fellowship of the British Blockchain Association
British Blockchain Association piece on my appointment to Fellowship of The British Blockchain Association. (13 Mar 19)

30 year anniversary of the World Wide Web
BBC Radio Foyle about the 30 year anniversary of the World Wide Web. Listen (13 Mar 19)

The Data Breach Era
CyberRadio on how to mitigate the risks of being affected by a data breach. (9 Mar 19)

French President Emmanuel Macron Back With Calls For EU ‘Renaissance’ Ahead Of May Vote
UrduPoint News on the issue of cyberattacks becoming widely used in politics in the wake of French President Emmanuel Macron renewing his calls for EU unity in defiance of a “Brexit-Trumpian discourse” of the EU project’s failure. (8 Mar 19)

Huawei accuses US agents of hacking into its servers as it launches lawsuit against federal ban on gear
South China Morning Post on Huawei Technologies slapping the US government with a lawsuit in a bid to overturn a federal ban on its gear. It also accused the US of previously hacking into its servers. (7 Mar 19)

The Dictator’s Guide to Internet Surveillance and Censorship
Privacy Central on how using the internet to control what information is made available to the masses and monitor what they might be saying is all too easy if you are a dictator with deep pockets and a dystopian determination. (6 Mar 19)

7 Steps to Keep Safe with Cybercrime and Data Breaches on the Up
Bisinfotech on simple methods to remain safer online. (5 Mar 19)

MOMO Challenge is a viral hoax
BBC Radio Ulster on fact checkers saying that the viral ‘MOMO challenge’ is a hoax. The original tale said a character with bulging eyes would “hack” into WhatsApp and set children dangerous “challenges”. Listen (1 Mar 19)

US Cyber Command attacked Russian troll farm on Election Day 2018
RT News on the United States Cyber Command launching an offensive campaign to silence one of Russia’s most notorious troll operations on the day of the 2018 midterm elections. Watch (27 Feb 19)

Parents warned over ‘Momo challenge’ which allegedly encourages children to self harm
Highland Radio on the WhatsApp Momo challenge which sends young people images and instructions on how to harm themselves and others. Listen (25 Feb 19)

EU Sanctions Online Giants Because They Don’t Adhere to Proper Practices
Sputnik News on EU members backing an overhaul of the bloc copyright rules which would force Google and Facebook to pay publishers fairly and filter out copyright-protected content. (23 Feb 19)

Facebook needs regulation as Zuckerberg ‘fails’ says UK MPs
BBC Radio Foyle about UK MPs calling for Facebook to have far stricter regulation, with tough and urgent action necessary to end the spread of disinformation on its platform. Listen (18 Feb 19)

How Huawei went from small-time trader in Shenzhen to world’s biggest telecoms equipment supplier
The South China Morning Post on “How Huawei went from small-time trader in Shenzhen to world’s biggest telecoms equipment supplier. (18 Feb 19)

Australian security services investigate attempted cyber attack on parliament
ABC News on Australia’s security agencies suspecting a foreign government behind an attempt to hack the federal parliament’s computer network. Watch (7 Feb 19)

Screen Time: Children advised not to use electronic devices at dinner
BBC Radio Foyle on the UK’s four chief medical officers recommending that mobile devices be banned from the dinner table and bedtimes as part of a healthier approach to devices. Listen (7 Feb 19)

Securing the cloud: the hard disk of the Internet
Cyber Radio interview on aspects of securing the Cloud which is increasingly becoming the data hub of our lives. (6 Feb 19)

The dangers of connected devices
Robotics Law Journal on the challenges to privacy and data protection which arise with The Internet of Things. (6 Feb 19)

Facebook celebrates its 15th Anniversary
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra about the 15th year anniversary of Facebook and its march to become the most popular social media platform in the world. Listen (4 Feb 19)

Facebook celebrates its 15th Anniversary
BBC Radio Foyle on the 15th anniversary of Facebook. Listen (4 Feb 19)

Internet Shutdown in Venezuela Suppresses Political Dissent
Privacy Central on what would need to happen to shutdown the Internet globally. (4 Feb 19)

“Cyber Security by Logo” Won’t Work With Huawei – or Any Other Company
Inside Sources on the moves by countries to remove Huawei equipment from their mobile network infrastructure. (31 Jan 19)

RTE star Miriam O’Callaghan suing Facebook over fake ads
Highland Radio on RTÉ star Miriam O’Callaghan serving legal papers on Facebook over fake advertisements claiming she is endorsing an anti-wrinkle cream. Listen (30 Jan 19)

Children on social media
BBC Radio Foyle about Ofcom’s annual report about the media use of about 2,000 3-15 year-olds across UK. Listen (29 Jan 19)

Xbash illustrates how opportunity still knocks for threat actors in the cloud
SC Magazine on how enterprises still have cause for concern when it comes to cloud security in 2019. (23 Jan 19)

Martin Lewis drops Facebook legal action
BBC Radio Foyle on consumer campaigner Martin Lewis dropping his legal action against Facebook over a series of ads that ran on its platform, falsely claiming he backed several investment schemes. Listen (23 Jan 19)

France Hits Google with $57 Million GDPR Fine
Bank Info Security on the €50 million fine levied by the French National Data Protection Commission which is the largest fine handed out so far under GDPR. (22 Jan 19)

Security? It’s academic!
Comms Business Insight on how IoT will not reach its potential until fundamental security concerns are addressed. (21 Jan 19)

Man Charged With Flying Drone Near Heathrow Several Days After Gatwick Chaos
Sputnik News on the wider treat that terrorists will use drones for attacks in general. (20 Jan 19)

How to keep safe with cybercrime and data breaches on the up
IT Pro Portal on tips to help stay secure online. (16 Jan 19)

Stricter Regulation Could Lead to More Illegal Drone
Sputnik on the UK government’s decision to consider toughening legislation to tackle the illegal use of drones. (14 Jan 19)

Where technology breakthroughs could take us next
The Sunday Times on the dangers posed by drones in the future. (12 Jan 19)

Facebook rolls out fact checking operation in UK
BBC Radio Foyle about Facebook’s fact-checking operation which is launching in the UK, with the independent charity Full Fact selected to be the first British publisher to review and rate the accuracy of content on the social network. Listen (11 Jan 19)

Technology Highlights from CES 2019
BBC Radio Foyle News at One where we discuss highlights from CES 2019 such as a smart voice assistant toilet, unbreakable light sabers, a car which walks and the new way to take delivery of parcels. Listen (10 Jan 19)

Time using landlines halves in five years, says Ofcom
BBC Radio Foyle on an OFCOM study which shows that UK usage of landlines has halved in last five years. Listen (7 Jan 19)

Apple shares fall after revenue warning
Highland Radio on Apple’s shares falling dramatically after its cut in forecasts which it blamed on the economic slowdown in China. Listen (3 Jan 19)

Technology Highs & Lows of 2018 & Predictions for Tech in 2019
BBC Radio Foyle about the highs & lows of 2018 in the world of technology. Listen (2 Jan 19)

UK government fears over Huawei network equipment
BBC World Service about the national security implications of using Huawei technology in the infrastructure for services such as 5G. Listen (30 Dec 18)

Facebook let outside companies read its users’ private messages for years
BBC Radio Ulster about Facebook sharing the contents of users’ private messages with other companies on a scale greater than it has publicly admitted. Listen (20 Dec 18)

“God like” Google has been “weaponized” for political purposes
Infowars on how Google considered banning Breitbart from its lucrative ad network for vague, unspecified “hate speech”. (18 Dec 18)

Browser Monoculture – Are there implications when only one remains?
Cyber Radio about Monoculture in the wake of Microsoft announcing that it is adopting the Chromium open source project for Edge Browser. (17 Dec 18)

Google Employees Seek to Weaponize IT Services to Aid Left-Wing Agenda
Sputnik International on Google Employees Seeking to Weaponize IT Services to Aid Left-Wing Agenda. (18 Dec 18)

Russian propagandists targeted African Americans to influence 2016 US election
Radio Blu (Colombia) on operatives using social media to suppress votes for Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump. Listen (18 Dec 18)

Explosive Docs Released by Anonymous Look Authentic
Sputnik international on the third batch of documents leaked by Anonymous on the Institute for Statecraft initiatives. (17 Dec 18)

UK Institute for Statecraft Integrity Initiative
Sputnik International on the hacker group Anonymous who published documents stolen from the UK Integrity Initiative which engaged in spurious political tweets. Listen (16 Dec 18)

Huawei has other battles to win in the US
China Global Times on the influence of Huawei in 5G network infrastructure in the wake of the arrest of Huawei Technologies’ Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou. (12 Dec 18)

Rural Broadband Problems
BBC Radio Foyle on the problems experienced by rural communities with getting a solid broadband service. Listen (12 Dec 18)

Looking forward to the future of cloud computing
The Times Raconteur special report on how the cloud industry has matured rapidly during the past decade and is now embedded across diverse enterprises. (11 Dec 18)

PSNI warn about O2 Prank Call Scam
BBC Radio Foyle about a “social media prank” targeting customers of mobile operator O2 that directs them through to the emergency 999 operator. Listen (7 Dec 18)

O2 network down leaving thousands without access to 4G data
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast Show on how 30+ million customers of O2 & other operators been unable to use 3G/4G services after Uk wide outage. Listen (6 Dec 18)

Qualcomm’s 5G plan reflects heavy reliance on China
The Global Times (China) on how chinese telcos are consolidating their offerings in 5G to speed up its development. (5 Dec 18)

The Future of Love is Interesting
The Startup on the future repurposing of robots as romantic companions. (4 Dec 18)

Bitcoin’s anonymity: clever or criminal?
City AM on the growing phenomenon of email scams where attackers claim they stole your password and hacked your webcam which are enabled by Bitcoin. Original (4 Dec 18)

Getting A Grip On Costs And Challenges Of Mobile Devices
Enterprise Mobility Exchange on the challenges of securing mobile devices within organizations. White Paper (4 Dec 18)

Protecting the cloud – an evolving challenge
Compare the Cloud on security approaches including 2FA, Authentication, Biometrics and general Password best practice in securing cloud accounts. (4 Dec 18)

Conflict within social media giants to clamp down on extremism
ITN N2K show on regulations of social media giants and the problem of extremism online. Watch (3 Dec 18)

500 million guests affected by Marriott data breach
Security News Desk on the Marriott International data breach which has seen the details of up to 500 million guests stolen. (1 Dec 18)

Bright sparks: is tech the best sector for an apprenticeship?
The Telegraph on the rise of IT apprenticeships. (30 Nov 18)

New sextortion scam sends you your password
BBC Radio Foyle on the sextortion scam that sends you a threatening email with one of your passwords included. Listen (29 Nov 18)

Privacy Hype is for EU: US, China Tech Giants’ Dominance Indisputable
Sputnik News on France increasing efforts to challenge the digital dominance of the United States and China. (26 Nov 18)

Cyber Experts Weigh France’s Chances to Escape US, China High-Tech Dominance
Sputnik News on France seeking to reduce its dependence on US technological dominance by switching from Google to French search engine Qwant. (23 Nov 18)

5G Technology At Huawei Global MBB Forum 2018
Mobile Broadband Forum 2018 on the potential for 5G technology in the future. Watch (21 Nov 18)

The importance of regulations for a secure Internet of Things
CyberRadioTV interview on the importance of IoT regulations for securing IoT. (16 Nov 18)

What Web 3.0 means for data collection and security
IT Pro on data security implications of future open, decentralised networks that Web 3.0 envisages. (16 Nov 18)

UK Refuses to Cooperate on Belgacom Surveillance Case With Belgium
Sputnik International on the UK refusing to cooperate with Belgian authorities on the Belgacom Surveillance hack. Listen (6 Nov 18)

How deception technologies can give a unique security advantage
Tahawul Tech on closer integration between different defensive platforms (23 Oct 18)

The dangers of using public Wi-Fi networks
Highland Radio Nine till Noon Show about the dangers of using public open WiFi networks without a VPN. Listen (24 Oct 18)

Marks & Spencer launches new ‘mobile’ checkout in 6 stores
BBC Radio Foyle on Marks & Spencer launching a new ‘checkout free’ service that allows customers to shop and transact in under a minute. Listen (17 Oct 18)

There’s a darker side to social media
Linook on some of the dangers we expose ourselves to when posting on social media. (12 Oct 18)

Security issues surrounding Google Plus Data Breach
ITN N2K show on the data breach of Google Plus private profiles & security issues around Facebooks ‘The Portal’. Watch (12 Oct 18)

There will be consequences for Google over lack of disclosure
One Metro on Google announcing the closure of its Google Plus platform, after hackers gained access to private data from almost half a million accounts. (10 Oct 18)

The World – Russian GRU Hackers
ABC News Australia on the latest allegations of hacking by Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency. Watch (5 Oct 18)

Have we finally reached the end of the road for passwords?
CyberRadio on the move away from traditional passwords for authentication to biometric based authentication. (27 Aug 18)

The Best Cyberattacks Are Never Discovered
Sputnik News on the National Cyber Security Center which has accused Russia’s military intelligence service (GRU) of cyberattacks. Listen (4 Oct 18)

UK’s first 5G trial set to launch
Wiki Tribune on some aspects of future 5G networks. (4 Oct 18)

Housing Crisis, Tourism VAT reduction & Presidential Elections
Highland Radio on the Irish housing crisis, proposed 13.5% VAT reduction & Irish Presidential Election. Listen (28 Sep 18)

Connected IoT Device Privacy
ITN N2K show on the privacy concerns of consumers with Amazon connected devices in the home. Watch (27 Sep 18)

Artificial Intelligence & impact on jobs
RTE Radio 1 Drivetime about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on jobs. Listen (27 Sep 18)

Nuisance Phone Calls – Snap & Amazon – Alexa hunches feature
BBC Radio Foyle about the increase in robocalls, Snapchat’s camera feature used to identify Amazon products & Alexa ‘Hunches’ suggesting actions based on behaviour. Listen (25 Sep 18)

The 4th Industrial Revolution – AI & Robotics a threat to employment?
BBC Radio Ulster Sunday Sequence ‏on whether the Fourth Industrial Revolution heralding AI & Robotics is a huge threat to employment. Listen (23 Sep 18)

WEF: Robots ‘will create more jobs than they displace’
BBC Radio Foyle on the WEF claiming that millions of jobs likely to be displaced by automation but we should have less to fear from robots than we think. Listen (18 Sep 18)

EU roaming charges could return in the event of a ‘no deal Brexit’
BBC Radio Foyle on Government sources saying that roaming charges – abolished since June 2017 after changes to EU regulation – may return if there is a “no-deal” Brexit. Listen (13 Sep 18)

IoT security: How to beat crypto-jacking attacks
Internet of Business on some of the costs of crypto-jacking that go beyond soaring electricity bills. (13 Sep 18)

Free mobile phone roaming ‘not guaranteed’ with a no-deal Brexit
BBC Radio Ulster about the government warning that if there is a no-deal Brexit “surcharge-free roaming when you travel to the EU could no longer be guaranteed.” Listen (13 Sep 18)

Obsession with social media might seem harmless, if a little irritating, but there is a darker side to sharing your life online
Daily Mail on precautions one can take when it comes to sharing on social networks. (13 Sep 18)

Could blockchain be used to protect online gamblers?
Crypto News Review on how a blockchain could potentially prevent cheating, tampering and false claims of ownership. (8 Sep 18)

The security implications of hosting public-facing health records in online services
Digital Health Legal on security risks that may surface in access to health records being rolled out to the public (3 Sep 18)

How do I protect my accounts? A guide to multifactor authentication
Silicon Republic on the importance of using newer multifactor authentication techniques and the rise of biometric authentication. (31 Aug 18)

No-link CEO fraud scams are targeting junior staff
SC Magazine on the importance of cyber security training to combat the rise of business email compromise attacks which chose to impersonate the CEO. (30 Aug 18)

What are the limits of trust in computer systems in everyday life?
CyberRadio on being pragmatic in working out the correct degree of trust to place in technology. (27 Aug 18)

Central banks reviewing “phasing out cash” because of IT failures, hacking and alienation
Merco Press on dangers of relying too heavily on digital payment systems in the event of cyber attacks. (26 Aug 18)

Bank of England chief economist warns on AI jobs threat
BBC Radio Foyle on the risk of people being left behind as computers and robots changed the world of work. Listen (20 Aug 18)

Trump loosens rules around how the US deploys cyber weapons
Radio Sputnik on President Trump making it easier for the US DoD & Cyber Command to launch digital strikes against other nations, terrorist groups and crime syndicates. Listen (16 Aug 18)

BBC Radio Foyle – Home assistants struggle to understand Irish accents
BBC Radio Foyle about distinctive dialects such as the Donegal accent which are proving difficult for virtual help app assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Listen (16 Aug 18)

Central bankers warn of chaos in a cashless society
Politico about the gradual phase-out of cash in many countries posing a serious threat to the financial system, as relying too heavily on digital payment systems exposes them to catastrophic failures in the event of cyberattacks. (16 Aug 18)

It’s Important for Google to Have Your Location for Better Targeted Ads
Sputnik News where Google services on Android devices and iPhones have been revealed to store user location data despite privacy settings. (15 Aug 18)

Google records your location even when you tell it not to
Radio Sputnik about Google recording users’ locations even when location history has been disabled. Listen (14 Aug 18)

Is AI hype weakening trust in cybersec vendors, and enterprise security postures?
SC Magazine on the importance that IT vendors explain the computing limitations and the actual sophistication of the Machine learning algorithms in security products. (10 Aug 18)

Security Comes at the Expense of Convenience but it’s Worth it
cyberradio about the importance of two factor authentication & how Google embrace it. (9 Aug 18)

Security – It’s academic
Comms Business Magazine on how IOT will not reach its full potential until security issues have been addressed. (8 Aug 18)

Dixons Carphone says data breach affected 10 million
BBC Radio Foyle about Dixons Carphone disclosing a huge data breach that took place last year involved 10 million customers. Listen (31 Jul 18)

How riders are tracked in real-time at the Tour de France
BBC Radio Foyle on the technology which enables the tracking of riders in real-time at the Tour de France. Listen (31 Jul 18)

Political accountability, Gardai morale & Facebook Shares
Highland Radio paper review on Ian Paisley Jr, Gardai morale & the enormous drop in Facebook shares. Listen (28 Jul 18)

US Intel Agencies Have ‘Incredible’ Amount of Data on Global Networks
Sputnik International on the incredible detail in which US cyber experts were able to forensically investigate a recent attack. (25 Jul 18)

The richness of data which lies beneath the saddle of a Tour de France Rider
My piece on the technology used by Dimension Data to track riders in real-time during the tour de France. (24 Jul 18)

Russian hackers penetrate US power stations
Radio Sputnik about Russian hackers managing to infiltrate the control rooms of US utility companies. Listen (24 Jul 18)

5 Ways Blockchain Will Transform The Data Centre
Data Economy on how blockchain may play a role in future data centre operations. (24 Jul 18)

