BBC Radio Foyle – Home assistants struggle to understand Irish accents
BBC Radio Foyle about distinctive dialects such as the Donegal accent which are proving difficult for virtual help app assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Listen (16 Aug 18)

Central bankers warn of chaos in a cashless society
Politico about the gradual phase-out of cash in many countries posing a serious threat to the financial system, as relying too heavily on digital payment systems exposes them to catastrophic failures in the event of cyberattacks. (16 Aug 18)

It’s Important for Google to Have Your Location for Better Targeted Ads
Sputnik News where Google services on Android devices and iPhones have been revealed to store user location data despite privacy settings. (15 Aug 18)

Google records your location even when you tell it not to
Radio Sputnik about Google recording users’ locations even when location history has been disabled. Listen (14 Aug 18)

Is AI hype weakening trust in cybersec vendors, and enterprise security postures?
SC Magazine on the importance that IT vendors explain the computing limitations and the actual sophistication of the Machine learning algorithms in security products. (10 Aug 18)

Security Comes at the Expense of Convenience but it’s Worth it
cyberradio about the importance of two factor authentication & how Google embrace it. (9 Aug 18)

Security – It’s academic
Comms Business Magazine on how IOT will not reach its full potential until security issues have been addressed. (8 Aug 18)

Dixons Carphone says data breach affected 10 million
BBC Radio Foyle about Dixons Carphone disclosing a huge data breach that took place last year involved 10 million customers. Listen (31 Jul 18)

How riders are tracked in real-time at the Tour de France
BBC Radio Foyle on the technology which enables the tracking of riders in real-time at the Tour de France. Listen (31 Jul 18)

Political accountability, Gardai morale & Facebook Shares
Highland Radio paper review on Ian Paisley Jr, Gardai morale & the enormous drop in Facebook shares. Listen (28 Jul 18)

US Intel Agencies Have ‘Incredible’ Amount of Data on Global Networks
Sputnik International on the incredible detail in which US cyber experts were able to forensically investigate a recent attack. (25 Jul 18)

The richness of data which lies beneath the saddle of a Tour de France Rider
My piece on the technology used by Dimension Data to track riders in real-time during the tour de France. (24 Jul 18)

Russian hackers penetrate US power stations
Radio Sputnik about Russian hackers managing to infiltrate the control rooms of US utility companies. Listen (24 Jul 18)

5 Ways Blockchain Will Transform The Data Centre
Data Economy on how blockchain may play a role in future data centre operations. (24 Jul 18)

Network infrastructure is key for driverless cars
IOT Now on how driverless cars need to be integrated with national intelligent transport infrastructures and systems to be effective. (24 Jul 18)

Untold Reasons Why Hackers Love Bitcoin
CryptoCurry on the role that cryptocurrencies play in hacking trojans like ransomware. (23 Jul 18)

Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Operating Room
IEEE Transmitter on how medical practitioners have experimented with using AI to assist with their spinal surgery scheduling. (22 Jul 18)

Blockchain influencers in UK
UK All Party Parliamentary Group report on “Blockchain industry in UK landscape 2018” which lists me as 1 of the 40 Blockchain influencers in UK. (19 Jul 18)

‘Inside Facebook’ – the disturbing posts that Facebook allows on its site
Highland Radio on the Inside Facebook documentary which sent a reporter undercover as a content moderator for a rare look at the secretive process that rules what can be posted. Listen (18 Jul 18)

UK military must prioritise capabilities in cyber, space, electronic warfare and information operations
SC Magazine on how the European Council has adopted the decision to establish a European Union defence pact, known as PESCO. (14 Jul 18)

How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Health Wearables
IEEE Transmitter on how healthcare is a difficult domain for AI due to low levels of data integrity & disparate IT systems used. (12 Jul 18)

Fraud Advisory Panel on Fraud Futures
Fraud Advisory Panel Report where I discuss the major implications of blockchain in the future security ecosystem. (9 Jul 18)

A print technology balancing openness and security
The Telegraph on the criticality that senior management are aware of cyber-risks. (5 Jul 18)

Mobile phishing in 2018: Why it’s growing and how to stop it
Mobile Business Insights on reasons mobile phishing attacks may net more victims. (29 Jun 18)

Open Source Professionals in Demand
Communications of the ACM about DevOps being an area in which open source talent is in short supply. (29 Jun 18)

The Need for Life Long Learning in Cyber Security
Cyber Radio on the need to keep your knowledge on best practice in cyber security up to to date. (25 Jun 18)

As a UK retailer experiments with fingerprint payments, will a cashless society lead to chaos and is it safe?
i News on how the banking/financial industry has a long way to go to keep up with the sophisticated techniques now been used by fraudsters. (21 Jun 18)

Bitcoin price tumbles after $31 million hack on Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange
The Independent on the hack of a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange which caused a brief crash in the price of bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. (20 Jun 18)

GDPR – About Time
Cyber Radio on the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which iterates on the EUs existing data protection law. (19 Jun 18)

Reflections on the NCSC cyber threat to UK business 2017-18 Report
Cyber Security Practitioner on the cyber risk trends that the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) identified in its recent Threat Report. (18 Jun 18)

Drone technology: a boost to the economy
Government Europa on how drone technology is changing and the limitations for their take off in the commercial industry. (15 Jun 18)

Lily Allen says she spends five hours a day on Twitter
BBC Radio Foyle on the addictive nature of social media sites after singer Lily Allen said she spends 5 hours a day on Twitter. Listen (11 Jun 18)

How tech is saving the environment
Virgin on how technology could be applied to help save the environment. (8 Jun 18)

Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation Centers
Diario Pagina Siete (Bolivia) about the various use cases for Virtual Reality in Drug Rehabilitation Centres. (2 Jun 18)

The Current Limitations and Future Potential of AI in Cybersecurity
Security Week on a recent NIST study which shows the current limitations and future potential of machine learning in cybersecurity. (31 May 18)

From IoT to IoV: The Internet of Vehicles
IEEE Transmitter on the Internet of Vehicles which will allow vehicle-to-vehicle communications, as well as greater insight into human-driven connected cars on road. (25 May 18)

Enterprises facing “nightmare” with IoT security and data privacy, says IEEE
Enterprise IOT on the potential nightmare that enterprises face with the security of everyday devices IoT connecting to their networks. (23 May 18)

Mark Zuckerberg’s European Parliament testimony criticised
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg apologising to EU lawmakers for the company’s role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal & for allowing fake news to proliferate on its platform. Listen (23 May 18)

ATM security threats: Jackpotting and beyond
SmarterMSP about common cyber attacks on Bank Automated Teller Machines. (18 May 18)

How cryptocurrency is shaping today’s threat environment
The Tech Revolutionist on the effects of cryptocurrency on cyber security. (16 May 18)

Scanning the field for threats
Envirotec on whether the environmental arena is ready for the Internet-of-Things. (16 May 18)

Mobile Phishing Increasing at an Alarming Rate
Enterprise Mobility Exchange on the risk to corporations due to the rise of mobile phishing attacks. (11 May 18)

US Senator John McCain has suggested the US should attack Russia with cyber-weapons
Radio Sputnik Moscow on US Senator John McCain who suggested the US should attack Russia with its cyber-weapons to retaliate for Russia’s alleged meddling in the US elections. Listen (4 May 18)

Just FYI, Mr. McCain: Any Cyber Attack Can Be Reversed
Sputnik News on the possibility that offensive national cyber security attacks can be reverse engineered & used against the aggressor. (4 May 18)

Cambridge Analytica Closing Operations Following Facebook Data Controversy
Highland Radio on data firm Cambridge Analytica which is shutting down following allegations about its misuse of Facebook data. Listen (3 May 18)

How cryptocurrency is shaping today’s threat environment
Trend Micro on how the decentralized currency model of cryptocurrencies enable hackers to get paid more easily. (2 May 18)

GDPR: Companies preparing for EU data privacy shake-up
BBC Radio Foyle News at One about General Data Protection Regulation as many of us are now receiving privacy policy change emails from companies attempting to comply. Listen (1 May 18)

The surge of opt-in emails in prelude to the general data protection regulations
BBC Radio Ulster on the central tenets of GDPR where EU citizens have more control over personally identifiable information. Listen (1 May 18)

The Internet of Things: Farm to Table
IEEE Transmitter interactive article on how The Internet of Things is helping in global food production. (27 Apr 18)

Securing The Robots
Robotics Tomorrow on the security of robots today. (27 Apr 18)

Facebook to vet UK political ads for May 2019 local elections
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook promising to make political advertising more transparent with a new “view ads” button & via authenticated accounts. Listen (26 Apr 18)