Network infrastructure is key for driverless cars
IOT Now on how driverless cars need to be integrated with national intelligent transport infrastructures and systems to be effective. (24 Jul 18)

Untold Reasons Why Hackers Love Bitcoin
CryptoCurry on the role that cryptocurrencies play in hacking trojans like ransomware. (23 Jul 18)

Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Operating Room
IEEE Transmitter on how medical practitioners have experimented with using AI to assist with their spinal surgery scheduling. (22 Jul 18)

Blockchain influencers in UK
UK All Party Parliamentary Group report on “Blockchain industry in UK landscape 2018” which lists me as 1 of the 40 Blockchain influencers in UK. (19 Jul 18)

‘Inside Facebook’ – the disturbing posts that Facebook allows on its site
Highland Radio on the Inside Facebook documentary which sent a reporter undercover as a content moderator for a rare look at the secretive process that rules what can be posted. Listen (18 Jul 18)

UK military must prioritise capabilities in cyber, space, electronic warfare and information operations
SC Magazine on how the European Council has adopted the decision to establish a European Union defence pact, known as PESCO. (14 Jul 18)

How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Health Wearables
IEEE Transmitter on how healthcare is a difficult domain for AI due to low levels of data integrity & disparate IT systems used. (12 Jul 18)

Fraud Advisory Panel on Fraud Futures
Fraud Advisory Panel Report where I discuss the major implications of blockchain in the future security ecosystem. (9 Jul 18)

A print technology balancing openness and security
The Telegraph on the criticality that senior management are aware of cyber-risks. (5 Jul 18)

Mobile phishing in 2018: Why it’s growing and how to stop it
Mobile Business Insights on reasons mobile phishing attacks may net more victims. (29 Jun 18)

Open Source Professionals in Demand
Communications of the ACM about DevOps being an area in which open source talent is in short supply. (29 Jun 18)

The Need for Life Long Learning in Cyber Security
Cyber Radio on the need to keep your knowledge on best practice in cyber security up to date. (25 Jun 18)

As a UK retailer experiments with fingerprint payments, will a cashless society lead to chaos and is it safe?
i News on how the banking/financial industry has a long way to go to keep up with the sophisticated techniques now been used by fraudsters. (21 Jun 18)

Bitcoin price tumbles after $31 million hack on Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange
The Independent on the hack of a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange which caused a brief crash in the price of bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. (20 Jun 18)

GDPR – About Time
Cyber Radio on the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which iterates on the EUs existing data protection law. (19 Jun 18)

Reflections on the NCSC cyber threat to UK business 2017-18 Report
Cyber Security Practitioner on the cyber risk trends that the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) identified in its recent Threat Report. (18 Jun 18)

Drone technology: a boost to the economy
Government Europa on how drone technology is changing and the limitations for their take off in the commercial industry. (15 Jun 18)

Lily Allen says she spends five hours a day on Twitter
BBC Radio Foyle on the addictive nature of social media sites after singer Lily Allen said she spends 5 hours a day on Twitter. Listen (11 Jun 18)

How tech is saving the environment
Virgin on how technology could be applied to help save the environment. (8 Jun 18)

Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation Centers
Diario Pagina Siete (Bolivia) about the various use cases for Virtual Reality in Drug Rehabilitation Centres. (2 Jun 18)

The Current Limitations and Future Potential of AI in Cybersecurity
Security Week on a recent NIST study which shows the current limitations and future potential of machine learning in cybersecurity. (31 May 18)

From IoT to IoV: The Internet of Vehicles
IEEE Transmitter on the Internet of Vehicles which will allow vehicle-to-vehicle communications, as well as greater insight into human-driven connected cars on road. (25 May 18)

Enterprises facing “nightmare” with IoT security and data privacy, says IEEE
Enterprise IOT on the potential nightmare that enterprises face with the security of everyday devices IoT connecting to their networks. (23 May 18)

Mark Zuckerberg’s European Parliament testimony criticised
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg apologising to EU lawmakers for the company’s role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal & for allowing fake news to proliferate on its platform. Listen (23 May 18)

ATM security threats: Jackpotting and beyond
SmarterMSP about common cyber attacks on Bank Automated Teller Machines. (18 May 18)

How cryptocurrency is shaping today’s threat environment
The Tech Revolutionist on the effects of cryptocurrency on cyber security. (16 May 18)

Scanning the field for threats
Envirotec on whether the environmental arena is ready for the Internet-of-Things. (16 May 18)

Mobile Phishing Increasing at an Alarming Rate
Enterprise Mobility Exchange on the risk to corporations due to the rise of mobile phishing attacks. (11 May 18)

US Senator John McCain has suggested the US should attack Russia with cyber-weapons
Radio Sputnik Moscow on US Senator John McCain who suggested the US should attack Russia with its cyber-weapons to retaliate for Russia’s alleged meddling in the US elections. Listen (4 May 18)

Just FYI, Mr. McCain: Any Cyber Attack Can Be Reversed
Sputnik News on the possibility that offensive national cyber security attacks can be reverse engineered & used against the aggressor. (4 May 18)

Cambridge Analytica Closing Operations Following Facebook Data Controversy
Highland Radio on data firm Cambridge Analytica which is shutting down following allegations about its misuse of Facebook data. Listen (3 May 18)

How cryptocurrency is shaping today’s threat environment
Trend Micro on how the decentralized currency model of cryptocurrencies enable hackers to get paid more easily. (2 May 18)

GDPR: Companies preparing for EU data privacy shake-up
BBC Radio Foyle News at One about General Data Protection Regulation as many of us are now receiving privacy policy change emails from companies attempting to comply. Listen (1 May 18)

The surge of opt-in emails in prelude to the general data protection regulations
BBC Radio Ulster on the central tenets of GDPR where EU citizens have more control over personally identifiable information. Listen (1 May 18)

The Internet of Things: Farm to Table
IEEE Transmitter interactive article on how The Internet of Things is helping in global food production. (27 Apr 18)

Securing The Robots
Robotics Tomorrow on the security of robots today. (27 Apr 18)

Facebook to vet UK political ads for May 2019 local elections
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook promising to make political advertising more transparent with a new “view ads” button & via authenticated accounts. Listen (26 Apr 18)

‘Holy Grail’ Exploit Puts Nintendo Switch Consoles at Risk
Tech News World on Fusée Gelée vulnerability which allows anyone to run code on Nintendo Switch’s chip by overloading a critical buffer when booting. (25 Apr 18)

Mobile fraud saw sharp rise in Q1
Enterprise Mobility Exchange on mobile app marketers exposed to 30% more fraud in the first quarter 2018 than previous year. (24 Apr 18)

IoT botnet actively exploiting Drupal CMS bug
SC Magazine on the Muhstik botnet that is using a severe flaw in the Drupal CMS to infect other systems. (24 Apr 18)

Khloe Kardashian’s newborn baby has her own Instagram account
BBC Radio Foyle about the merits of creating a social media account for a child such as Khloe Kardashian did on Instagram. Listen (19 Apr 18)

Prime suspect in ‘big bitcoin heist’ escapes Iceland prison and flees on plane with country’s prime minister
The Independent on the risk of losing cryptocurrencies with little recourse to recovery. (19 Apr 18)

School warns over Roblox and Fortnite online games
Highland Radio about concerns in schools that children may not know exactly with whom they are chatting to online.. Listen (18 Apr 18)

Wetherspoons tells followers that it is quitting social media
BBC Radio Foyle on pub chain Wetherspoon quitting social media due to concerns regarding the “misuse of personal data” and “the addictive nature of social media”. Listen (16 Apr 18)

Is the VR Universe in Ready Player One Possible?
Gizmodo on whether we could support a world wide Virtual Reality world as shown in the movie Ready Player One. (16 Apr 18)

IEEE Cybersecurity in a hyperconnected world part 1
IEEE Transmitter on cyber security aspects like email phishing and the role of machine learning in securing systems. Watch (12 Apr 18)

IEEE Cybersecurity in a hyperconnected world part 2
IEEE Transmitter on vital cybersecurity skills: Networking and Cryptography. Watch (12 Apr 18)

Amazon patents ‘voice-sniffing’ algorithms
BBC Radio Foyle on Amazon’s patent which describes algorithm that can listen to entire conversations, using “trigger words”, such as like and love, to build a profile of customers. Listen (12 Apr 18)

Can Blockchain secure the Internet of Things?
BDaily News on the potential of blockchain to be used to secure IoT devices. (12 Apr 18)

Mark Zuckerberg’s Congress Testimony day 1
BBC Radio Foyle News on Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before Congress in wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal. Listen (11 Apr 18)

Why AI Could Be Cybersecurity’s Next Big Thing
CXO Today on the need for more sophisticated techniques such as machine learning to discover lurking cyber intrusion techniques. (9 Apr 18)

Facebook scandal ‘hit 87 million users’
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook revealing that the data of 87 million users was improperly shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. Listen (5 Apr 18)

DUP MLA deletes Twitter account over retweet
BBC Newsline on DUP MLA apologising and deleting his Twitter account after retweeting a post describing London Mayor Sadiq Khan as the “enemy within”. Watch (4 Apr 18)

Biometrics: a security bane or boon?
Tahawul Tech on how Biometric security is emerging as the preferred way to safeguard data from threat actors. (3 Apr 18)

Under Armour Data Breach Exposes 150 Million MyFitnessPal Accounts
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on 150 million users of the MyFitnessPal app & website having data leaked in a breach. Listen (30 Mar 18)

MyFitnessPal app hit by data breach affecting 150 million users
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra on the MyFitnessPal data breach affecting some 150 million user accounts. Listen (30 Mar 18)

What the Internet of Things (IoT) means for data security
ITPro on how device manufacturers, in particular, are in a prime position to potentially abuse IoT-generated data. (28 Mar 18)

Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones
Radio Sputnik Moscow about users collecting their data from Facebook & discovering that Facebook had been logging call & SMS data for years. Listen (27 Mar 18)

Facebook users shocked to find it logs SMS texts and calls
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra on sers discovering that Facebook holds more data about them than they expected, including complete logs of incoming & outgoing calls & SMS messages. Listen (26 Mar 18)

Facebook & Cambridge Analytica Data Harvesting Scandal
Highland Radio on Facebook facing scrutiny from lawmakers after revelations that Cambridge Analytica hoovered up 50 million Facebook profiles. Listen (21 Mar 18)

How Can Blockchain Be Used to Aid Cybersecurity?
The Merkle on how blockchain might help offer greater assurances for the legitimacy of the data in IOT devices. (21 Mar 18)

Self-driving Uber kills pedestrian in first fatal crash
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on autonomous Uber car killing a woman in the street in Arizona in first fatal crash involving a self-driving vehicle and a pedestrian. Listen (20 Mar 18)

Autonomous Uber car involved in fatal US crash
BBC Radio Ulster “Good Morning Ulster” on self-driving car from ride-hailing company Uber involved in accident that leaves pedestrian dead. Listen (20 Mar 18)

Trump campaign data firm accused of harvesting Facebook data
BBC Radio Ulster Talkback on Facebook failing to inform users that Cambridge Analytica harvested their data illegally. Listen (19 Mar 18)

The role of technology in a frictionless border
UTV Live News on the role of technology in a frictionless border as a result of Brexit. Watch (16 Mar 18)

Taoiseach & Donald Trump, Brexit, HSE crisis
Highland Radio Nine till Noon Show on Taoiseach & Donald Trump, border issue arising from Brexit & HSE. Listen (16 Mar 18)

Cryptocurrency: just for tax avoidance & paying cyber-hold-ups anonymously?
SC Magazine on how blockchain technology could potentially allow billions of connected IoT devices to communicate in a secure yet decentralised ecosystem. (13 Mar 18)

Lithuania calls for European cyber team
Trouw (Netherlands) on Lithuania introducing ‘cyber-Schengen’ plan for a European team of cyber specialists that member states should support. (10 Mar 18)

Drone-tracking system paves way for UK deliveries from air
BBC Radio Foyle about automated UK drone-tracking which paves the way for commercial operators to fly unmanned aircraft regularly over longer distances than is currently possible. Listen (7 Mar 18)

Flippy the burger flipping robot
BBC Radio Foyle News on Flippy, the burger-flipping robot designed to operate in a commercial kitchen. Listen (6 Mar 18).

Many Attacks Which Russia Gets the Blame For Are Not From Russia
Sputnik International News where I state that state sponsored hackers often attempt to attribute attacks to other countries. (2 Mar 18).

Facebook: How to see the ‘Secret File’ the Social Network Is storing about You
Newsweek on the information Facebook retain about users and how to safeguard privacy. (1 Mar 18).

Lithuania calls for ‘cyber Schengen’ zone to battle Cyber warfare
Radio Sputnik on Lithuania leading an effort to form an EU rapid cyber defence to battle online crime & aggression which operate border-free. Listen (1 Mar 18).

Most Americans are scared of Driverless Cars
Newsweek on a poll that found “Most Americans are scared of Driverless Cars”. (28 Feb 18).

Phone scammers stealing from the vulnerable
BBC Radio Foyle News on dangers of disclosing bank account details in unsolicited phone calls. Listen (27 Feb 18).

Setting the “Gold Standard” in Blockchain
Journal of the British Blockchain Association inaugural edition editorial call for contributions. (25 Feb 18).

Open Source Powers Supercomputing
Communications of the ACM on why top 500 supercomputers in the world are running Linux & aspects that make it a good environment for supercomputers. (21 Feb 18).

The future of 5G Networks
Interview with Peter Zhou, Chief Marketing Officer, Huawei Wireless on the future of 5G networks. Watch (19 Feb 18).

IoT Smart Roads: Paving the way
Smart Industry on how future cars will become more integrated with national intelligent transport infrastructures. (17 Feb 18).

Why AI Could be Cybersecurity’s Next Big Thing
IEEE Transmitter on how more sophisticated techniques such as machine learning are needed to discover cyber intrusion techniques. (16 Feb 18).

Tech Corner – Bitcoin, Facebook & Falcon Heavy Launch
BBC Radio Foyle on decline in teenagers on Facebook, the lure of Iceland for Bitcoin mining & Elon Musk. Listen (13 Feb 18).

Here’s how blockchain could solve the post-Brexit Irish border question
The Telegraph on how a blockchain could potentially help cross border trade. (8 Feb 18).

Are You Getting “Bit-Conned”?
isBuzz News on risks of not securing your cryptocurrency. (8 Feb 18).

Former Google & Facebook Employees campaign against Tech Addiction
BBC Radio on former tech workers who launched a campaign to highlight potential harm of digital platforms on young people, alongside a call to regulate tech companies. Listen (7 Feb 18).

GandCrab blends old and new threat resources as ransomware evolves
SC magazine on GandCrab ransomware with a distribution method & currency choice that could be pointers to how 2018 ransomware evolves. (1 Feb 18).

Call to ban smartphone sales to young people
Highland Radio Nine til Noon show about an Irish politician’s bid to ban smartphone sale to young people. Listen (25 Jan 18).

A C-Suite Guide to Blockchain – Catch me if you can
IDG Connect on IoT devices & their limited role in Blockchain. (22 Jan 18).

European Commission set to spend €1bn on supercomputers
Alphr on the European Commission planning to pump €1 billion into boosting infrastructure behind Europe’s supercomputers over the next two years. (15 Jan 18).

How organised is organised crime?
Coin Talk on how cybercrime units possess roles that we typically come across in any large legitimate business. (7 Jan 18).

The quantum computing apocalypse is imminent
TechCrunch on the risks to cyber security in the quantum computing age. (5 Jan 18).

Major flaw found in millions of Intel chips
Highland Radio Nine til Noon show on the major flaw found in millions of computer chips – most notably Intel. Listen (4 Jan 18).

Your computer may run 30 per cent slower due to Intel chip bug
New Scientist on a new security flaw relating to Intel chips that will affect millions of computers (3 Jan 18).


How the Internet of Things is making Everyday Objects Smarter
Los Angeles Times on what the Internet of Things offers consumers (29 Dec 17).

Bitcoin: A digital currency for a digital age
IT Security Guru on the difficulties faced by the general public in dealing with Bitcoin (22 Dec 17).

The future of passports
BBC Radio 4 World at One about the role of electronic passports in the future. Listen (22 Dec 17).

Electronic e-cards at Christmas?
BBC Radio Foyle on the decline in Christmas cards & if electronic e-cards are a valid alternative. Listen (19 Dec 17).

How organised is organised cybercrime?
The Sunday Times on how cybercrime organisations now model real world organisational structures. (17 Dec 17).

Net Neutrality Dismantled
BBC Radio Foyle on US FCC dismantling net neutrality regulations that prohibited ISPs from blocking certain content. Listen (15 Dec 17).

EU Needs Larger Budget, Int’l Cooperation to Tackle Cybercrime
Sputnik on European Union unable to tackle cybersecurity attacks, which threaten individual member countries without a larger budget and wider cooperation (13 Dec 17).

Is Facebook “ripping society apart?
BBC Radio Foyle on former Facebook VP who expressed regret for his part in building tools that destroy ‘the social fabric of how society works’. Listen (13 Dec 17).

BBC Radio Ulster Talkback – Politicians abused on social media
BBC Radio Ulster Talkback about the abuse some politicians receive on social media sites. Listen (13 Dec 17).

North’s technology sector ‘must reinvent itself for next decade’
The Irish News on Northern Ireland needing to take advantage of fast-changing global knowledge economy presented by new technologies (12 Dec 17).

MoneyTaker hackers reportedly steal £7.5m from ATMs
BBC Technology News on Russian-speaking hackers who stole nearly £7.5m from companies in Russia, UK & US. (12 Dec 17).

Smartwatches – are they worth it?
BBC Radio Foyle on upsides & downsides to buying a smartwatch. Listen (6 Dec 17).

Twitter, where politicians can get themselves into trouble
BBC One “The View” on the dark side of Twitter. (1 Dec 17).

Quantum Key Distribution Gets a Speed Boost
TechNews World on a Quantum Key Distribution method to increase key transmission rates up to 10 times, bringing them into the megabit per second range. (1 Dec 17).

Lord Kilclooney ‘will not be bullied’ over Irish PM tweet
BBC News on need for more transparency from Twitter on how it polices content (30 Nov 17).

Quantum Key Distribution Gets a Speed Boost
Pakistan Online about quantum cryptography’s strength not dependent on mathematical complexity but on physical principles (30 Nov 17).

#CyberAware – An Interview with Professor Kevin Curran
PureVPN on the latest notorious cyber security attacks. (30 Nov 17).

Are Smartphones going to disappear?
Yahoo News interview on what could possibly replace smartphones. (24 Nov 17).

Windows, Mac and Linux all at risk from flaws in Excel file reader library
SC Magazine on multiple flaws in Libxls that could result in remote code execution using specially crafted XLS files. (21 Nov 17).

Highland Radio – What’s in the papers
Highland radio on homelessness, roadworks, Brexit & Irish world cup host bid failure. Listen (17 Nov 17).

Self-driving cars
The Day Explorer on whether self-driving cars are safer than human drivers. (16 Nov 17).

Will a robot take your job?
RTE Brainstorm on Robots and examples of them doing the work that humans previously performed. (11 Nov 17).

Google takes giant leap in self-driving cars
The Day on Google’s progress with self driving autonomous vehicles. (9 Nov 17).

Working on the Blockchain gang
RTE Brainstorm about how Blockchain can transform key aspects of society. (29 Oct 17).

Artificial intelligence and the future of relationships
Pulse on how AI researchers are continuously exploring ways to make robots & dolls have far more human-like feel and look. (28 Oct 17).

The future of government is digital
The Times – Raconteur special report on how future items may be included in a global blockchain during the manufacturing process. (26 Oct 17).

Study reveals in-person service essential in creating smart homes
Internet of Business about how IoT will transform the way consumers interact with the world around them. (25 Oct 17).

BBC Radio Foyle – Important gadgets of last 60 years
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast on the most important gadgets of the modern era. Listen (19 Oct 17).

Every Wi-Fi Network Is At Risk Of Hacking In ‘Krack’ Attack
Information Security Buzz on possible mitigation strategies for Krack. (19 Oct 17).

BBC Radio Ulster – Which Magazine 60th Anniversary
BBC Radio Ulster’s “Good Morning Ulster” show on which magazines 60th anniversary & best products Listen (19 Oct 17).

Wifi protocol falls victim to ‘Krack’ attack, most access points vulnerable
SC Magazine on KRACK WPA2 Wireless attack leaving many devices vulnerable. (17 Oct 17).

Highland Radio Ten to One Show – Musgrave Cyber Attack
Highland radio on cyber attacks and practicing safe computing Listen (12 Oct 17).

Dead Facebook users will soon outnumber the living
BBC Radio Foyle on what happens to Facebook accounts when you die. Listen (11 Oct 17).

Nvidia paves way for 24/7 autonomous deliveries with DHL partnership
The Inquirer on driverless car trials partnership between DHL and Nvidia. (10 Oct 17).

Digitally Secure
AgendaNI on security concerns faced by governments when deploying online services & suggested methods to combat them. (9 Oct 17).

Paedophile hunter groups operating in Northern Ireland
BBC Spotlight NI about Paedophile hunters in Northern Ireland. Watch (4 Oct 17).

Could blockchain unlock the potential in IoT?
Big Data IoT Forum on how existing blockchain-based IoT frameworks work to keep out unauthorised devices from the network. (27 Sep 17).

When Quantum Computers Come, They May Speak Microsoft
TechNewsWorld on the repercussions for public-key encryption when quantum computing becomes a reality. (27 Sep 17).

Germany votes for 50m euro social media fines
Radio Sputnik on social media companies in Germany facing fines of up to 50m euros if they fail to remove “obviously illegal” content in time. Listen (18 Sep 17).

For data security, do not rush to buy iPhone X
China Business Network News (Yicai Global) on biometric security in the wake of the launch of Face ID on iPhone X. (19 Sep 17).

OFCOM – Just over half of premises in rural parts of Northern Ireland have the best fast connections
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show on Rural Areas affected by poor broadband in Northern Ireland. Listen (18 Sep 17).

Apple confirms a way to stop cops and robbers abusing Face ID
Express Newsline on the possibility of 3D facial models fooling Apple’s Face ID (16 Sep 17).

How secure is Face ID?
MacWorld on possible weaknesses in Apple’s Face ID feature on the iPhone X. (14 Sep 17).

The hidden danger of cryptocurrency mining in the enterprise
SCMagazineUK on the hidden danger of cryptocurrency mining in the enterprise. (14 Sep 17).

HUAWEI CONNECT 2017 – Opinion Leaders Connect with Huawei
Huawei Connect 2017 discussing aspects which caught the attention. Watch (14 Sep 17).

Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X Launch
BBC Radio Foyle News at One about latest iPhone launch in Cupertino and what to expect. Listen (12 Sep 17).

Bantercast Podcast: The Future of Work
Bantercast on how groundbreaking developments in technology and AI will mean changes for workplaces in the years to come. Listen (8 Sep 17).

CBC News – Cutting Errors
CBC News (Toronto) on Microsoft’s conversational speech recognition reaching its lowest error rate. Watch (21 Aug 17).

UK data bill to bring more protection and bigger fines
Radio Sputnik on new data protection bill handing individuals increased powers over way their personal data are processed. Listen (8 Aug 17).

O2 Admits slowing down customers’ Internet speeds dramatically when roaming
BBC Radio Foyle on O2’s temporary measures in place to protect the service experience for roaming customers. Listen (28 Jul 17).

How Machine Learning is Helping Us Strengthen Home Security
Modern Wellness on robots at the forefront of innovation in home security. (24 Jul 17)

Electricity shake-up could save consumers ‘up to £40bn’
BBC Radio Foyle on implications of new rules making it easier for people to generate their own power with solar panels. Listen (24 Jul 17).

Quantum Computing Could Make Today’s Encryption Obsolete
Data Center Knowledge on a post quantum encryption world. (18 Jul 17)

BBC Radio Foyle – Net Neutrality
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast Show on the Net Neutrality “Day of Action”. Listen (12 Jul 17).

Snapchat, Robots & Venom, Donal Trump Violent Tweets & SwonSong
BBC Radio Foyle about Snap Map, leaving messages from beyond the grave, Donald Trump’s Violent Tweets & Robots extracting venom from Scorpions. Listen (4 Jul 17).

In aftermath of Petya, congressman asks NSA to stop the attack if it knows how
TechCrunch on some key differences in the Petya malware and the WannaCry ransomware. (29 Jun 17)

Six steps to follow for a company to avoid being a victim of Petya
CIO on the various payloads found in the Petya malware (27 June 17).

Highland Radio – Apple iPhone 10 year anniversary
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty Show on launch of the iPhone and general chit chat about smartphones. Listen (27 Jun 17).

BBC Radio Foyle – 10 year anniversary of the iPhone.
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast News on the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. Listen (27 June 17).

WindSpring brings data compression technology to IoT
IoT Agenda on data compression technology aiming to help ease the pressure on power. (26 June 17)

Snapchat Snap Map, Facebook and illegal downloads
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty Show about Snapchat’s Snap Map, Facebook and illegal downloads. Listen (23 Jun 17).

A Method For Verifying Integrity And Authenticating Digital Media
Forensic Focus on our A Method For Verifying Integrity And Authenticating Digital Media. (9 Jun 17)

Cybersecurity Making a new Space
Techphlie on the problems posed by ransomware such as Wannacry. (6 Jun 17)

Social media giants ‘shamefully far’ from tackling illegal content
BBC Radio Foyle on Home Affairs Select Committee stating that extreme content taking too long to be removed. Listen (1 May 17).

Amazon Echo Look Stylist, IoT Fridges with inbuilt WiFi cameras and Banning WiFi in Cafes
BBC Radio Foyle on the Echo Look for choosing outfits, fridges which can notify about expiry dates on food and WiFi free cafes. Listen (2 May 17).

‘A Day in a Connected Life’ Infographic From IEEE
The Institute on how big data and the Internet of Things might be used in gyms, stores, and homes. (3 May 17)

When a robot runs the company
ZDNet on the advances in artificial intelligences which could lead to the arrival of robotic CEOs. (8 May 17)

Inside Track – A look into aspects of Cyber Security
Network Computing on IoT, encryption back doors, steganography, security standards and biometrics. (8 May 17)

A new formula for IoT security is risk equals probability multiplied by loss
IoT Now on the differences in securing IoT devices as opposed to traditional networked devices. (11 May 17)

Digital gold: why hackers love Bitcoin
The Guardian on the early days of ransomware payments in the light of WannaCry. (15 May 17)

WannaCry ransomware cyber-attacks slow but fears remain
BBC Radio Foyle on the WannaCry ransomware Global Attacks. Listen (15 May 17).

Highland Radio – The problem of ransomware
Highland Radio on the global repercussions of the latest ransomware Attacks. Listen (15 May 17).

After WannaCry, will Google now fix permissions security flaw exploited by most Android ransomware?
V3 on the problem of fragmentation in the Android market leading to poorer security. (16 May 17)

Industry Reactions to WannaCry Ransomware Attacks
Security Week on money needing to be spent on cybersecurity and organizations needing to run modern patched operating systems. (16 May 17)

Ransomware, cybercrime and the future of health related wearables
SiriusXM Doctor Radio Show (New York, US) on cyber security and wearables in healthcare. Listen (17 May 17).

Security experts hit out at Google over refusal to patch Android security flaw exploited by ransomware
Computing on Google failing to take action on a security flaw behind three-quarters of the ransomware on the Android platform. (19 May 17)

US Investigation into terrorists using virtual currencies to fund their operations
Radio Sputnik World Service (Moscow) on US dept of Homeland Security conducting a threat assessment for terrorists using virtual currencies to fund their operations. Listen (22 May 17).

Facebook Internal Rules Book Leak
BBC Radio News at One on internal documents outlining Facebook’s in-house policy for handling content containing sex, threats & violence which was leaked to the Guardian. Listen (22 May 17).

Intimacy and Robots
KISS 1065 (Australia) – The ThinkerGirls show on future relationships with fembots. Listen (22 May 17).

No Evidence: US Pushes for Investigation Into Terrorist Use of Virtual Currency
South Africa Today on whether terrorists use virtual currencies, or receive funding with them. (22 May 17)

Sex Dolls Are The New Companion
KIIS 1065 (Australia) – The ThinkerGirls show on future relationships with fembots. Listen (23 May 17)

Interview with Kevin Curran on Recent Ransomware Attack
Digital Conquer on flaws that helped the spread of Wannacry and how IT admins and PC users can protect from such harmful ransomware. (23 May 17)

For more advanced computing, technology needs to make a quantum leap
CIO Dive on cryptographers creating new algorithms to prepare for a time when quantum computing could pose a threat. (30 May 17)

Why hackers demand Bitcoin ransoms?
Tin Tuc on the use of cryptocurrencies by criminals. (30 May 17)

Industry Reactions to WannaCry Ransomware Attacks
Opsfolio on Wannacry damage and lessons learnt. (29 May 17)

A new formula for IoT security is risk equals probability multiplied by loss
IoT Now on IoT security being different because connected devices are primarily embedded, dedicated computer systems and are therefore quite limited. (31 May 17)

10 Incredible Implications Of Quantum Technology
Listverse on the implications of Quantum Computing on Cyber Security (1 Apr 17)

Implementing DevOps: 5 obstacles to overcome
ZDNet on common obstacles to DevOps success and how to overcome them (3 Apr 17)

How to implement DevOps: 5 tips for doing it right
ZDNet on the importance of fostering an environment of experimentation in getting DevOps implemented correctly (3 Apr 17)

Movie industry forces Irish ISPs to take action against illegal streaming sites
Highland Radio on Irish internet service providers needing to block access to illegal streaming websites. Listen (4 Apr 17).

Mobile Technology of the Future | What Tomorrow Holds
Hang the bankers about issues with battery life on mobile phones (5 Apr 17)

Alibaba takes on China’s fake food scams with blockchain technology
Tech Wire Asia on the importance of decentralisation of Blockchain (6 Apr 17)

Why Cyber Criminals are Capitalizing on Digital Currencies
Technative interview on cryptocurrency use in dark web marketplaces (6 Apr 17)

Pragmatic approaches to combating cyber threats today
Agenda NI on best practice advice for prevention of computer fraud. (8 Apr 17)

Touch Screens May Be Ruining Toddlers’ Sleep
BBC Radio Foyle on possible disturbance to toddler’s sleep due to use of tablets. Listen (14 Apr 17).

Credit card with a fingerprint sensor revealed by Mastercard
BBC Radio Foyle on a payment card featuring a fingerprint sensor. Listen (20 Apr 17).

IEEE Mobile World Congress 2017 – Day 3
IEEE Tech Roundup on day 3 of Mobile World Congress 2017. Watch (1 Mar 17).

Barcelona: Many new smart phones
Euronews on 5G & the cloud at Mobile World Congress 2017 (1 Mar 17).

​Can blockchain disrupt the legal industry? Ulster University professor, instrumental in new Legal Innovation Centre, shares thoughts
Techwatch on Blockchain and its implications for the legal profession (8 Mar 17).

That Encrypted Chat App the White House Liked? Full of Holes
Wired on the importance of actual code audits on important encryption products (9 Mar 17).

BBC Radio Ulster – Wikileaks CIA Vault 7
BBC Radio Ulster – Talkback show on the revelation from Vault 7 leak that the CIA used Samsung TVs as listening devices. Listen (9 Mar 17).

BBC Radio Foyle – Facebook Sexploitation Blackmail Scams
BBC Radio Foyle about a Derry man who revealed how blackmailers demanded £10,000 not to reveal an intimate video on Facebook. Listen (10 Mar 17).

Mobile World Congress Features Rescue Drones, Self-Driving Race Cars, and Mixed Reality
IEEE Institute magazine on a select pick of new products from the Mobile World Congress 2017 showroom floor. (15 Mar 17).

10 ways tech can cure big-city headaches
Raconteur on the importance of low latency on 5G networks for safer driving. (15 Mar 17).

IEEE considers management of connected devices the main security challenge
Convergecom on risks to organisations posed by ransomware. (16 Mar 17).

IEEE Cyber Security – Ransomware
IEEE Transmitter on ransomware attacks as part of their Cybersecurity Vulnerability Navigator Resource. Part 1 2 3 (21 Mar 17).

IEEE Cyber Security – Cross-Site Scripting
IEEE Transmitter on cross-site scripting attacks as part of their Cybersecurity Vulnerability Navigator Resource. Part 1 2 3 (21 Mar 17)

IEEE Cyber Security – Data Breaches
IEEE Transmitter on the problem of data breaches as part of their Cybersecurity Vulnerability Navigator Resource. Listen (21 Mar 17).

How the laptop ban could change the course of in-flight entertainment
The Telegraph on the international ban on laptops & iPads in cabins and its impact on the future of in-flight entertainment. (23 Mar 17).

How cryptocurrencies have aided cyber-criminals using ransomware
Vanilla+ on how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin facilitate the rise of Ransomware. (23 Mar 17)

Data Breaches, Compromised Credentials, and Ransomware are Among CIOs and CTOs Top Concerns
The Institute on cyber security threat worries for CIOs and CTOs (24 Mar 17)

Can blockchain disrupt the legal industry?
Silicon Republic on innovations in blockchain and how it could shake up the legal industry (31 Mar 17)

BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast News – Whatsapp’s new features
BBC Radio Foyle about Whatsapp’s new features to edit or delete messages. Listen (3 Feb 17).

The security theory and troubling practice behind the TSA’s PreCheck security lines
CIO on the expedited screening process offered by TSA PreChecks (6 Feb 17).

Technologies leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Artificial Intelligence Online on technology trends which will drive next evolution in manufacturing (13 Feb 17).

AI and Robotics Trends: Experts Predict
Datamation on future trends for AI in workplace, retail & security sectors (15 Feb 17).

Ulster University launches tech-oriented Legal Innovation Centre
Irish Legal News on our new Legal Innovation Centre with support from global firms Allen & Overy and Baker McKenzie (21 Feb 17).

IEEE Mobile World Congress 2017 – Day One
IEEE interview on interesting Technology on display at Mobile World Congress 2017. Watch (27 Feb 17).

Mobile World Congress : tous à l’assaut de Samsung
Euronews interview (French) on things to see at Mobile World Congress 2017. Watch (27 Feb 17).

RTE News on Mobile World Congress 2017 – Day One
RTE News on trends at Mobile World Congress 2017. Watch (27 Feb 17).

Faster Networks for Advancing Technology
HUTV on some Huawei X-Labs research into Drones, AR/VR, Connected Cars & Drones. Watch (28 Feb 17).

BBC Radio – Mobile World Congress update
BBC Radio Foyle about technology on display at Mobile World Congress 2017. Listen (28 Feb 17).

9 IoT global trends for 2017
Tech Republic on where the Internet of Things is headed in 2017 (2 Jan 17).

AI and Chatbots: Where we are and Where we’re headed
Inside Big Data on potential use cases for chatbots (5 Jan 17).

MEPs vote on robots’ legal status
BBC Radio Foyle News on MEPs calling for the adoption of rules for how humans will interact with artificial intelligence and robots. Listen (12 Jan 17).

Chair in Cyber Security
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show – Interview on my appointment to a chair in Cyber Security. Listen (13 Jan 17).

The e-vote, the pending challenge of cybersecurity
ABC Spain on the challenges of security voting (16 Jan 17).

Why drones are not just for Christmas
IDG Connect on the future of commercial drones (26 Jan 17).

Quantum Computers Versus Hackers, Round One. Fight!
Wired on where Quantum computing will be applied in the future (27 Jan 17).

BBC Radio Ulster – Phishing attacks and password managers
BBC Radio Ulster “On Your Behalf” Consumer show about Cyber Security. Listen (28 Jan 17). Short clip on the The Perfect Password?.


UK’s critical infrastructure could be taken out by hackers, warns expert
Computing News on the likilhood of hacking attacks on UK ICS/SCADA systems (6 Jan 16).

Twitter to increase Tweet character limit
Highland Radio interview about Twitter considering 10,000 character limit for Tweets. Listen (7 Jan 16).

RTE Player geoblocking restrictions in Northern Ireland
BBC Radio Foyle on IP address geoblocking which led to N. Ireland residents prevented from RTE Player content. Listen (11 Jan 16).

Google readies for VR battle against Occulus & Facebook with new Virtual Reality division
Computer Business Review on the revelation that Google is to form a Virtual Reality Division (13 Jan 16).

What Are The Greatest Challenges Facing Retailers In 2016?
Retail TouchPoints on the mobile payments market in 2016 & implications for retailers. Read
(14 Jan 16).

Power plants, factories, critical infrastructures at risk of hacking, DHS cyber expert says
Washington Times quotes me on the need to patch mission-critical systems (14 Jan 16).

Panasonic bets on EV, backs Tesla Gigafactory to take electric cars mainstream
Computer Business Review on the need for standarised charging stations in future intelligent transport infrastructures (18 Jan 16).

How Could the Physical-Security Industry Deploy Wearable Tech?
IFSEC Global how technology might be deployed by security guards and security services in the coming years (19 Jan 16).

Public bin wearables as they move onto drones and 3D printers
ChannelBixz on what will become “redundant” in 2016, according to an annual survey of consumers conducted for industry organisation IEEE (20 Jan 16).

Online sex scam: PSNI warning after NI men are blackmailed
UTV Live News at Six on people in Northern Ireland who have been blackmailed online over sexual images Watch (20 Jan 16).

Smartphone to kill single-purpose devices in 2016
Smartchimps on the smartphone removing the market for single function devices like cameras and ebooks (21 Jan 16).

Online Voting can be secured and should be an option in the 2020 UK General Election
WebRoots Democracy on the security challenges facing the implementation of online voting (26 Jan 16).