‘Holy Grail’ Exploit Puts Nintendo Switch Consoles at Risk
Tech News World on Fusée Gelée vulnerability which allows anyone to run code on Nintendo Switch’s chip by overloading a critical buffer when booting. (25 Apr 18)

Mobile fraud saw sharp rise in Q1
Enterprise Mobility Exchange on mobile app marketers exposed to 30% more fraud in the first quarter 2018 than previous year. (24 Apr 18)

IoT botnet actively exploiting Drupal CMS bug
SC Magazine on the Muhstik botnet that is using a severe flaw in the Drupal CMS to infect other systems. (24 Apr 18)

Khloe Kardashian’s newborn baby has her own Instagram account
BBC Radio Foyle about the merits of creating a social media account for a child such as Khloe Kardashian did on Instagram. Listen (19 Apr 18)

Prime suspect in ‘big bitcoin heist’ escapes Iceland prison and flees on plane with country’s prime minister
The Independent on the the risk of losing cryptocurrencies with little recourse to recovery. (19 Apr 18)

School warns over Roblox and Fortnite online games
Highland Radio about concerns in schools that children may not know exactly with whom they are chatting to online.. Listen (18 Apr 18)

Wetherspoons tells followers that it is quitting social media
BBC Radio Foyle on pub chain Wetherspoon quitting social media due to concerns regarding the “misuse of personal data” and “the addictive nature of social media”. Listen (16 Apr 18)

Is the VR Universe in Ready Player One Possible?
Gizmodo on whether we could support a world wide Virtual Reality world as shown in the movie Ready Player One. (16 Apr 18)

IEEE Cybersecurity in a hyperconnected world part 1
IEEE Transmitter on cyber security aspects like email phishing and the role of machine learning in securing systems. Watch (12 Apr 18)

IEEE Cybersecurity in a hyperconnected world part 2
IEEE Transmitter on vital cybersecurity skills: Networking and Cryptography. Watch (12 Apr 18)

Amazon patents ‘voice-sniffing’ algorithms
BBC Radio Foyle on Amazon’s patent which describes algorithm that can listen to entire conversations, using “trigger words”, such as like and love, to build a profile of customers. Listen (12 Apr 18)

Can Blockchain secure the Internet of Things?
BDaily News on the potential of blockchain to be used to secure IoT devices. (12 Apr 18)

Mark Zuckerberg’s Congress Testimony day 1
BBC Radio Foyle News on Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before Congress in wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal. Listen (11 Apr 18)

Why AI Could Be Cybersecurity’s Next Big Thing
CXO Today on the need for more sophisticated techniques such as machine learning to discover lurking cyber intrusion techniques. (9 Apr 18)

Facebook scandal ‘hit 87 million users’
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook revealing that the data of 87 million users was improperly shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. Listen (5 Apr 18)

DUP MLA deletes Twitter account over retweet
BBC Newsline on DUP MLA apologising and deleting his Twitter account after retweeting a post describing London Mayor Sadiq Khan as the “enemy within”. Watch (4 Apr 18)

Biometrics: a security bane or boon?
Tahawul Tech on how Biometric security is emerging as the preferred way to safeguard data from threat actors. (3 Apr 18)

Under Armour Data Breach Exposes 150 Million MyFitnessPal Accounts
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on 150 million users of the MyFitnessPal app & website having data leaked in a breach. Listen (30 Mar 18)

MyFitnessPal app hit by data breach affecting 150 million users
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra on the MyFitnessPal data breach affecting some 150 million user accounts. Listen (30 Mar 18)

What the Internet of Things (IoT) means for data security
ITPro on how device manufacturers, in particular, are in a prime position to potentially abuse IoT-generated data. (28 Mar 18)

Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones
Radio Sputnik Moscow about users collecting their data from Facebook & discovering that Facebook had been logging call & SMS data for years. Listen (27 Mar 18)

Facebook users shocked to find it logs SMS texts and calls
BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra on sers discovering that Facebook holds more data about them than they expected, including complete logs of incoming & outgoing calls & SMS messages. Listen (26 Mar 18)

Facebook & Cambridge Analytica Data Harvesting Scandal
Highland Radio on Facebook facing scrutiny from lawmakers after revelations that Cambridge Analytica hoovered up 50 million Facebook profiles. Listen (21 Mar 18)

How Can Blockchain Be Used to Aid Cybersecurity?
The Merkle on how blockchain might help offer greater assurances for the legitimacy of the data in IOT devices. (21 Mar 18)

Self-driving Uber kills pedestrian in first fatal crash
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on autonomous Uber car killing a woman in the street in Arizona in first fatal crash involving a self-driving vehicle and a pedestrian. Listen (20 Mar 18)

Autonomous Uber car involved in fatal US crash
BBC Radio Ulster “Good Morning Ulster” on self-driving car from ride-hailing company Uber involved in accident that leaves pedestrian dead. Listen (20 Mar 18)

Trump campaign data firm accused of harvesting Facebook data
BBC Radio Ulster Talkback on Facebook failing to inform users that Cambridge Analytica harvested their data illegally. Listen (19 Mar 18)

The role of technology in a frictionless border
UTV Live News on the role of technology in a frictionless border as a result of Brexit. Watch (16 Mar 18)

Taoiseach & Donald Trump, Brexit, HSE crisis
Highland Radio Nine till Noon Show on Taoiseach & Donald Trump, border issue arising from Brexit & HSE. Listen (16 Mar 18)

Cryptocurrency: just for tax avoidance & paying cyber-hold-ups anonymously?
SC Magazine on how blockchain technology could potentially allow billions of connected IoT devices to communicate in a secure yet decentralised ecosystem. (13 Mar 18)

Lithuania calls for European cyber team
Trouw (Netherlands) on Lithuania introducing ‘cyber-Schengen’ plan for a European team of cyber specialists that member states should support. (10 Mar 18)

Drone-tracking system paves way for UK deliveries from air
BBC Radio Foyle about automated UK drone-tracking which paves the way for commercial operators to fly unmanned aircraft regularly over longer distances than is currently possible. Listen (7 Mar 18)

Flippy the burger flipping robot
BBC Radio Foyle News on Flippy, the burger-flipping robot designed to operate in a commercial kitchen. Listen (6 Mar 18).

Many Attacks Which Russia Gets the Blame For Are Not From Russia
Sputnik International News where I state that state sponsored hackers often attempt to attribute attacks to other countries. (2 Mar 18).

Facebook: How to see the ‘Secret File’ the Social Network Is storing about You
Newsweek on the information Facebook retain about users and how to safeguard privacy. (1 Mar 18).

Lithuania calls for ‘cyber Schengen’ zone to battle Cyber warfare
Radio Sputnik on Lithuania leading an effort to form an EU rapid cyber defence to battle online crime & aggression which operate border-free. Listen (1 Mar 18).

Most Americans are scared of Driverless Cars
Newsweek on a poll that found “Most Americans are scared of Driverless Cars”. (28 Feb 18).

Phone scammers stealing from the vulnerable
BBC Radio Foyle News on dangers of disclosing bank account details in unsolicited phone calls. Listen (27 Feb 18).

Setting the “Gold Standard” in Blockchain
Journal of the British Blockchain Association inaugural edition editorial call for contributions. (25 Feb 18).

Open Source Powers Supercomputing
Communications of the ACM on why top 500 supercomputers in the world are running Linux & aspects that make it a good environment for supercomputers. (21 Feb 18).

The future of 5G Networks
Interview with Peter Zhou, Chief Marketing Officer, Huawei Wireless on the future of 5G networks. Watch (19 Feb 18).

IoT Smart Roads: Paving the way
Smart Industry on how future cars will become more integrated with national intelligent transport infrastructures. (17 Feb 18).

Why AI Could be Cybersecurity’s Next Big Thing
IEEE Transmitter on how more sophisticated techniques such as machine learning are needed to discover cyber intrusion techniques. (16 Feb 18).

Tech Corner – Bitcoin, Facebook & Falcon Heavy Launch
BBC Radio Foyle on decline in teenagers on Facebook, the lure of Iceland for Bitcoin mining & Elon Musk. Listen (13 Feb 18).

Here’s how blockchain could solve the post-Brexit Irish border question
The Telegraph on how a blockchain could potentially help cross border trade. (8 Feb 18).

Are You Getting “Bit-Conned”?
isBuzz News on risks of not securing your cryptocurrency. (8 Feb 18).

Former Google & Facebook Employees campaign against Tech Addiction
BBC Radio on former tech workers who launched a campaign to highlight potential harm of digital platforms on young people, alongside a call to regulate tech companies. Listen (7 Feb 18).