Has Apple’s driverless cars hit a road block? Project Titan stalls as Steve Zadeasky departs
Computer Business Review on the future of Apple in the automotive world (27 Jan 16).

Drones, AI & VR: How Google is shaping up to be the one to beat in IoT
Computer Business Review on the potential of deeper investment by Google in Virtual Reality (28 Jan 16).

Why the Cloud Has a Security Problem
Huffington Post on the prevalence of on-going hacking attacks in the Cloud (29 Jan 16).

Secrets from the dark side of the Web
Excellence Expected podcast on some issues to be aware of when it comes to remaining safe online Listen (1 Feb 16).

PSNI and Ulster University launch online safety course
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on best practice in remaining safe online. Listen (2 Feb 16).

Privacy, liability & patents: 4 major IoT legal challenges every CIO is facing
Computer Business Review on potential issues surrounding privacy with the Internet of Things (2 Feb 16).

Driverless, automated & connected: How the Government is planning a revival of the UKs motor industry
Computer Business Review on plans to make the UK more open to driverless cars (3 Feb 16).

Dell’s cloud BIOS security checks your PC is malware free as it boots
ZDNet on a new BIOS verification mechanism being rolled out on a range of Dell laptops (5 Feb 16).

DataCentred OpenStack public cloud to support HMRC digital tax platform
Computer Business Review on DataCentred been awarded a contract to provide its OpenStack public cloud to support HMRC’s multi-channel digital tax platform (9 Feb 16).

Internet monitoring bill ‘must do more to protect privacy’
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on draft investigatory powers bill which forces ISPs to retain customers surfing records for 12 months. Listen (9 Feb 16).

Wave and enter: The wearable tech set to kill the password and PIN for good
Wareable on the integration of biometrics into wearables for authentication (11 Feb 16).

Would you MARRY a robot? Artificial intelligence will allow people to find lasting love with machines, expert claims
Daily Mail on humans forming close relationships with robots (12 Feb 16).

Internet of Things, virtual reality, phones and more: What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2016
ZDNet on themes such as VR, IoT, 5G expected at Mobile World Congress 2016 (12 Feb 16).

Google seeks driverless talent as Google X jobs advertised
Computer Business Revieww on Google expanding its driverless car team (12 Feb 16).

Avtomobili bodo samovozeči prej, kot si mislimo!
Planet (Solvenia) on thoughts about smartphones, VR & driverless cars (15 Feb 16).

MWC 2016 Preview: What Will Dazzle and Disappoint in Barcelona?
Mobile Advertising Watch on trends likely to be on display in Barcelona (16 Feb 16).

Emoticons in texts can rack up huge bills
BBC Radio Foyle on people being charged higher rates when emoticons cause text messages to be converted into MMS messages. Listen (17 Feb 16).

The Internet Of Things Could Be A Back Door For Ad Fraud
Ad Exchanger on IoT-based fraud being a future-facing scenario (19 Feb 16).

Apple feud with FBI over iPhone order heats up
LBC radio on battle between Apple & the FBI over their request to unlock a specific Apple device. Listen (20 Feb 16).

Carmakers Cozy Up to Tech Buyers in Barcelona
Bloomberg Business on the race to dominate the connected vehicle market (21 Feb 16).

When will our smartphones be smarter than us
Tech Talks Central roundtables podcast hosted by Vicki Kolovou on multi-aspects of AI. Listen (23 Feb 16).

El Mobile World Congress escenifica la guerra total por la realidad virtual
Republica (Spain) on Virtual Reality products at Mobile World Congress (23 Feb 16).

The last visorless generation: virtual reality at the MWC
Deutsche Welle (Germany) on potential applications of Virtual Reality (24 Feb 16).

VR on surface of mars
CNBC (USA) on the potential of immersive shared virtual reality in the future. Watch (24 Feb 16).

Mobile World Congress 2016 – Day Two Mobile Tech with IEEE
IEEE Tech roundup of cool products on day 2 of MWC 2016. Watch (24 Feb 16).

Virtual Reality has already changed the world of technology
Correio do Brasil on future market sectors for Virtual Reality (25 Feb 16).

Virtual Reality is becoming consumer electronics
Yicai (China) on highlights and trends coming out of this year’s MWC (25 Feb 16).

Virtual Reality Takes Center Stage at MWC 2016
CRI (China) on the ubiquity of Virtual Reality (26 Feb 16).

Phone makers turn to wearable devices
Financial Times on the move by smartphone manufacturers to push wearables. Watch (26 Feb 16).

Mobile World Congress 2016 – Day Four Mobile Tech with IEEE
IEEE Tech roundup of innovative products on day 4 of MWC 2016. Watch (26 Feb 16).

The mobile industry flirts with virtual reality
Los Tiempos on the Mobile Industry’s love for Virtual Reality (28 Feb 16).

Virtual insanity: Is 2016 the year users go big on VR?
Computer Weekly on how Virtual Reality may be perceived in the future (2 Mar 16).

Amazon Dash and Internet of Things: eCommerce Revolution?
ChargeBackTech on new pathways for fraud opening as more devices connect to the IoT (3 Mar 16).

The age of VR has come: VR is expected to replace smartphones
C114 (China) on key issues in the development of VR/AR technology (3 Mar 16).

In the Future, Humans Will Form Romantic Relationships With Robots
The Institute on future possible relationships with robots (4 Mar 16).

Google Deepmind and GO champion challenge
Skynews Digital View on Deep Learning algorithm taking on the worlds #1 GO player Watch (6 Mar 16).

The future of mobile will get faster and faster
The New Economy on the impact of AI, 5G, VR and other technologies in the future. Watch (7 Mar 16).

How connected car technology, including Nissan, Nvidia, is transforming the auto industry with car to car communication, neural networks and AI
Computer Business review on Car to Car Communications. (8 Mar 16).

AlphaGo vs. Lee Sedol: What do computer experts have to say?I
Guokr (China) on AlphaGo’s performance and the development of AI (8 Mar 16).

Security, safety, privacy: $140bn global connected vehicle industry faces UK backlash over concerns about future car technology
Computer Business review on concerns over security on connected cars (9 Mar 16).

Security risk or business opportunity? What smartphone microphones can do for your business
Computer Business review on how smartphone microphones are changing the game for business in security, customer services and employee processes (10 Mar 16).

What are possible applications for machine learning in the future
Yicai (China) on possible applications in the real world for the deep learning exhibited by Google’s AlphaGo (10 Mar 16).

We Have 5 Years Until The Virtual Reality Revolution
ARC on the forthcoming Virtual Reality revolution in technology (11 Mar 16).

The wireless technology competing for WiFi’s crown
IT Pro Portal on the differing wireless technologies and the arrival of LiFi (14 Mar 16).

MWC not an auto show, but gaining importance
GPS World on changes in future car ownership due to ride sharing schemes (14 Mar 16).

Nearly €3 million worth of phones stolen in last 14 months
Highland Radio on what to do when your mobile phone is stolen Listen (15 Mar 16).

Not just new products, but also a prolonged and active support – Interview with Kevin Curran from IEEE
Guru advisor on 5G, privacy laws and ransomware (16 Mar 16).

Location technologies prominently featured at MWC
GPS World on every device connected to a network being a potential source of weakness in a targeted hacking attack (18 Mar 16).

CW@50: From Captain Kirk to 5G – 50 years of mobile
Computer Weekly on 50 years of British innovation and development in mobile networking (22 Mar 16).

How your phone will soon control your entire house
Tech Radar on potential downsides to security robots in the home (3 April 16).

Addressing risk in the application of biometric technologies
The Stack on the emergence of biometrics in security (4 April 16).

Biometric Authentication: Making mobile devices and apps safer
Betanews on biometric technologies for user authentication (4 April 16).

Would touching a robot turn YOU on? People become aroused when asked to ‘grope intimate parts’ of machines, study finds
Daily Mail on a Stanford University study which examined intimacy and Robots (5 April 16).

Microsoft vs Google: Can Bing Mobile make headway in smartphone advertising?
Computer Business Review on the struggle Microsoft face in Mobile Search against Googles dominance (7 April 16).

The role of biometric authentication techniques in security
IT Pro Portal on the potential of biometric mechanisms to supersede the traditional password (7 April 16).

Sensors, WiFi & on-board computing: 5 technologies making today’s driverless cars possible
Computer Business Review on technologies making driverless vehicles a reality (7 April 16).

Huawei launch reactions: Will Huawei’s ‘full scale assault’ be enough?
IDG Connect on the likelihood of Huawei’s P9 smartphone making waves in the market (7 April 16).

Banks begin blockchain payment integration
Euromoney on the announcement that Barclays is was working with Circle to facilitate payments on the blockchain (14 April 16).

How the rise of everything-as-a-service will drive IoT pay-as-you-go economy
Computer Business Review on IoT allied with data streams enabling suppliers to gain insights into business like never before (15 April 16).

Man accidentally ‘deletes his entire company’ with one line of bad code
talkRADIO (London) on systems admin who apparently deleted his entire business Listen (15 April 16).

We asked an expert which jobs the robots are going to take first
The Tab on what the rise of the machines might mean for some careers (17 April 16).

Cellphone addiction phobias increasing
BBC Radio Foyle about NoMoPhobia which is term coined for people who fear being without mobile coverage Listen (18 April 16).

How The Internet Of Things Will Evolve Just Like The Internet
Connected World on how standards and best practice in the IoT should evolve from maturing markets (19 April 16).

How your phone will soon control your entire house
SUNMAG on the downsides of certain aspects of security robots (22 April 16).

The smartphone of the future: What mobile marvels will we enjoy by 2020?
V3 on battery technology and features likely in future smartphones (27 April 16).

The impact of robots on future jobs
BBC Radio Berkshire about the possible impact of robots on jobs in the future Listen (27 April 16).

Australian Craig Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator
talkRADIO (London) on the apparent unveiling of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto Listen (2 May 16).

Revolutionary Wonder Material: Graphene
Interesting Engineering on the properties of Graphene (3 May 16).

Volvo to test self-driving cars on London’s roads next year
BBC Radio Wiltshire on the forthcoming driverless car trials in the UK Listen (5 May 16).

Star Wars Day: How close are we to developing the technology from the movies?
Descrier on an interesting study into human-robotic relationships (5 May 16).

An algorithm that makes music on the fly
Robotics & Automation News on self-similarity research we did some time ago (5 May 16).

Revealed: the iPhone of 2020
TechRadar on some promising technologies for future smartphones (25 May 16).

Descent of the machines: Volvo’s robot mining trucks get rolling
The Guardian on driverless lorries designed to work specifically in underground tunnels (26 May 16).

Driverless Lorries to be trialled in the UK
BBC Radio Ulster on the forthcoming UK driverless lorry trials Listen (30 May 16).

Will mobile VR experiences fizzle or take off in China? on future developments in the VR/mobile marketplace (31 May 16).

Mechanised deliveries: A future reality, not just a publicity stunt
ITProPortal on the quiet revolution taking place in drone delivery systems (31 May 16).

Seagate ‘feels effect of changing consumer trends’
ITV News on the reasons leading to job losses at the local Seagate facility Watch (31 May 16).

High Street Stores closing as a result of rise in Internet Retail
LBC Radio Morning News on the closure of high street stores due in part to rise in online shopping Listen (3 June 16).

Our Future with Drones
The Droneologist on likely drone technology scenarios in the future (4 June 16).

Language Readiness: Only 46% of language learners who received language training in school feel prepared to use it at work
Personnel Today where I discuss the future of training in technology where pupils can be engaged in an age appropriate manner (8 June 16).

Will mobile VR experiences fizzle or take off in China?
The Telegraph on future developments in the mobile VR market (9 June 16).

What Jobs Will Humans Have in the Future?
The Institute on likely jobs that humans will have in the future (15 June 16).

What happens when the robots take over?
ShortList on the future roles for robotics in the future (22 June 16).

Study indicates 34 percent rise in IoT app development
Internet of Business on a study which highlights a surge in IoT app development (23 June 16).

Would you become a robophile? Sex with ROBOTS could replace intimate human relationships within 30 years
Daily Mail on the possible complexity of future robot-human relationships (30 June 16).

The Peggy Smedley Show – Best security practice while online
The Peggy Smedley Show on San Diego’s about best practice in staying safe online Listen (7 July 16).

Pokemon GO takes over the world
Highland Radio on the success of the Pokemon GO game Listen (13 July 16).

What will be the next biggest technology to disrupt business?
IDG Connect on future 5G networks ending face to face meetings (19 July 16).

How Do You Avoid Paying a Ransom? Take Steps to Protect the Data before the Ransomware Attack Happens
Veracode on solid steps to mitigate against a Ransomware attack (19 July 16).

Are You Ready To Get A Driverless Taxi?
Innovation Enterprise on human factors in accidents as opposed to driverless vehicles (20 July 16).

The future of in-flight entertainment
Techradar on the cloud driven approach used in modern In-flight Entertainment Systems (25 July 16).

AI could rescue failing cyber security sector
Raconteur on the Hybrid techniques used in many AI-driven cyber security approaches (26 July 16).

Could a computer algorithm be put on trial?
Techradar on whether we could hold algorithms and artificial intelligence accountable for their actions (4 Aug 16).

The need for lifelong learning to boost online security
ITProPortal on the need to constantly update security practices in an evolving landscape of new vulnerabilities (4 Aug 16).

Nasa offers $1m in humanoid Mars robot competition
BBC Technology News on Nasa’s bipedal humanoid robot designed to complete tasks in planetary surfaces (18 Aug 16).

MIT and Microsoft Research made a ‘smart’ tattoo that remotely controls your phone
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on a smart tattoo that allows input, output or sharing data using NFC. Listen (22 Aug 16).

Experts challenge Skyhigh’s patent for cloud-based encryption gateway
CSO on a patent for using a hosted gateway to encrypt and decrypt data moving between users and cloud services (25 Aug 16).

Samsung recalls Note 7 flagship over explosive batteries
BBC Radio Foyle on the recall of Samsung Note 7 phones after reports of phones in flames when charging Listen (2 Sep 16).

Why the Lightning port beats Bluetooth for sound quality
Techradar on benefits of using Apple’s Lightning connector for audio (5 Sep 16).

How blockchain is eliminating online fraud
Raconteur on the potential to eliminate common frauds perpetrated online and help secure financial services from cyber hackers (7 Sep 16).

The Future for Driverless Cars
BBC Radio Ulster Good Morning Ulster Show on driverless cars Listen (7 Sep 16).

My Favourite Tipples from a technology futurist
Jinfo on my various personal resources I use each week (7 Sep 16).

How blockchain is eliminating online fraud
Curated Magazine on how blockchain could eliminate common frauds perpetrated online and help secure financial services (12 Sep 16).

Austrian teenager sues parents for posting embarrassing childhood pictures on Facebook
BBC Radio Foyle on Austrian Teen who is suing parents over Facebook photos she wants taken down. Listen (15 Sep 16).

IoT Standards will Mature with Emerging Markets
Open Stand on standards and consumer protections which will evolve with the Internet of Things (15 Sep 16).

BBC Radio on CultureTECH Festival being cancelled
BBC Radio Foyle on the local CultureTECH festival not going ahead in 2016. Listen (23 Sep 16).

Biggest hack in history leaves 500 million Yahoo users at risk of phishing scams and blackmail
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty Show about the Yahoo ‘state’ hackers who stole data from 500 million users. Listen (23 Sep 16).

Data stolen from 500m Yahoo accounts in security breach
BBC Radio Foyle on the revelation that 500 million Yahoo accounts were stolen in 2014. Listen (23 Sep 16).

Huawei Ultra-Broadband Forum 2016 Summary
YouTube recap of UBB2020 in Frankfurt, Germany. Watch (28 Sep 16).

Why Employee Behavior Is Your No. 1 Cyber Defense
Citizens Bank on using behavior to fight phishing attacks (3 Oct 16).

The eight technologies every entrepreneur should know about
The Guardian on eight key tech areas that all businesses should pay attention to (11 Oct 16).

Public trial for driverless cars beginning in Milton Keynes
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on latest driverless car trials in Milton Keynes. Listen (11 Oct 16).

Keeping your Data Safe in the Age of Breaches and Ransomware
IEEE transmitter on some simple principles of safe computing (19 Oct 16).

Amid major internet outages, downed websites have lessons to learn
ZDNet on possible DDOS prevention mechanisms in the wake of the massive attack on Dyn. (21 Oct 16).

DDoS Attack on DNS; Major sites including GitHub PSN, Twitter Suffering Outage
Hackread on what actually happens in a DDOS attack (21 Oct 16).

Technology news review – AI, machine learning, paperless receipts and legal tech
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson show on some of the breaking stories in technology this week. Listen (25 Oct 16).

Your smart home could help “bring the internet to its knees,” expert says
Tech.mic on the damage that poorly secured Internet of Things devices can cause to the internet (26 Oct 16).

The advent of Drone Technology: What are the legal considerations?
Lawyer Monthly on rules surrounding privacy, airspace, and property with regards Drones (28 Oct 16).

Facebook blocks Admiral’s car insurance discount plan
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook blocking plans by an insurer to view young drivers’ profiles to help set car insurance premiums. Listen (2 Nov 16).

How secure are home robots?
CSO on security vulnerabilities in home robots (4 Nov 16).

US Election & Social Media, Drone security & VR
BBC Radio Foyle on US Elections/social media, home security drones which are launched when intruders detected and more Listen (7 Nov 16).

Robots present a cyber risk
CIO on the security of robots lying with many in organizations (9 Nov 16).

The new age of quantum computing
HelpNet Security on the role of Quantum Computing in the future (17 Nov 16).

Social Media Fake News Stories
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast News on the rise of fake news stories and the difficulties in policing them Listen (17 Nov 16).

Netflix versus Amazon Video
BBC Radio Foyle on the rise of Netflix & Amazon Video Listen (21 Nov 16).

Quantum physics paving the way for a hack-proof internet
TechInAsia on the promises of Quantum Computing (25 Nov 16).

Artificial intelligence is now Intel’s major focus
Francais Express on how AI will help to shape the way we will work, revolutionising our manufacturing processes at a rapid pace (26 Nov 16).

Ubiquitous Computing – Smart Mirrors
Huawei Ultra Broadband Forum interview about a smart mirror on display Watch (29 Nov 16).

Optical cross connections
Huawei Ultra Broadband Forum interview with James Wang on optical cross connections to reduce latency to nanoseconds. Watch (29 Nov 16).

Future technology | 2020 – 2050
suzguru reusing comments I made earlier about 3D printing (30 Nov 16).

How virtual reality can have an impact on manufacturing
VR Tech on how manufacturers can utilise VR in testing before building real-world models (9 Dec 16).

Experts split on how soon quantum computing is coming, but say we should start preparing now
CSO on whether quantum computing promises to make current encryption methods obsolete (22 Dec 16).

How Quantum Computing Will Change Cybersecurity
iTechPost on the risk posed to traditional public key algorithms from quantum computing (28 Dec 16).

Future thinking: will artificial intelligence overtake humans?
The Guardian “Chips with everything” tech podcast along with Prof Kevin Warwick on whether AI machines may surpass the human race. Listen (30 Dec 16).


Hands-Free Driving
Focus Science Magazine on aspects of the latest generation of autonomous vehicles in the UK (12 Jan 15).

The Big Book Of Things Technologists Say
CIO Today UK “The Big Book Of Things Technologists Say” on wearables on page 209 (16 Jan 15).

Revealed: How criminals can easily ‘suck information’ out of smartphones using public Wi-Fi networks
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast interview on hackers switching a public establishment’s legitimate Wi-Fi with a fake Wi-Fi AP without them knowing. Listen (22 Jan 15).

“123456” Maintains the Top Spot on SplashData’s Annual “Worst Passwords” List
Highland Radio about the latest SplashData list of the 25 most common passwords found on the Internet thus making them the “Worst Passwords”. Listen (22 Jan 15).

How to improve your online security? Change your passwords no
Guardian Newspaper on staying safe online. (24 Jan 15).

EXCLUSIVE: UK at risk from ‘easy’ hacking attacks as form of ‘modern-day street protest’
Daily Express article which claims that DDOS attacks are “so easy” it means websites are increasingly at risk of being brought down as a “modern-day street protest”. (24 Jan 15).

Windows 10 support on the Raspberry Pi 2 could shape the future of IoT
The Inquirer contribution on how Windows 10 support should be a good move for the Raspberry Pi community. (6 Feb 15).

What makes an online post go viral
BBC Radio Foyle interview by Mark Patterson on the possible elements which are behind stories which become widely shared on social media Listen (11 Feb 15).

Here Comes 5G
EE Times Europe contribution on the forthcoming 5G mobile network standard. (26 Feb 15).

Hi-Tech Digital Clusters
BBC Radio Foyle interview on the potential of Hi-Tech digital clusters to boost the local economy. Listen (27 Feb 15).

To utilize IoT, enterprises need to overcome these obstacles
Fierce Mobile IT interview on enterprises needing to address security issues posed by IoT. (27 Feb 15).

Phone firms look beyond the handset at top mobile fair
Arab News article on my saying that the wearable market is really going to expand because the smartphone market has reached a saturation point in developed markets. (28 Feb 15).

Wrist action: Apple, LG, Huawei bet on ‘year of smartwatch’
Economic Times article where I say Tech companies will start to focus more on design and making devices that are more discreet in the wearable space (1 Mar 15).

IEEE MWC Day 2 Video Update
Video update for IEEE on home wearable trends at MWC 2015. Watch (3 Mar 15).

Mobile World Congress 2015
BBC Radio Foyle interview on the technology on display at Mobile World Congress 2015. Listen (3 Mar 15).

Telecom firms racing to develop 5G networks
Arab News on “Telecom firms racing to develop 5G networks (3 Mar 15).

IEEE MWC Day 3 Video Update
IEEE Video update on home automation trends at MWC 2015. Watch (4 Mar 15).

Smartphones: les recharges sans fil espèrent décoller en 2015
Liberation Economie on wireless charging (5 Mar 15).

Mobile World Congress 2015: Evolution but no revolution
Computer Weekly on the saturated mobile phone market (5 Mar 15).

IEEE MWC Day 4 Video – Security
IEEE final day video from mobile world congress 2015 on security products on show. Watch (5 Mar 15).

Sick of cables? 2015 set to be ‘the year of the wireless charger
South China Morning Post on the arrival of wireless charging dual standard chips in flagship phones (6 Mar 15).

It’s only a matter of time before a drone kills someone, warns IEEE
The Inquirer “It’s only a matter of time before a drone kills someone (6 Mar 15).

Got a phone charger? No, just a wireless pad on a desk
Channel News Asia on the arrival of wireless charging to the smartphone market (6 Mar 15).

Health checks by smartphone raise privacy fears
The Hindu on the need to provide health records data security in the age of remote medical consultations (6 Mar 15).

The Foncast Podcast from Mobile World Congress 2015
Foncast interview by Mark Bridge who chats to me, James Rosewell of 51Degrees and Chris Millington of Doro about MWC15. Listen (6 Mar 15).

2015: The Year of the Wireless Charger?
NDTV Gadgets interview on some trends in mobile phones in the year ahead (7 Mar 15).

Day one Apple Watch sales will exceed lifetime Android Wear numbers, analyst predicts
Trusted Reviews on the launch of the Apple Watch (10 Mar 15).

Why the standards debate is hampering the growth of the Internet of Things in the UK
ComputerWorld UK on the need for standardisation for the IoT to flourish (10 Mar 15).

All fingers and eyes: will biometrics kill off the traditional password?
TechRadar Pro on the rise of multifactor authentication and biometric security (11 Mar 15).

Five tech trends that will change the mobile world in the next 10 years
Computer Weekly on future technology trends (12 Mar 15).

Automated cars and AI: reasons why the tech industry must consider ethics
TechRadar on ethics & technology and automated systems (13 Mar 15).

Wrist action: phone firms bet on ‘year of smartwatch’
The Star on the change as companies focus more on design and making devices that are more discreet (13 Mar 15).

When will Singularity happen – and will it turn Earth into heaven or hell?
TechRadar on the relationship between Singularity and artificial intelligence (17 Mar 15).

The Apple Watch: Do Entrepreneurs love it or loathe it?
AcrossTheFader contribution to the Apple Watch debate (19 Mar 15).

The Virtues and Dangers of Social Media in Recruitment
BBC One NI TV about dangers of dumb social media posts in case employers may see them Watch (26 Mar 15).

EU announces plans to banish geo-blocking, modernize copyright law
Highland Radio about the EU plans to eradicate geo-blocking online. Listen (27 Mar 15).

Hot and not 2015
New Business on Consumer technology trends for 2015 (31 Mar 15).

BBC Radio Foyle Tech Corner
BBC Radio Foyle with Mark Patterson ‘Tech Corner’ on mobile coverage problems with trees along with interesting apps. Listen (31 Mar 15).

Wearables should be a health sector play
Microscope Magazine on wearables which use kinematic sensors, dermal sensors, and implantables playing a strong role in monitoring conditions long-term (2 Apr 15).

Future tech: mind-control & health
Compute Scotland about wearables in the future health technology market (11 Apr 15).

Musings & Forecasts From Barcelona
Connections+ Magazine on wearables and the focus on fitness (14 Apr 15).

Highland Radio
Highland Radio’s Shaun Doherty show about a Facebook group inundated with trolling posts. Listen (16 Apr 15).

Why basic smartphones will win in the race for ‘the next billion’ users
Techradar on trend towards cheap ‘light-weight’ versions of Android and iOS devices aimed at the third world (21 Apr 15).

BBC Radio Foyle YouTube 10th Anniversary
BBC Radio Foyle with Brian Kernohan about YouTube on its 10th anniversary. Listen (23 April 15).

General Election: Should e-voting be the norm?
V3 piece on the introduction of electronic voting in the future (24 Apr 15).

General Election 2015: The year pen and paper dies?
IT Pro article on the role technology can play in the future of voting (24 Apr 15).

Why can’t I vote online? Security concerns prevent UK adopting electronic voting for the General Election?
Daily Mirror on the likelihood of the introduction of electronic voting in future general elections. (28 Apr 15).

My beloved bug – the car
German NEOPresse article about intelligence services using technology in cars to spy on people. (29 Apr 15).

Windows 10 hits the Raspberry Pi 2 to shape the future of IoT
The Inquirer on the launch of Windows 10 for the Raspberry Pi 2 (1 May 15).

Security on the move
Piece about our paper in the International Journal of Information and Computer Security which surveyed security mechanisms and their shortcomings (6 May 15).

EU court rule that Skype cannot register as a trademark in UK
BBC Radio Foyle with Eve Blair on EU court ruling Skypes cloud-like logo cannot be registered as a trademark as it clashes with Sky TV trademark Listen (6 May 15).

Seven gadgets to make you fitter, stronger and better slept
My piece in the Spectator on wearables to make us fitter (7 May 15).

Making Everyday Objects Smarter
San Francisco Chronicle on “Making everyday objects smarter” (9 May 15).

Man behind Facebook page that named and shamed child sex offenders has a string of indecency convictions himself
Belfast Telegraph on there being nothing to stop anyone setting themselves up as an online vigilante on Facebook – no matter how shady their past. (12 May 15).

Why biometrics are perfect for the home
IT Pro on recent developments in iris-scanning which mean houses or offices can be unlocked simply by looking into a mobile phone (16 May 15).

Researcher admitted to hacking plane in-flight, causing it to “climb”
Highland Radio to discuss the security consultant who has been highlighting security flaws on commercial aircraft. Listen (19 May 15).

Ask The Experts: Wearables
IEEE Institute’s special report preview on wearables (19 May 15).

Wearables in the workplace? No thanks
The Inquirer on wearables. (22 May 15).

How can we stop big science hoovering up all the research funding?
The Guardian on the issue of science money being increasingly awarded to a small number of expensive projects (27 May 15).

10 exclusive experts’ tech-aways on smart cars
Computer Business Review on smart cars as the industry goes through a wave of partnerships (5 June 15).

Will Apple Pay and Android Pay kill cash and credit cards?
IT Pro on what will ultimately determine success of contactless payment market (5 June 15).

How graphene could revolutionise the tech industry
Tech Radar interview on some of the potential use cases for Graphene in the future (6 June 15).

IEEE Senior Member Kevin Curran Talks About Wearable Trends
IEEE Institute’s June special report preview on what is needed to make wearables more accurate, seamless, and better equipped to monitor vital signs (12 June 15).

Google’s A.I. is training itself to count calories in food photos
Highland Radio Morning Edition on Google project that uses deep learning to analyze a still photo of food, and estimate calories on the plate. Listen (13 June 15).

What’s your tech?
Output Magazine on how out-of-home transactions and mobile are shaping how the digital advertising space is adopting emerging technology (16 June 15).

How the Internet of Things Is Making Everyday Objects Smarter
Media Planet on how IoT will offer consumers the ability to interact with nearly every appliance and device they own (21 June 15).

UK’s Verify programme contains “severe privacy and security problems”
SC Magazine interview on UK governments Verify programme containing “severe privacy and security problems” (24 June 15).

What You Wanted to Know About Wearables
The Institute magazine on what is needed to make wearables more accurate, seamless and better for monitoring vital signs (30 June 15).

Facebook ordered to disclose posting of suicide images
BBC Radio Foyle interview on the responsibility of Facebook to monitor & remove underage activity on their site. Listen (1 July 15).

How can we protect our young people from harmful material online?
BBC Radio Ulster – Good Morning Show interview about the High Court lawsuit being taken against Facebook on behalf of a Northern Ireland schoolgirl who posted sexual photos. Listen (1 July 15).

289 jobs to be created by OneSource Virtual
BBC Radio Foyle contribution to announcement from US based Onesource Virtual on its arrival in the city bringing almost 300 IT jobs. Listen (3 July 15).

BBC Radio Foyle Morning Paper Review
BBC Radio Foyle Morning paper review on Breakfast show where we discuss Sunday Retail Opening Hours, Greece and Selfie stick dangers. Listen (7 July 15).

How far will we go to charge our phones?
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast Show on the importance placed upon keeping a mobile phone charged in modern life. Listen (9 July 15).

Apple Pay launches in the UK
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra on the news that Apple Pay is finally ready for roll out in the UK. Listen (14 July 15).

Is SnapChat-style digital decay on the rise – and should it be welcomed?
Tech Radar on the rise of ephemeral social networking and the move to ‘forget’ data (17 July 15).

Connected Cars for mobile payments
Tencent interview about Visa’s proof-of-concept connected car to test mobile and online purchases on the go. Watch (15 July 15).

Virtual Reality and Snowboarding
Tencent interview about Virtual Reality and its potential uses as shown at MWC 15 in Shanghai. Watch (16 July 15).

ICS TV – Mobile Payments
International Channel Shanghai (ICS) TV interview on mobile payments. Watch (16 July 15).

MWC 2015 Trends – IoT and Wearables
Tencent interview about technology trends on display at MWC 15 in Shanghai. Watch (17 July 15).

Should businesses upgrade to Windows 10?
Computer Weekly on the benefits of upgrading to Windows 10 Enterprise (20 July 15).

Coming Soon: Car Payment Platforms
CNTV (China) on the rise of mobile & contactless payments. Watch (17 July 15).

解读未来趋势 MWC.上海IEEE观察室专访
IT168 – 7月15日,主题为“移动无极限”的2015世界移动大会?上海正式拉开了帷幕。本次为期3天的展会,聚焦了互联汽车、可穿戴技术、移动支付和智慧城市等移动技术,是如何创新和改善人们的日常生活方方面面 (21 July 15).

BBC Radio Foyle Paper Review
BBC Radio Foyle Paper review on Breakfast show. Listen (21 July 15).

Drone pilots: ‘Follow the Dronecode or you’ll face five years in jail,’ warns CAA
The Inquirer on the potential risk of amateur drone pilots (22 July 15).

The popularity of mobile payment two difficulties: standardization and information security
People’s Post and Telecommunication (China) on problems to be overcome for mobile payments to become more mainstream (23 July 15).

Can multinationals trust the cloud with precious corporate data?
Techradar Pro on aspects to watch out for when using cloud services (25 July 15).

What is the ‘shadow’ Internet of Things – and how dangerous is it?
Techradar Pro on potential future vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things (31 July 15).

Could Apple & BMW soon be driving the same smart car?
Computer Business Review on connected cars and future security concerns (3 Aug 15).

Apple iOS versus Google Android
the Inquirer – Guest speaker on the debate as to which mobile platform is the best (3 Aug 15).

The future of driverless lorries?
hss on the technology that could make driverless trucks an everyday reality (4 Aug 15).

Wearables in the workplace? Not yet: IoT is just too complex
The Inquirer on Wearables in the Workplace (5 Aug 15).

You can now choose a Facebook ‘executor’ to control your profile if you die
Highland Radio on giving a loved one access to your Facebook account when you pass away Listen (6 Aug 15).

The State of Bitcoin
Bitbond on the virtual currency Bitcoin (6 Aug 15).

Driverless cars: challenges need to be overcome
Fleetnews on some issues that need to be addressed for autonomous cars to be a reality (7 Aug 15).

How can you protect against DDoS attacks? Renew your defences and monitor hacktivist forums”
Computing News on best practice in combating DDOS attacks (7 Aug 15).

Smart Buildings and Businesses Vulnerable to “Shadow IT”
Memoori on what security needs to look like in order to protect the growing numbers of user devices and data (7 Aug 15).

How to improve your online security? Change your passwords now on simple measures to protect accounts online (9 Aug 15).

Going beyond data scientists: What is machine teaching?
TechRadar on the process of democratising machine learning (11 Aug 15).

Robots that build ‘baby robots’
BBC Radio Foyle Lunchtime with Mark Patterson on an evolutionary robotics demo. Listen (12 Aug 15).

Jeep car hacking row continues as expert says security is ‘almost an afterthough’
Liverpool Echo on car makers rushing out features without the necessary security in place (12 Aug 15).

The role of Exoskeletons in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
Activision Call of Duty Advanced Warfare documentary interview on use of exoskeletons in their game. Watch (13 Aug 15).

Is Industry 4.0 safe – or will it prove to be a hacker’s delight?
TechRadar on what manufacturers of IoT devices need to do in order to take security seriously (14 Aug 15).

Expect To See More Neuro-Surgical Implantations of Wearable Devices Linking Our Nervous System…
ElectronicsForU intervew on the impact of wearables in today’s society (19 Aug 15).

Trend Spotting
The Profit Margin on trends for businesses to be aware of. Listen (28 Aug 15).

Contactless payments in the UK: Everything you need to know
IT Pro on the future of contactless payments in the UK and Worldwide (2 Sep 15).

Injected electronics: The next wave of wearable tech?
Techradar on implants being used to monitor activities and extend the current approach of wearables in health and wellbeing (5 Sep 15).

Ethiopia: The Internet of Things
AllAfrica on the IoT campaigning to run nearly every aspect of people’s digital lives (7 Sep 15).

Derry man gets four-year sentence for internet piracy
BBC Newsline on a local who was jailed for running an Internet piracy site which hosted pirated movie content from his bedroom. Watch (8 Sep 15).

U2 to play homecoming gigs in Belfast and Dublin
BBC Good Morning Ulster where I defend U2 and Bono in the wake of concerts announcement. Listen (9 Sep 15).

Robots in the workplace will increase and may one day raise human-android families
IT Channel Expert on robots in the workplace and what the future holds for humanoids (11 Sep 15).

Could device-to-device be the next big thing?
Techradar about LTE Direct and its implications for device to device communication (12 Sep 15).

Intelligent machines: Call for a ban on robots designed as sex toys
BBC Technology news on the ethical implications of robot companions in the future (15 Sep 15).

‘Dislike’ Button coming to Facebook
Highland Radio about Facebook’s responding to the desire for a “dislike” button on the site. Listen (16 Sep 15).

Humans vs robots: Driverless cars are safer than human driven vehicles
The Inquirer interview on driverless vehicles as the UK’S first driverless “pod” vehicle trials hit Milton Keynes (23 Sep 15).

Driverless cars: let’s have faith in technology
National Centre for Universities and Businesses interview on the market forces behind driverless cars (24 Sep 15).

Should corporations be wary of trusting the cloud with precious data?
Technet on the core security issues that cloud customers should be aware of when placing their data online (25 Sep 15).

Will driverless cars make the roads a safer place?
IT Pro on New technologies, like CMOS radar-on-a-chip and all-weather LIDAR leading to more intelligent and safer vehicles (25 Sep 15).

‘Liking’ on Facebook is about to get interesting with new ‘reactions’ emoticons
Highland Radio about Facebook’s roll out of emojis dubbed Reactions to replace Like button. Listen (9 Oct 15).

Celebration of 150 years of teaching and learning at Magee
BBC Radio Foyle on the upcoming open days on campus. Listen (12 Oct 15).

Why are hackers increasingly targeting cloud?
Computing News on whether data stored in the cloud is more or less secure that that maintained behind the firewalls of the organisation (15 Oct 15).

TalkTalk cyber-attack: Website hit by ‘significant’ breach
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast Show on the sustained cyber-attack on the Talk Talk site. Listen (23 Oct 15).

To Connect or Not to Connect? Federal Regulators Disagree Over New Car Tech
The Detroit Bureau on the opportunities new car technology will give to hackers unless new means of protection are developed (23 Oct 15).

Motorists not ready to trust driverless cars with their kids yet
Automotive Management on consumer worries about driverless cars (26 Oct 15).

Northern Ireland Teenager arrested for the Talk Talk Hack
Q102 FM news on the Talk Talk web site hacking incident & security advice (26 Oct 15).

Six ways to keep your mobile phone charged
The Telegraph on ways to keep your mobile phone charged (27 Oct 15).

How robots will coexist with humans
Gadgette on the future co-existence of robots and humans (28 Oct 15).