GandCrab blends old and new threat resources as ransomware evolves
SC magazine on GandCrab ransomware with a distribution method & currency choice that could be pointers to how 2018 ransomware evolves. (1 Feb 18).

Call to ban smartphone sales to young people
Highland Radio Nine til Noon show about an Irish politician’s bid to ban smartphone sale to young people. Listen (25 Jan 18).

A C-Suite Guide to Blockchain – Catch me if you can
IDG Connect on IoT devices & their limited role in Blockchain. (22 Jan 18).

European Commission set to spend €1bn on supercomputers
Alphr on the European Commission planning to pump €1 billion into boosting infrastructure behind Europe’s supercomputers over the next two years. (15 Jan 18).

How organised is organised crime?
Coin Talk on how cybercrime units possess roles that we typically come across in any large legitimate business. (7 Jan 18).

The quantum computing apocalypse is imminent
TechCrunch on the risks to cyber security in the quantum computing age. (5 Jan 18).

Major flaw found in millions of Intel chips
Highland Radio Nine til Noon show on the major flaw found in millions of computer chips – most notably Intel. Listen (4 Jan 18).

Your computer may run 30 per cent slower due to Intel chip bug
New Scientist on a new security flaw relating to Intel chips that will affect millions of computers (3 Jan 18).


How the Internet of Things is making Everyday Objects Smarter
Los Angeles Times on what the Internet of Things offers consumers (29 Dec 17).

Bitcoin: A digital currency for a digital age
IT Security Guru on the difficulties faced by the general public in dealing with Bitcoin (22 Dec 17).

The future of passports
BBC Radio 4 World at One about the role of electronic passports in the future. Listen (22 Dec 17).

Electronic e-cards at Christmas?
BBC Radio Foyle on the decline in Christmas cards & if electronic e-cards are a valid alternative. Listen (19 Dec 17).

How organised is organised cybercrime?
The Sunday Times on how cybercrime organisations now model real world organisational structures. (17 Dec 17).

Net Neutrality Dismantled
BBC Radio Foyle on US FCC dismantling net neutrality regulations that prohibited ISPs from blocking certain content. Listen (15 Dec 17).

EU Needs Larger Budget, Int’l Cooperation to Tackle Cybercrime
Sputnik on European Union unable to tackle cybersecurity attacks, which threaten individual member countries without a larger budget and wider cooperation (13 Dec 17).

Is Facebook “ripping society apart?
BBC Radio Foyle on former Facebook VP who expressed regret for his part in building tools that destroy ‘the social fabric of how society works’. Listen (13 Dec 17).

BBC Radio Ulster Talkback – Politicians abused on social media
BBC Radio Ulster Talkback about the abuse some politicians receive on social media sites. Listen (13 Dec 17).

North’s technology sector ‘must reinvent itself for next decade’
The Irish News on Northern Ireland needing to take advantage of fast-changing global knowledge economy presented by new technologies (12 Dec 17).

MoneyTaker hackers reportedly steal £7.5m from ATMs
BBC Technology News on Russian-speaking hackers who stole nearly £7.5m from companies in Russia, UK & US. (12 Dec 17).

Smartwatches – are they worth it?
BBC Radio Foyle on upsides & downsides to buying a smartwatch. Listen (6 Dec 17).

Twitter, where politicians can get themselves into trouble
BBC One “The View” on the dark side of Twitter. (1 Dec 17).

Quantum Key Distribution Gets a Speed Boost
TechNews World on a Quantum Key Distribution method to increase key transmission rates up to 10 times, bringing them into the megabit per second range. (1 Dec 17).

Lord Kilclooney ‘will not be bullied’ over Irish PM tweet
BBC News on need for more transparency from Twitter on how it polices content (30 Nov 17).

Quantum Key Distribution Gets a Speed Boost
Pakistan Online about quantum cryptography’s strength not dependent on mathematical complexity but on physical principles (30 Nov 17).

#CyberAware – An Interview with Professor Kevin Curran
PureVPN on the latest notorious cyber security attacks. (30 Nov 17).

Are Smartphones going to disappear?
Yahoo News interview on what could possibly replace smartphones. (24 Nov 17).

Windows, Mac and Linux all at risk from flaws in Excel file reader library
SC Magazine on multiple flaws in Libxls that could result in remote code execution using specially crafted XLS files. (21 Nov 17).

Highland Radio – What’s in the papers
Highland radio on homelessness, roadworks, Brexit & Irish world cup host bid failure. Listen (17 Nov 17).