Six ways to keep your mobile phone charged
The Telegraph on ways to ensure you take care of a mobile devices’s battery (30 Oct 15).

IEEE Drives Enterprise and Innovation at Web Summit
IEEE announcing my hosting an afternoon at Web Summit Machine stage with the founders of Pebble, Tom Tom Navigator, Thalmic labs, Orion Labs and more who discuss the future of wearables (1 Nov 15).

Dublin Web Summit 2015 Day 1 review
IEEE interview of my selection of some interesting products from day 1 of Web Summit Watch (3 Nov 15).

Snooper’s Charter calls on communications firms to store clients’ phone and Internet data for a year
BBC Good Morning Ulster on the snooper’s charter legislation for the bulk collection and storage for 12 months of everyone’s personal data. Listen (4 Nov 15).

Dublin Web Summit 2015 Day 2 review
IEEE interview of my selection of some interesting products from day 2 of Web Summit Watch (4 Nov 15).

Shop ’til You Drop: Your Eyes and Heart Will Give You Away
Bloomberg Business on the future availability of NFC electronic payments with retailers (11 Nov 15).

10 hugely important IT trends for 2016
Techradar on tech trends that will have a significant impact on the IT and business world in 2016 and beyond (15 Nov 15).

Phones need ‘bed mode’ to protect sleep
BBC Radio Foyle on the study which claims that using smart devices at night-time could prevent you falling asleep by an extra hour. Listen (16 Nov 15).

Yes, Trident really could be vulnerable to a cyber attack, warn experts
Computing News on whether Tridant which relies so heavily on computer systems could be compromised by hackers (24 Nov 15).

The Best of the 2015 Web Summit Tech Fest
The Institute on apps and cutting-edge technologies presented at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin (25 Nov 15).

Website Hacking and Safe Practice Shopping Online
Highland Radio on the Bluebox website hack and safe online shopping on Cyber Monday. Listen (30 Nov 15).

Technology Impacting Socialization Among Children
eWeek on a national survey of parents concerns over connected devices (2 Dec 15).

Indecent Images & Payment Demand Scams
BBC TV News on a young girl exposed to indecent images along with payment demand to avoid prison. Watch (2 Dec 15).

The role of academia in IoT security – a rear view mirror into the future?
IoTNow on the role of academics with regards security research into the Internet of Things (4 Dec 15).

Fake Followers on Twitter
BBC Radio Ulster on how easy it is to purchase fake Twitter followers. Listen (9 Dec 15).

Cutting the Cord
Proband Magazine on features of 802.11ac and wireless network issues (10 Dec 15).

Why this could be the worst Christmas ever for PlayStation and Xbox fans
Daily Star on the difficulties of defending against Denial of Service Attacks (18 Dec 15).

Internet of Things: Forget the big numbers, what are the best IoT gadgets?
Techradar on a new wave of IOT gadgets hitting the market (19 Dec 15).

Autonomous, driverless & connected cars: Where are smart IoT cars taking us?
Computer Business Review on the UK becoming a world leader in driverless cars (21 Dec 15).

Champion skier Marcel Hirscher escape serious injury as drone falls out of sky missing him by inches
Daily Mirror on the dangers of drones in the hands of inexperienced pilots (23 Dec 15).


Tech trends for 2014: what’s in store this year?
TechRadar Magazine on some of the technology trends we can expect to see in the year ahead. (2 Jan 14).

BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast Programme
BBC Radio Foyle paper review with Joe Doran and Sarah Brett where I talk about US polar vortex, CES 2014, road traffic and wearable computing. Listen (8 Jan 14).

IEEE’s “CES: What’s Next” Game Predicts the Gadget of the Future:
South Texas Kiii TV news picking up on my predicting that Robotic exoskeletons will be big in the future. (18 Jan 14).

5 steps to a wearable world Sci-fi is becoming reality as brands battle to transform their customers into cyborgs
The magazine of The Chartered Institute of Marketing “The Marketer” about the state of the art in wearable devices (3 Feb 14).

Facebook is 10: What is next for the social network?
BBC Radio Foyle Morning Programme on the impact Facebook has had on its 10th anniversary. Listen (4 Feb 14).

InterTradeIreland Software Piracy Project
Irish Times covering my FUSION project with CBE in Mayo where we created a system to prevent software piracy of their Point of Sales Software (10 Feb 14).

The Life and death of Flappy Bird
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Programme to discuss the removal of the #1 free game Flappy Bird from app stores. Listen (10 Feb 14).

Why next years gadgets make privacy a crying shame
South China Morning Post about 2014 trends and the issues around privacy (11 Feb 14).

You may receive more texts from machines than people within 5 years
Harvey Norman on how the Internet of Things will allow smartphone users to interact with nearly every appliance they own (24 July 14).

Parents warned over children running up gaming charges
BBC Northern Ireland News to advise parents to change console settings in order to prevent children using their credit cards to buy extra online gaming services. Watch. (17 Feb 14)

Preventing Children from Making Large App/In-App Purchases
BBC Good Morning Ulster Programme to discuss the issues surrounding the ease by which children can make online purchases on consoles and tablets. Listen (18 Feb 14).

Das Samsung Galaxy S5 wird allen die Show stehlen
Lead Digital Magazine (Germany) on what we can expect to see in mobile phone technology at Mobile World Congress 2014 and afterwards. Translation (20 Feb 14).

Wearables in the future
IEEE interview at Mobile World Congress 2014 on day 1 about the future of wearables. Watch. (25 Feb 14)

Future trends in mobile technology
TheFoneCast where I speak on topics such as cloud and 4G fragmentation. Listen (27 Feb 14).

Secure Smartphones
IEEE interview at Mobile World Congress 2014 on day 2 about secure smartphones. Watch. (26 Feb 14)

Is Samsung going the way of Blackberry?
IT News Africa where I speak about Samsung and 3D printers (27 Feb 14).

The role of biometrics in future security
IEEE interview at Mobile World Congress 2014 on day 3 about biometric security. Watch. (27 Feb 14)

The paper printer will be dead in four years
The Inquirer where I predict that paper printers will soon become a thing of the past due to the rising popularity of tablets that have more accessible price points (28 Feb 14). This was also picked up by hundreds of other sites world wide such as Business World.

Free Wi-Fi hotspots pose data risk, Europol warns
BBC Radio News at Lunchtime on some of the dangers of using public Wireless hotspots. Listen (7 Mar 14).

World Wide Web Turns 25
Interview on BBC Radio Foyle Lunchtime with Mark Patterson about the 25th anniversary of the invention of the World Wide Web. Listen (12 Mar 14).

BBC Breakfast Show Paper Review
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast show where I discuss selfies, consumer price index, first mobile phone and house swaps. Listen (14 Mar 14).

Will robots play a role in our future?
The Inquirer on whether artificial intelligence is an intrinsic part of our future or just a gimmick. (14 Mar 14).

Persian TV Manola 1 channel
Persian TV during Mobile World Congress 2014 (In Farsi) where I speak about some current trends in the mobile world. Watch (14 Mar 14).

Move Over Hackers, Biohackers Are Here
Forbes interview where I discuss the recent trend towards biohacking. (15 Mar 14).

Why letting your children use your iPad could cost you thousands
Daily Mail on parents being furious at Apple as children unwittingly rack up bills playing supposedly free games. (19 Mar 14).

Would you pay for public WiFi?
BBC Newsline TV appearance where I speak about the roll out of free public WiFi in Northern Ireland. Watch (20 Mar 14).

People are “wet” with security
The Times about strengthening cyber security in the face of human weakness (21 Mar 14).

XP – the operating system that will not die
Radio Ulster Good Morning Ulster appearance to speak about what might happen when Microsoft end support for Windows XP. Listen (24 Mar 14).

Support Ending for Windows XP
BBC Radio Foyle appearance to speak about Microsoft ending support for Windows XP updates. Listen (24 Mar 14).

Inside Magazine – Back Chat Interview
Ulster Inside Magazine interview on personal issues. (27 Mar 14).

Disney’s YouTube deal is a real game changer
The Guardian about Disney’s investment in a multi-channel network which will grant it access to gaming’s biggest online stars. (30 Mar 14).

Upgrading from Windows XP – The Options – Tech Clinic – the operating system that will not die
BBC Radio Foyle feature on the options to consumers when upgrading from Windows XP. Listen (31 Mar 14).

US government warns of Heartbleed bug danger
BBC Radio Foyle lunchtime with Mark Patterson interview on the encryption flaw which can potentially be exploited to steal passwords and secret keys used to protect computer users. Listen (11 Apr 14).

TripAdvisor and the Issue of Trust
BBC Radio Foyle lunchtime with Mark Patterson interview on the problems with comments on crowdsourcing sites such as Tripadvisor. Part 1 Part 2 (11 Apr 14).

BBC Breakfast Show Paper Review
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast show where I discuss news items from that mornings newspapers. Listen (17 Apr 14).

The Universe of Things is coming and it’s set to supercharge 3D printing
Techradar on “A Universe of Things” which already exists in the guise of Thingiverse. (17 Apr 14).

Transferring cash is now as easy as sending a text: New service lets you pay for things using a phone number
BBC Radio Foyle lunchtime with Mark Patterson interview on the obile payment service Paym which is initially available for use by 30 million people in the UK and enables people to transfer money using mobile phone numbers. Listen (29 Apr 14).

Smart baby monitor hacked & used to wake up a sleeping child
IT Pro article on a US hacker who found his way into a webcam-based baby monitor in Ohio and started screaming violent obscenities at a 10-month old baby girl. (29 Apr 14).

The Great Internet of Things
IEEE expert Google Hangout with William Webb, Oleg Logninov, Kevin Curran and Roberto Minerva, moderated by Chris Murphy, editor of InformationWeek (2 May 14).

Meet the awesome tech that will soon make your smartphone smarter
Techradar interview on the future promise of contextual computing (3 May 14).

Choosing the right laptop computer could be crucial for your small business
The Guardian on aspects to look out for when selecting a laptop (13 May 14).

Soon your smartphone will know what you’re doing and predict your next move
South China Morning Post Interview on the future of contextual computing where applications adapt to their surroundings and to the users (16 May 14).

Artificial Intelligence: Ascendant But Not Transcendent
Wired Magazine on whether Artificial Intelligence will become a fundamental facet of human life or will merely continue to churn out less innovative robot gadgets that are not really good for anything (20 May 14).

Fears over Facebook’s new listening feature becoming ‘yet another spying tool’
Computing Magazine interview about Facebook’s new smartphone app that’ll enable it to “listen” to user’s music and TV shows, which has raised concerns that it could allow the app to be used for unauthorised surveillance. (23 May 14).

Pupils ‘addicted to tablet computers’, teachers warn
BBC Radio Foyle lunchtime with Mark Patterson interview about the association of teachers and lecturers worries about the ubiquity of computing devices and negative impact on education. Listen (22 May 14).

Wearable Technology – Beyond the hype
CIO Today interview on the market for wearable devices and the future for this technology (3 June 14).

GameOver Zeus/Cryptolocker – How to defend yourself against the ‘two-week’ attack
BBC Radio interview on the shutting down of a network of criminally operated computers that were stealing important information from victims’ machines. Listen (3 June 14).

Call for more specialist code reviewers after new OpenSSL vulnerability found
Computing on the need for specialist knowledge in secure code reviews in the wake of another OpenSSL vulnerability (6 June 14).

Amazon Fire Phone is no game changer against Apple and Samsung
V3 about the features on the new Amazon phone (20 June 14).

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the World, and Humankind Must Adapt
Wired quoting me on AI getting better, as computational intelligence techniques keep on improving, becoming more accurate and faster due to giant leaps in processor speeds (11 July 14).

The real cost of ‘free’ public Wi-Fi
BBC Radio Ulster Talkback interview on the news that local councils who provide free WiFi are collecting private details such as names, addresses, sites visited, data download sizes and offering it in some cases to third parties. Listen (16 Jul 14).

Local Councils collecting private details at Free WiFi Login
BBC Radio Foyle interview on the worries about the actual collection of private details that people need to provide when using free WiFi provided by local councils in Northern Ireland. Listen (16 Jul 14).

Integrating Into the ‘Internet of Things’
LiveScience Op Ed where I discuss the security implications in resource constrained connected devices (22 July 14).

Fridges of the future ‘will text to let you know when you’re running low on milk’
Daily Mirror article on making security a priority for connected devices especially since it is difficult to tell if a device with no visual interface has malware. Also covered in Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Belfast Telegraph, The Herald and more (24 July 14).

Security of the Internet of Things
BBC Radio Foyle interview with Mark Patterson where I discuss the Internet of Things. Listen (25 Jul 14).

Shaun Doherty Show – The Future of Technology and the Internet of Things
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty Show to discuss the Internet of Things and some future technology trends. Listen (28 Jul 14).

Powering STEM Classrooms With Social Media
IEEE Institute Magazine on integrating social media tools into education (16 Aug 14).

Google Maps is tracking everywhere you go
BBC Radio Foyle with Mark Patterson where I discuss Google location tracking. Listen (18 Aug 14).

‘Sony doesn’t understand security’: Why PlayStation Network is such an attractive target for hackers
Computing News on the aspects of security which Sony could do more to improve (27 Aug 14).

Chip and pin security and fraud fears
BBC Radio Foyle where I discuss rogue chip & pin card readers. Listen (1 Sep 14).

Hack leaks hundreds of nude celebrity photos
Shaun Doherty Show interview on Highland Radio on the hacking of iCloud celebrity accounts and security in general. I also speculate on the iPhone 6 release. Listen (2 Sep 14).

BYOD has shifted from device to data
Inquirer mobile versus security debate where I argue that security should be first and foremost (8-10 Sep 14).

Why is Java so important to employers?
Jobsite on why Java is still a relevant programming language. (8 Sep 14).

Connected car tech likely to be included in mandated vehicle checks
Automotive World on what future management systems and grids will look like for roads when driverless cars will be trialed on public roads in the UK in 2015. (9 Sep 14).

Apple Watch unveiled alongside new larger iPhones
BBC Radio Good Morning Ulster interview where I discuss the iPhone 6 & Apple watch after their launch. Listen (10 Sep 14).

Apple Watch and Dark Web show need for better BYOD security
Inquirer piece about tools on the Dark Web, which are becoming easier to obtain and use (11 Sep 14).

How ‘home hackers’ spy on you and your children… with your webcam
Highland Radio interview on Shaun Doherty show to discuss compromised web connected devices like webcams Listen (23 Sep 14).

What I want from next version of Windows…. and how Microsoft could make it happen
TechRadar piece about desirable features that would be welcome in the next Windows OS (29 Sep 14).

IEEE Ask me Anything Facebook Q&A
IEEE Facebook Live interactive Question and Answer session (30 Sep 14).

YouTube IEEE Asks an Engineer with Kevin Curran
IEEE Video Interview on why I became a computer scientist (2 Oct 14).

The Snappening: Thousands of photos and videos released through third party Snapchat app
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty Show interview on the release of a database of leaked images from Snapchat users. Listen (15 Oct 14).

‘Trust has gone from cloud providers’ argues security expert following Snapchat, iCloud and Dropbox breaches
Computing News on the recent data breaches and image leaks – which have further undermined trust in cloud storage providers that were already reeling from government snooping revelations (15 Oct 14).

Abuser outed on Facebook sues for £100k
BBC Radio Ulster interview on Talk Back about the implications of the court case where a sex offender is suing Facebook over comments which he found offensive. Listen (24 Oct 14).

The cost of being connected
BBC Newsline TV news interview on the cost implications for families to remain ‘connected’. Watch (27 Oct 14).

Internet of Things has a large role to play in smart cities
Governance Now on how the Internet of Things can impact governance in the future (29 Oct 14).

Google’s Driving the Future of cars
Interview originally in Android Magazine on Google’s work on self-driving cars (2 Nov 14).

TravGear talks to Tech expert Kevin Curran at the IEEE about Google Glass on ‘Google Glass & the smart glass future of travel’ (7 Nov 14).

WYOD: believe the hype?
University Business Magazine about the security issues universities will face as the popularity of wearable technology continues to grow (17 Nov 14).

PSNI cyber crime website launched
UTV Late News on the Police encouraging businesses in Northern Ireland to report cyber crime via a new section of the PSNI website. Watch (24 Nov 14).

Are Cloud Computing Systems Secure?
City Business Solutions on the issues of trust in cloud services following high profile cloud data leaks (5 Dec 14).

Hacker group Lizard Squad claims responsibility for Sony PlayStation Network outage
Computing News on Sony’s outage which prevented users from making online purchases via the PlayStation web store (8 Dec 14).

Google Glass: Why Google should call it quits for consumers
ITPro on why Google should cut its losses in the consumer market, and focus on making Glass enterprise-ready (12 Dec 14).

Derry firm Repricer Express sorry for Amazon 1p glitch
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast news interview on the software glitch which incorrectly repriced many Amazon Marketplace items at 1p causing chaos for some online resellers. Listen (15 Dec 14).

Amazon 1p sales bonanza after computer glitch misprices thousands of items, leaving angry retailers ‘losing £30,000 overnight’
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty show about the Amazon repricing catastrophe. Listen (15 Dec 14).


Smarter Than Your Smartphone: Are “Google Goggles” the Next Big Thing in Tech?
Urban Times about Google Glasses, the Android based augmented reality head-mounted display from Google which goes on release in the near future (25 Jan 13).

The constant threat of cyberbullying
UTV Late News about the devastating impact of cyberbullying on the lives of victims in Northern Ireland. Watch (30 Jan 13).

Fake Facebook Ticket Scam
BBC Radio Foyle about scam pages on Facebook advertising tickets for the “Big Weekend” Event. Listen (1 Feb 13).

IEEE researches 2,000 Droid apps that soak up your data
IT Security Pro on the growing problem of smartphone malware suggests there are at least 2,000 Droid apps in active circulation that misuse data from the smartphones and tablets they are installed on.

IEEE: On a Mission to Make Healthcare Personal, Again
IEEE on IEEE members provide a critical link between engineering and life and health sciences in areas such as mHealth.

Facebook change default home location for some locals
BBC Radio Foyle about Facebook changing some peoples hometown from Londonderry to Derry without notification. Listen.

Smartphone’s evolution continues with a raft of new innovations
South China Morning Post on mobile phones which are getting smarter with gesture control and new operating systems that could soon render the iPhone obsolete. (18/3/13)

Dog-fighting ‘bait’ story may be just an urban myth
BBC report concerning an Internet rumour which is repeating an urban legend and causing dog owners some concern. (27/3/13)

Mobile phone celebrates 40th anniversary
BBC Ulster Talkback on the 40th anniversary of the mobile phone. Listen (3 April 13).

Wearable Web Access
South China Morning Post on Google’s Project Glass wearable solution that uses pieces of smart glass with a heads-up display (12 April 13).

Computer games:Why the next world war could be fought online
IT Pro on how IT has made it easier than ever for remote attacks against critical infrastructure. (23 April 13). Read the full IT Pro Report on the Enterprise Threat Landscape.

Growing Your Business In The Digital Economy
UU interview for the ‘Growing Your Business In The Digital Economy’ event at the University of Ulster’s Magee campus as part of the inaugural Ulster Business festival (25 April 13). View.

Why basic smartphones will win in the race for ‘the next billion’ users
Techradar interview on the trend towards cheap ‘light-weight’ versions of Android and iOS devices aimed at the third world in a bid to build brand loyalty for the future (21 April 13).

How wireless charging will change our devices
Techradar interview on ubiquitous computing and the arrival of e-ink displays on phones (24 April 13).

Eyes on Your Own Paper: Cheating in the Digital Age
IGI article on our paper which maintains that it is crucial for today’s instructors to stay up-to-date on the new methods of cheating in the classroom (29 April 13).

Can Firefox OS be the new Android?
Techradar interview which explores if betting on the open web will pay off for Mozilla (30 April 13).

Digital Economy: Challenges & Opportunities
Google+ Hangout interview led by David Young from the University’s UU Press Office on the challenges and opportunities offered by emerging digital technologies for the economy of the North-West (10 May 13). UU Press release.

Tech firms lead the assault on batteries
South China Morning Post on how tech companies are coming up with innovative ideas to extend the battery life of our gadgets (19 Apr 13).

Skills Shortage in Northern Ireland IT Sector
BBC Radio on the difficulty recruiting IT workers in the wake of Allstate announcing 650 jobs for Northern Ireland. Listen (16 May 13).

Altered states – Augmented reality can turn any place into a virtual playground
SCMP on Google project Ingress which aims to connect the online and real worlds in a much deeper way. (2 May 13).

Carmarthen vicar is victim of online identity theft over email cash scam
BBC Radio Wales with Jason Mohammad on online security in the wake of a vicars email account being hijacked. Listen (28 May 13).

Urban – Rural Broadband Divide
UTV TV news about the poor network coverage in rural areas such as Fermanagh in the context of the arrival of G8 leaders to the region. Watch (12 June 13).

An Expert Reveals the Future of Smartphones
TechBubbles coverage of my piece on the latest in smartphone technology. Repeated by Cisco TV and others (14 June 13).

Oculos inteligentes ou o fim da privacidade?
Brazilian “Radar Mobile” interview on “Smart glasses or the end of privacy?” where I discuss what is to be expected from this new technology and different methods that future consumers of this product may make use of (In Portuguese!) (20 June 13).

Jersey appoints first e-crime Forensics Police Investigator
BBC Radio Jersey on the need for e-crime investigators in police departments. Listen (18 July 13).

Cameron bids to protect children with automatic porn filters
BBC Radio Ulster about UK prime minister David Cameron announcing that every household with Internet access will have to choose whether they want to remove porn filters, which will otherwise be automatically switched on. Listen (22 July 13).

How to stop the online snoops
South China Morning Post on the tools and strategies to best remain completely anonymous and free from being monitored online (23 July 13).

Technology? You Wear it well
Daily Telegraph on how eight million people in the UK are wearing technology from pacemakers to tracking devices (28 July 13).

Google Glasses
BBC Radio Foyle by Mark Patterson about Google Glasses in relation to my comments on wearable technology in the Daily Telegraph. Listen (1st Aug 13).

60% Vehicles To Be Internet-enabled by 2025
Lightreading on need for car manufacturers to begin setting firewalls in place to restrict access from integrated systems (29 August 13).

Graphene – The miracle material that will change the world
Innovation UK about Graphene and it’s potential to revolutionise technology and make the Internet a lot faster (30 August 13).

Could a cheap phone charger burn your house down? How to spot the fake Apple products… and the dangers of penny-pinching on your iPhone plug
The Daily Mail on problems connected to cheaper iPad/iPhone chargers (30 August 13).

Pitching for a stake in future high-tech success
Irish Times report on 25K awards where our Digitease intelligent wearable data glove system was a top ten finalist. (3 September 13).

Look out – Machines are developing a sense of humour
The Times on unstructured data and tracking people indoors (4 September 13).

Google Continues To Defend Its Decade-Long Gmail Privacy Stance In Court
BBC Radio about Gmail Google algorithmically scanning messages and delivering ads based on them. Listen (6th Sep 13).

CultureTech 2013 BBC Live Broadcast
BBC radio Foyle assisting Brian Kernohan during a live broadcast at the CultureTech 2013 festival of science in the Ebrington venue. Listen (14th Sep 13).

Grand Theft Auto series wowing the critics – becoming the highest ranked game for the Xbox 360
BBC Radio Foyle on the launch of the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 game. Listen (19 Sept 13).

Tech specs set to be a must-have?
The Times Raconteur about the impact of Google Glasses in the future (14 September 13).

Apple iOS 7 Means Business
Business Computing World interview on Apple iOS 7 features dedicated to enhanced security and new ways to deploy devices with ease (20 September 13).

They’re all ears: How more and more gadgets increase privacy fears
South China Morning Post interview on the privacy implications of Google Glasses in the days ahead (20 September 13).

Online privacy – Facebook
Digital Marketing Magazine interview on how Facebook teams up with Data Brokers to show targeted ads (23 September 13).

Helping Hand for Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers
UU PR on our DigitEase bespoke data glove with sensitive movement sensors which carried off the top prize in the inaugural TMED 2013 Health challenge (27 September 13).

Paper Review – MP expenses, iPad tutorials for Dogs and more
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast programme Paper review with Jenny Witt and Enda Mc Clafferty Listen (27 Sept 13).

Turning research into commercial reality
Irish Times article highlighting how UU has fostered 38 spin-out companies with a combined turnover of 115 million over the past 10 years which mentions our spin-out company HidinImage (2 October 13).

Locking down the Internet of Things
IT Pro about the possibility that an individual’s habits, location, interests and personal information may be easily tracked in the IoT. (2 October 13).

How to migrate to Office 365
Cloud Pro magazine on latest version of Microsoft Office – Office 365 (11 October 13).

Cars turn mobile gadgets, with all a joys and flaws
Internetdo on flaws in car technology which can lead to serious problems in the days ahead. (18 October 13).

Paper Review – Skeletons, Facebook violent videos, Hailo App and more
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast programme paper review on with Sarah Brett and Jenny Witt. Listen (24 Oct 13).

Innovation and Creativity Set to Increase in STEM Education, Says IEEE Experts
Interviewed on how employers will still require the traditional college degree rather than non-traditional courses (22 October 13).

Road and vehicle operators harness wireless technology
Wireless Magazine on Wireless Sensor Networks being a core aspect of future smart roads (6 November 13).

Joan at forefront of new ‘hide and seek’ technology
Coleraine Times covered our University of Ulster spin-out company called HidInImage (7 November 13).

Is Wearable Tech any use to Business?
TechRadar on Google Glasses and their potential use in for Business (8 November 13).

Five Websites to check out
FreePint on what sites/apps I recommend to visit (9 November 13).

Resonance 104.4 FM
Resonance FM – London based arts radio station about code breaking used by the Navajo Marines during World War II. Listen (9 November 13).

Paper Review – Google Child abuse filters, GCHQ spying and iPads for car journeys
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast programme paper review with Sarah Brett and Enda McClafferty. Listen (18 Nov 13).

Hi-tech advances in smartphones are opening up a world of possibilities
South China Morning Post on curved mobile phone displays and their possible uses in the future (21 Nov 13).

The key applications for 3-D printers will be in engineering, not the home
South China Morning Post on future possibilities of 3-D printing (13 Dec 13).

4G Mobile Network Coverage
BBC Radio Foyle about 4G coverage in city and the problems imposed by high prices and low bandwidth usage caps. Listen (12 Dec 13).

2014 Technology Predictions
BBC Ulster’s Good Morning Ulster to talk about what technologies will impact us in the year ahead. Listen
(19 Dec 13).


ICANN to expand top level domains
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show about ICANN (the body that regulates Internet naming conventions) which is soliciting applications to run the next generation of domain extensions (the new form of .com, .net, .org). Listen (9 Jan 12).

Connecting with clients online
Irish Times about using social media more effectively during the recent water crisis in Ireland (1 Jan 12).

Ulster Collaboration ‘no brainer’ for Nuprint
U2B piece on my collaboration with Nuprint Technology Ld to introduce innovative tracking technologies ino the company’s production processes (19 Jan 12).

Jobs in Information Technology Sector
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast show in the wake of the job losses in Fujitsu about the state of the local job market in computing. Listen here (28-Feb-12)

Sim cards used to send thousands of spam texts blocked
BBC Radio Good Morning Ulster about the rise in SPAM SMS Text messages which typically claim recipients are entitled to money, promise to write off debts or find a loan, or suggest accident compensation can be claimed. Listen (2-Mar-12)

Data glove could help diagnosis and treatment of arthritis
Wired magazine on our glove that could improve the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis (12 Mar 12).

Game faces adminstration
BBC News at One about High-street retailer Game which is facing administration. Listen (12 Mar 12).

Teen flees city after offensive “Bloody Sunday” Facebook comment
BBC Radio Mark Patterson Show about the dangers of posting controversial material online after a local teenager posted shocking Facebook comments about Bloody Sunday. Listen (23 Mar 12).

Virtualisation – Don’t let security lag behind technology maturity
ComputerWorldUK interview about the need for cloud service providers to work together to ensure that virtualised environments are protected against continual security threats. (10 Apr 12).

Glove Could Transform arthritis
Daily Mail side piece on our computerised glove with sensors for monitoring mobility of the wrist, thumb and finger joints in patients with arthritis (25 Apr 12).

The Pirate Bay must be blocked by UK ISPs, court rules
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show about the High Court ruling that Swedish file-sharing website The Pirate Bay, which enables users to download files, music and films without paying, must be blocked by UK-based internet service providers. Listen (1 May 12).

How cloud can provide security from a BYOD policy
CloudPro magazine on how allowing users bring their own devices can be problematical, yet combining this with a cloud policy could ensure security (3 May 12).

Arthritis Breakthrough Signalled at C-TRIC Conference
UU Piece highlighting our talk at the 4th annual Translational Medicine Conference about our work on a wireless glove for the accurate assessment of small joint mobility (11 May 12).

New glove to help in managing arthritis
Belfast Telegraph on our work with the Western Health and Social Care Trust to make the assessment of small joint mobility more accurate.It was also covered in Derry Journal and others (15 May 12)

Hand Range of Movement Measurement for Arthritis
BBC Radio about our work into hand range of movement tool for Arthritis patients. Listen (15 May 12).

Highland Radio
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty show about our work into hand range of movement tool for Arthritis patients (15 May 12).

Bringing together BYOD, Cloud – and users piece on how the combination of Cloud and BYOD may raise security questions we will find hard to answer (25 May 12).

Mobile BYOD Security Can’t Be Ignored
Business Computing on BYOD and security concerns (25 May 12).

Anonymous hacktivists target Formula One site
T3 – The Gadget Website on the internet hacktivist group Anonymous and their intention to disrupt Montreal’s Grand Prix race in support of student protesters demonstrating against tuition fee hikes in Canada (30 May 12).

Ulster Bank needs week to clear IT failure backlog
BBC Radio on a computer software failure which meant tens of thousands of Ulster Bank customers could not access their accounts and wages were not paid in. Listen (25 June 12).

RBS boss blames software upgrade for account problems
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra about RBS confirming that a software change was responsible for the widespread computer problems affecting millions of customers’ bank accounts. Listen (25 June 12).

Flame virus: How malware became the new weapon of war
Metro newspaper on the Flame virus which infects Windows PCs, letting agents steal sensitive information and eavesdrop by controlling microphones and webcams Original (26 June 12).

MI5 Chief warns of cybercrime threats: expert reaction
CBR Online about MI5 director general who said that the organisation is fighting an “astonishing” level of cyber-attacks against the UK industry (27 June 12).

Security through Obscurity – New Spinout Company gives 21st Century Twist to Ancient Science
UU piece on our security spin-out company, HidInImage, which secured funding to commercialise our digital watermarking research (9 July 12). Also appeared in Irish Independent, Derry Journal, Belfast Telegraph and more…

Steganography Spinout Company
BBC Radio about our digital watermarking spinout company which builds on our steganography techniques. Listen (9 Jul 12).

4th Generation Networks
Interviewed on BBC Radio about the forth coming rollout of 4G mobile ultra-broadband networks in the UK. Listen (12 Jul 12).

There Is No Such Thing As A Secure Network
Business Computer World on the Flame virus malware (25 Jun 12).

Reporting Data Breaches
Computer Fraud & Security on the problems and pitfalls in reporting data breaches (16 Jul 12).

UU know-how helping in air data automation
Belfast Telegraph on my collaboration with Skypaq on streamlined maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) record software (21 Jul 12).

How Cloud can provide security from a BYOD policy
IT Pro on combining cloud policies to ensure greater security with the known difficulties of users bringing their own devices into the workplace (26 Jul 12).

Increase in Online Crime Reports to Police
BBC Radio about the increase in complaints about social media postings from the public. Listen (2 Aug 12).

Stoking the Flames of Cyber War
Information Security Magazine on the Flame malware that was removing sensitive data from computers in the Middle East (7 Aug 12).

Fake Facebook voucher offer scam
BBC TV News on a Facebook scam linked to Tesco vouchers. It also was reported in Daily Mirror and other papers…. (24 Aug 12).

Work landlines to disappear within five years
BBC Radio Foyle about a report where sixty-five per cent of chief information officers said that the desk telephone is likely to become redundant as the dominance of smartphones grows. Listen (29 Aug 12).

All Roads Lead to Software Defined Networks
Network Computing on the role of software defined networks and next-generation networking (30 Aug 12).

100m Urban Broadband Fund to create super-connected cities across the UK with ultrafast broadband
BBC Radio on how Derry City Council is working on the Derry Super-Connected City Plan to become a ‘super-connected city’ with ultrafast broadband and ubiquitous high-speed wireless connectivity. Listen (18 September 12).

The Potential Weaknesses in a Virtualized Infrastructure
Info Security Magazine on the weak points of virtualized infrastructures and the solutions everyone should consider (13 September 12).

Cloud security: what every small business needs to know
Cloud Pro Magazine on best practice in securing the cloud for enterprises (20 Sep 12).

Label Manufacturer Wins KTP Award
Ulster Uni Piece outlining our KTP project which helped a leading labels manufacturer in Derry~Londonderry reinvent itself and target new markets ahead of its competition (21 Sep 12).

Digital TV Switchover
BBC Radio about possibilities over reduced Freeview channels in the city due to limitations of local TV transmitter. Listen (25 Sep 12).

13 security threats to counter in 2013
IT Pro Magazine on the profile of the enterprise threat surface for 2013. (5 Nov 12).

Most elderly ‘never use internet’
BBC Radio Foyle about most recent report showing that most older people in the UK and many of those who are disabled have never used the internet. Listen (15 Nov 12).

James Bond fails the tech test in Skyfall
BBC News Viewpoint item on some of the inaccuracies in the Skyfall movie (3 Dec 12). It was repeated by Wall Street Journal and many more.

Unreal Technology of James Bond’s Skyfall
BBC Radio about my enjoyment of Skyfall being marred by technical inaccuracies. Listen (3 Dec 12).

In Windows We Trust
Infosecurity Magazine concerning security features in Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system (19 Dec 12).

Instagram denies having right to sell users’ photos
BBC Radio on Facebook’s photo-sharing service Instagram which had to deny that it has changed its privacy policy to give it the right to sell users’ photos to advertisers without notification Listen (20 Dec 12).

Commercial Anti-virus vs. Microsoft
InfoSecurity magazine about the future of commercial anti-virus products (20 Dec 12).

Software definindo network e data center: a verdadeira cloud computing
IT Web magazine about Software Defined Radio and the promise of virtualisation for enterprise IT in 2013 (26 Dec 12).

The cutting-edge kit we’ll be buying in 2013
Tech Radar on predictions in cutting edge technology such as Google Glass and other products for 2013. Repeated in LazyHacks,techRapid, I4U, TopNewsToday, NewsWhip and more (1 Jan 13).

NI riots make headlines across globe
Irish News about role of social media in organising the Belfast Riots (15 Dec 12).


BBC Ulster Talk Back
Radio Ulster on a hacker who translated DUP websites into Irish. Listen (13-Jan-11)

Using SMART Technology to Think Outside the Label
Sync NI about collaborating with Nuprint to introduce innovative tracking technologies into the company’s production processes. UU article here. (25 Jan 11).

UTV Late News – Facebook
UTV “”Live Tonight” on Facebook privacy concerns and problems faced when posting comments on social media sites. Watch (25 Jan 11).

Understanding the Internet Book Review
A book review Ross MacDonald, Qatar on my book “Understanding the Internet: A Glimpse into the Building Blocks, Applications, Security and Hidden Secrets of the Web”, published Chandos Publishing, Oxford, 2009, ISBN 9781843344995. Review DOI 10.1108/07378831011096376. (26 Jan 11).

Connecting with Clients Online
Irish Times Innovation Magazine on using Social media, such as Facebook to build a relationship with customers. (28 Jan 11).

Hackers target NI Department of Finance phone network
BBC News quote me about a network of phones at the Department of Finance and Personnel which were targeted phone hackers. (8-Feb-11)

BBC Good Morning Ulster
BBC Radio Good Morning Ulster on Dial Through Fraud where company PBXs are hacked leading to potentially large losses. Listen here (8-Feb-11)

BBC TV news to comment on company phone systems which can be hacked. You can watch here (8-Feb-11)

Imagineering Derry’s digital future
City of Culture Mag on our SOFI and Secure Digital Watermarking projects (21-Dec-10)

Boss Demands Employee’s Facebook Password
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show on the incident in where an individual was forced to hand over his Facebook user name and password as part of a job application process (25 Feb 11).

Twitter 5 year anniversary
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast show on Twitter’s fifth anniversary. Listen here (21-Mar-11)

Email Account Hacking
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show on the incident where a GMail email account was compromised (25 Mar 11).

Epsilon Data Breach
BBC Radio Ulster “On Your Behalf”” by Sarah Brett on about millions of individual email addresses been exposed in an attack on the largest distributor of permission-based email in the world. Listen here (8 Apr 11).

Computer virus scam warning from PSNI
BBC Foyle Mark Patterson Show on the PSNIs warning to computer users of scams that gain control of their machines and their personal details. Listen here (11 April 11).

Sony PlayStation Network User Data Theft
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show on Sony PlayStation Network having data of 70 million users stolen during an attack on its servers. Listen here (27 April 11).

Building Solid Foundations: The Case for Data Classification
Computer Fraud and Security Magazine on the importance of data classification in organisations. (11 May 11).

FUSION Creates Cost-Saving Portal
U2B article on a successful 2 year Fusion project with Killarney Telecommunications Ltd to provide a web portal offering mobile enabled extranet access to employees on the road (16 June 11).

Facebook poster convicted of menacing DUP MP Campbell
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast show about libel & the Internet in response to a man who was convicted of posting grossly offensive and menacing messages about an MP on Facebook. Listen here (23-Jun-11)

Wearable Rehab Technology
Medtech on a collaboration with Altnagelvin Hospital to develop a system for automatic measurement of hand movement for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (14 July 11). Full Article.

Digital creativity innovation
Learning Pool on industrial software for Creative Technologies and Industries which has helped establish links with local and cross-border industry (29 July 11).

BT Ordered to Block Links to Newzbin 2 Website
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show about a High Court judge ruling that BT must block access to a website which provides links to pirated movies. Listen here (28 July 11).

Facebook Police Photos were ‘murder risk’
UTV Evening news about a Facebook page, where photos of police had been posted amid serious concerns it could have been used to single out officers to be murdered. View here (4 August 11).

The Online Age Restriction Problem
Belfast Telegraph where I comment on the responsibilities of parents to monitor their children’s online activities (8-Sep-11)

Ulster Delivers Smart Labelling
Medtech on a collaboration with Nuprint, a local labelling company to introduce RFID technology into the factory to improve production throughput (23 Sept 11). Full Article.

Tributes for Apple ‘visionary’ Steve Jobs
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra about the impact of Steve Jobs in computing. Listen (6-Oct-11)

ECG’s Toll-Fraud Detection System Intelligently Kills Retail, Wholesale VoIP Fraud
TMC Net on VoIP toll fraud which is a major concern for carriers worldwide (10 October 11).

Black days for Blackberry as outage adds to RIM’s woes
BBC Radio Ulster Talkback on the impact of the Blackberry outage on the RIM company. Listen (12-Oct-11)

BlackBerry outage piles pressure on RIM
BBC Radio Foyle Lunchtime with Mark Patterson about the failure of the Blackberry network and the impact on customers. Listen (12-Oct-11)

Experts differ on Klout’s clout
USA Today on the social networking site – Klout which attempts to rank a person in accordance to their inline influence. This story was also covered in multiple news sources such as Tucson Citizen, Locita, ECademy, Scribd, RaymondMorin, CircleSocialMedia, Infoboom…. (28-Oct-11)

Google, Facebook warn against new US piracy legislation
BBC Radio Foyle Lunchtime with Mark Patterson on Web firms including Google and Facebook who have written to the US government in opposition to a proposed bill to combat piracy. Listen (17-Nov-11)

IEEE Experts Predict Smartphone Hacking Will Soar in 2012
IEEE release on smartphone owners increasingly paying a high price for free mobile applications, with 2012 set to be a
disruptive year of widespread mobile hacking (23-Nov-11). Covered also in Derry Journal, UU, CPI Financial, Bank Information Security, RadioWorld, IBTimes, KYTX News, WSET-TV, Yahoo, The Street, Digital Journal, WBAY TV, WFSB, Business Information System, Kion 46 News, WLBT TV, ABC 27, IT News, Biz Journals and more….

Free mobile apps are not ‘free’ of malware, warns IEEE experts
Infosecurity on rogue applications which are expected to be a common access point for mobile hackers in the future(7-Dec-11).

KLM Passengers Can Use Facebook For ‘Meet & Seat’
BBC Foyle Mark Patterson Show about Dutch airline KLM’s service which will allow passengers to choose who they sit next to based on their social media profiles. Listen (16 Dec 11).

Irish privacy watchdog calls for Facebook changes
BBC Foyle Breakfast Show about the Irish data protection commissioners recommending widespread changes to improve privacy on Facebook which include making its terms clearer and offering users greater control over how their data is used. Listen (22 Dec 11).

Technology Predictions for 2012
BBC Radio Foyle about the year ahead in terms of what to expect in the technological world (Dec 11).

Innovative treatment that fits like a glove for arthritis sufferers
Ulster piece on our glove project to measure hand movement on people who suffer from arthritis in the Belfast Telegraph, UTV and many other outlets (26 Dec 11).


Affair sparks Facebook campaign
The Newsletter on a facebook group set up in response to the Iris Robinson controversy which called on people to download the Simon and Garfunkel hit Mrs Robinson in an attempt to make it number one in the charts . (13-Jan-2010).

Facebook and Identity Theft
BBC Foyle Morning Programme on privacy on Facebook and the case of a girl who had items of personal information taken of Facebook and used to create a profile on a dating website. You can listen to the piece here. (15-Jan-2010)

CEOP launches child safety video to mark EU Safer Internet Day
BBC Foyle Morning Programme on child safety online and dangers involved in unsupervised Internet activity (9-Feb-2010)

NEELB TV – Job Opportunities in Computer Science
NEELB TV – Careers and Higher Education Convention Event interview in Saint Pius X school, Magherafelt. Watch. (25-Feb-2010)

The Role of Biometrics in Secure Information Solutions
Londonderry Sentinel and Derry Journal on a secure IT seminar I helped organise for the public. (3-Mar-2010)

Londonderry ‘flagship’ scheme under treat
Londonderry Sentinel on the wireless city initiative being under treat from the Digital Economies Bill proposed to address Internet piracy. (10-Mar-2010)

Security Alert
Inside article on Biometric Security Seminar for the IT Industry. (13-April-2010)

BBC Radio Foyle News at One
BBC Radio Foyle interview with Amanda Williams about ‘clever/catchy’ business names and repercussions online. You can listen to it here (17-May-10)

Wired Magazine – Unreliable music streams fixed new algorithm
Wired Magazine covered research with Jonathan Doherty and Professor Paul McKevitt on an alternative steaming audio solution that uses the repetitive nature of western music to swap in a few seconds of audio from earlier in the song. (25-May-10)

High Praise
Inside Magazine on our Western Health and Social Care Trust (WHSCT) Innovative Idea of the Year 2010 award for our cross-faculty work on measuring the loss of movement in the human hand using a wearable data hand glove (24-June-2010)

Magee Research Leads to ‘Sound’ Improvement
Ulster University news item on our work on improving Audio Listening Experience on Radio Networks. It also appeared in the Derry Journal. (5-Jul-2010)

BBC Radio Foyle – Sarah Brett Show
BBC Radio Foyle interview with Sarah Brett about SPAM email sent using a compromised Hotmail account. You can listen to it here (23-Aug-10)

Belfast Telegraph – The World Wide Web
Belfast Telegraph on the influence of the web on modern life. (13-Sep-10)

Ulster Innovators on Course for Victory at 25K Awards
UU piece on our submission (SOFI) to the 25K awards. Our team entry is focussed on improving Audio Listening Experience on Radio Networks cards and other digital media. (13-Sep-10)

Q102 – Future of Technology
Q102 FM on future technology trends as part of the ISRC Discovery Day. Listen to it here (24-Sep-10)

ERIC 2010: Academics and researchers, the R&D talents
Clinica Medtech mentions my work from the Intel ERIC 2010 conference in Leixlip (23-Oct-2010).

BT Broadband Internet Outages
BBC Radio Foyle Morning Programme to discuss the reliance in society on the Internet and how outages can disrupt our daily lives (4-Nov-10). Listen here.

Facebook and Privacy
BBC Radio Foyle Morning Programme on the dangers of revealing too much on Facebook (9 Nov 10). Listen here.

Innovation at Work
U2B article on our multi-disciplinary WHSCT Innovative Idea of the Year 2010 (10 Nov 10).

The Mobile Health Revolution
International Life on mobile health in general and a diabetes project in the Ambient Intelligence Group (16 Nov 10).

IEEE: On a Mission to Make Healthcare Personal, Again
Quoted in IEEE PR about mHealth supporting the improvement of patient care through the advancement of medical technology. (7 Dec 10).

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show on the DDoS attacks on paypal after it stopped supporting wikileak donations (10 Dec 10). Listen here.

ACAI-09 Best Poster Prize
EPSRC summary which mentions our first prize in the ACAI 2009 poster competition for poster titled: “Enhanced Indoor Tracking using Bayesian Filters and Past Movement Patterns”.

Distinguished Academic Enterprise Award
Ulster Uni on my 2010 University of Ulster fellowship for outstanding accomplishment in interactions with, and support of, business, the community and social enterprise activities (15 Dec 10).


Hibernia Atlantic Transatlantic Cable
BBC Radio Foyle on the Hibernia Atlantic 30M EU Interreg programme to connect Northern Ireland with North America in a transatlantic submarine cable which lands ashore at Portrush. Listen. (30-Jan-09)

The trend towards Electonic Book Reading
BBC Radio Ulster Talk Back on the movement away from traditional paper based book reading to computer based reading. Listen (10-Feb-09).

Hibernia Atlantic Telehouse relocated to Derry
BBC Radio Foyle Morning Programme on a telehouse for the region after political interests in Derry succeeded in getting the city designated as a communications hub for a trans-Atlantic cable project (20-Feb-09)

8over8 Jobs for North West Region
BBC Radio Foyle Morning Programme on implications of 8over8 investing almost 3 million to bolster its commercial management, software development resources in order to double international sales (3-Mar-09).

Ulster Celebrates Scientists and Engineers
Ulster Release on my National Science and Engineering Week talk to explode some of the myths surrounding engineering (4-Mar-09).

More than two million British children risk falling victim to internet sex predators
BBC Radio Foyle News at One Programme on best practice for parents and children in staying safe online and necessary steps to take (23-Apr-09) Link (internally) here.

Information Hiding, Watermarking and Steganography Event
Involved with colleagues in a Knowledge Club talk delivered Professor Ingemar Cox, BT Chair of Communications at University College London. The event was held at the Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) entitled ‘Information Hiding, Watermarking and Steganography’ and was part of a funded HEFE Connected Project. (27-Apr-09)

Council hosts Project Kelvin seminar
Derry City Gov Site – presentation on “A vision of Derry’s digital future.” at special interactive seminar outlining what Project Kelvin means for the city (2-Sep-09).

BBC Good Morning Ulster
Radio Ulster Good Morning Ulster on Secure Digital Watermarking/Steganography concept which was shortlisted for the 25K awards. Listen. (14-Sep-09)

Ulster Experts Explore Digital Secrets
UU piece on work with Abbas Cheddad, Joan Condell, Peter Devine and Paul Mc Kevitt on investigating digital watermarking and how it can be used to hide personal or sensitive data in photo images, identity cards and other digital media. It was also mentioned as Next Big Thing in 4NI.

BBC Radio Foyle Afternoon Show
BBC Radio Foyle on our Secure Digital Watermarking proposal which won the Hi-Tech category at the 25K awards. Listen. (22-Sep-09)

Hacking Hotmail Accounts
BBC Radio Foyle on thousands of Hotmail e-mail accounts that were compromised as a result of massive Internet phishing scam. You can listen to it here. (6-Oct-09)

SDW’s High Watermark puts better security on the cards
Belfast Telegraph on our recent project to investigate digital watermarking and how it can be used in various security applications.

Innovation across Ulster
Inside Magazine article mentioning how our SDW won the Hi-Tech Category at the 25K awards. We also appeared in the ISRC site.

Windows 7
BBC Radio Foyle interview with Sarah Brett on Windows 7. You can listen to it here. (11-Nov-09)

Web goes Worldwide
Belfast Telegraph on net regulator ICANN inviting countries to apply for internationalised domain names. Also on iStockAnalyst (17-Nov-09).


Hacker crashes government sites
BBC Radio Ulster Talk Back on an attempt made to hack into a web server, owned and maintained the Northern Ireland Civil Service’s IT Shared Service Centre, which hosts a number of government websites including the Planning Service. Listen. (12-Feb-08)

BBC Lunchtime News
BBC Lunchtime News on a hacker crashing the government planning services web site. Watch. (12-Feb-08)

BBC Stormont Live
BBC News – Stormont Live show on the government planning services web site and other computer security issues. Watch. (12-Feb-08)

Hacking Web sites
BBC Evening News on the problems of protecting web sites from hacking. (12-Feb-08)

Online Auction Site Buyer protection
BBC Radio Foyle Morning Programme on the dangers of buying items on Internet Auction sites. Listen. (15-Feb-08)

BBC Radio Ulster Documentary
BBC Radio Ulster dccumentary by Wendy Ulster about Child Pornography and the Internet. Listen. (8-Mar-08)

Northern Ireland Google Earth Woes
BBC Radio Foyle Morning Programme on the poor resolution of images in the North of Ireland on Google Earth. You can listen to the piece here. (19-Mar-08)

Interdisciplinary Sciences Now Leading Force Behind New International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence
Interview in Vol. 2, No. 3, March 2008 edition of the IGI Global newsletter about my being appointed Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence (IJACI) to be launched in 2009.

Passing sex offender email addresses to social networks
Radio Foyle Morning Programme on the government initiative to allow sex offenders’ e-mail addresses to be passed to social networking sites like Facebook and Bebo in an attempt to prevent them contacting children. Listen. (4-April-08)

Organising Riots with Social Media
BBC Radio Ulster Morning Programme about the use of Bebo young people in organising a riot in the city during the weekend. Listen.

Dificulties of monitoring social media sites
BBC Radio Foyle on how difficult it is for social networking sites to actively monitor postings (7 Apr-08)

Online Banking Fraud
BBC Radio Ulster Talk Back on the problem of online fraud especially where people have found that their online banking details have been compromised. You can listen to the piece here. (23-Apr-08)

Net firms in music pirates deal
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on how six of the UK’s biggest net providers have agreed a plan with the music industry to tackle piracy online. (24-Jul-08)

US cracks ‘biggest ID fraud case’
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra on how 11 people in the USA were charged with stealing more than 40 million credit and debit card numbers in the country’s largest ever identity theft. (6-Aug-08)

XTend Medical (XMDC) Begins Remote Patient Monitoring Program in U.K.
redOrbit article on a UU program in the U.K. to monitor patients remotely managing their diabetes and blood pressure and also appears on TeleHealth World. (27-Aug-2008).

Retraining is key to halting data breaches…
Belfast Telegraph article on the importance of protecting data on hard drives. (This was a follow up to the news that personal details of one million people were discovered on a computer sold on eBay.) 28-Aug-2008.

BBC TV – Dangers of WiFi?
BBC Evening News to address concerns over radiation attributed to WiFi networks. (28-Oct-08)

Virtual world of second Life
BBC Radio Foyle on the virtual world Second Life especially with regards its peculiarities such as virtual infidelity. Listen. (18-Nov-08)


Marconi’s Irish Connection
2FM Gerry Ryan Show on the various experiments of Guglielmo Marconi in Ireland and his Irish ancestry. Listen: Part 1 and Part 2.

Google Zeitgeist
BBC Radio Ulster to talk about the Google Zeitgeist on the 8th May 2007. Listen.

Wiki Scanner
BBC Radio Ulster to talk about persons at the Vatican possibly altering Wikipedia entries on Gerry Adams on the 16th August 2007. I was also interviewed on BBC Radio Foyle Afternoon Show programme to talk about Wikipedia and Wiki Scanner on the 16th August 2007. You can listen to the piece here. The Belfast Telegraph then did a piece titled Did Vatican alter Wikipedia info on Adams? which was linked to the earlier BBC item on Wikipedia and Gerry Adams entry. The BBC ran an item titled Vatican ‘edited Adams web page’
on the Wiki Scanner, Vatican and Gerry Adams (16/8/07). It also appeared in VUNet, FunctionPix, Freedom4um,,, The O’Hara Factor, NewsFeed Researcher, adnkronos international, RedOrbit, The Irish Independent, misc.activism, TMC net, Calton Resources, Super News Today including others.

Is the Web a reliable source?
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra on the reliability of online information. Listen. (16-8-07)

Website Designers Overlooking Needs of Disabled People
Ulster Uni press release on companies overlooking the needs of disabled people when designing websites. The article also featured in the Belfast Telegraph (31/10/07) and the National Center on Disability and Access to Distance Education site Accessibility in the News.

Lost in the post: the personal details of 25 million people
BBC Radio Foyle Morning Programme on 25 million people’s personal details were lost in Britain’s worst ever data protection breach HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Listen. (21-Nov-07)

US launch investigation into missing DVLA data
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra on millions of drivers’ records had gone missing in the US. You can listen to the piece here. (19-Dec-07)


Innovations in Music Technology Knowledge Club Talk
Talk demonstrating how innovative software can predict musical structures within songs leading to smoother network transfers (23/03/2006)

Impeller – A news magazine from ITT FLYGT
Impeller on the marriage of communications and information technology is creating a whole new technology sector, called machine-to-machine (M2M) (11/08/2006)

Digital Media Newcomer Of The Year
Silicon Republic outlining all the category winners in the Irish Digital Media Awards 2006. This article also appeared in the Derry Journal on Sunday (19/02/06), the Belfast Telegraph (21/02/06), Londonderry Sentinel (22/02/06), Spoilt Child (02/02/06), the Irish Computer Society Newsletter, the Irish Film and Television Network Film News, Irish Blogs, Professional Ireland, UU Annual Report and the UU Homepage.

CASCADAS EU FET Project on Autonomic Computing
UU Press Release on ‘UU seeking to develop networks that think for themselves’ It also appeared in the Community Telegraph – North Belfast on the 24th January 2006 as “UU Team to take part in EU Project”, and the Derry Journal on the 13th of January as “UU in Blue Skies research project”, in the Foyle News on the 11th of January 2006 as “UU in Blue Skies research project”, on the American Association for Artificial Intelligence in January 2006,
on the ACM News Service as UU Seeking to Develop Networks That Think for Themselves (13/01/06) and repeated here, and the News Letter on the 10th of January as “EU Funding for computers that can think”. An update on the project appeared in the UU Inside Magazine entitled ‘Thinking’ computers for your home in July 2007.

Quote used Wiley for Computer Networks Book Olifer
Wiley Publishing quote me on their website for the excellent “Computer Networks: Principles, Technologies and Protocols for Networks” book Natalia Olifer (ISBN: 978-0-470-86982). I was also interviewed for an OFCOM report on Ease of use issues with domestic electronic communications equipment compiled Mike George and Linda Lennard.

Libellous Hosting Content
BBC News quoting from my appearance on ‘Good Morning Ulster’ radio program on on the problems of jurisdiction.

Website inciting Trimble murder’
Saoirse32 linking to BBC piece on David Trimble

Sensors for Society – The Emerging World of Everywhere, Everyplace Sensor Technology
UU Knowledge Club event where I spoke on RFID.

Investment Belfast 25K Business Plan Competition
Investment Belfast mentioning our runner-up spot with the INNSULIN concept in the 25K competition in October 2006


Walled City to Wireless City!
Inside eWEEK News on wireless and technology in Northern Ireland.

The state of ICT in Northern Ireland
NewsForge on ICT in the Northern Ireland.


Online Recruitment
OnRec about my IntertradeIreland FUSION Video Streaming Project with Claddagh Resources

Spinout Company
UU News about a MMS collaboration with Ronan Toland (BSc graduate in 2003) and here.

Remote Interviewing Via the Web
ICDerry on the IntertradeIreland FUSION Remote Interviewing Project

Hacker ‘threat’ to NI business
BBC News on my War Driving research which exposed 802.11 (Wi-Fi) weaknesses in Northern Ireland Businesses. 

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