Self-driving cars
The Day Explorer on whether self-driving cars are safer than human drivers. (16 Nov 17).

Will a robot take your job?
RTE Brainstorm on Robots and examples of them doing the work that humans previously performed. (11 Nov 17).

Google takes giant leap in self-driving cars
The Day on Google’s progress with self driving autonomous vehicles. (9 Nov 17).

Working on the Blockchain gang
RTE Brainstorm about how Blockchain can transform key aspects of society. (29 Oct 17).

Artificial intelligence and the future of relationships
Pulse on how AI researchers are continuously exploring ways to make robots & dolls have far more human-like feel and look. (28 Oct 17).

The future of government is digital
The Times – Raconteur special report on how future items may be included in a global blockchain during the manufacturing process. (26 Oct 17).

Study reveals in-person service essential in creating smart homes
Internet of Business about how IoT will transform the way consumers interact with the world around them. (25 Oct 17).

BBC Radio Foyle – Important gadgets of last 60 years
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast on the most important gadgets of the modern era. Listen (19 Oct 17).

Every Wi-Fi Network Is At Risk Of Hacking In ‘Krack’ Attack
Information Security Buzz on possible mitigation strategies for Krack. (19 Oct 17).

BBC Radio Ulster – Which Magazine 60th Anniversary
BBC Radio Ulster’s “Good Morning Ulster” show on which magazines 60th anniversary & best products Listen (19 Oct 17).

Wifi protocol falls victim to ‘Krack’ attack, most access points vulnerable
SC Magazine on KRACK WPA2 Wireless attack leaving many devices vulnerable. (17 Oct 17).

Highland Radio Ten to One Show – Musgrave Cyber Attack
Highland radio on cyber attacks and practicing safe computing Listen (12 Oct 17).

Dead Facebook users will soon outnumber the living
BBC Radio Foyle on what happens to Facebook accounts when you die. Listen (11 Oct 17).

Nvidia paves way for 24/7 autonomous deliveries with DHL partnership
The Inquirer on driverless car trials partnership between DHL and Nvidia. (10 Oct 17).

Digitally Secure
AgendaNI on security concerns faced by governments when deploying online services & suggested methods to combat them. (9 Oct 17).

Paedophile hunter groups operating in Northern Ireland
BBC Spotlight NI about Paedophile hunters in Northern Ireland. Watch (4 Oct 17).

Could blockchain unlock the potential in IoT?
Big Data IoT Forum on how existing blockchain-based IoT frameworks work to keep out unauthorised devices from the network. (27 Sep 17).

When Quantum Computers Come, They May Speak Microsoft
TechNewsWorld on the repercussions for public-key encryption when quantum computing becomes a reality. (27 Sep 17).

Germany votes for 50m euro social media fines
Radio Sputnik on social media companies in Germany facing fines of up to 50m euros if they fail to remove “obviously illegal” content in time. Listen (18 Sep 17).

For data security, do not rush to buy iPhone X
China Business Network News (Yicai Global) on biometric security in the wake of the launch of Face ID on iPhone X. (19 Sep 17).

OFCOM – Just over half of premises in rural parts of Northern Ireland have the best fast connections
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show on Rural Areas affected by poor broadband in Northern Ireland. Listen (18 Sep 17).

Apple confirms a way to stop cops and robbers abusing Face ID
Express Newsline on the possibility of 3D facial models fooling Apple’s Face ID (16 Sep 17).

How secure is Face ID?
MacWorld on possible weaknesses in Apple’s Face ID feature on the iPhone X. (14 Sep 17).

The hidden danger of cryptocurrency mining in the enterprise
SCMagazineUK on the hidden danger of cryptocurrency mining in the enterprise. (14 Sep 17).

HUAWEI CONNECT 2017 – Opinion Leaders Connect with Huawei
Huawei Connect 2017 discussing aspects which caught the attention. Watch (14 Sep 17).

Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X Launch
BBC Radio Foyle News at One about latest iPhone launch in Cupertino and what to expect. Listen (12 Sep 17).

Bantercast Podcast: The Future of Work
Bantercast on how groundbreaking developments in technology and AI will mean changes for workplaces in the years to come. Listen (8 Sep 17).

CBC News – Cutting Errors
CBC News (Toronto) on Microsoft’s conversational speech recognition reaching its lowest error rate. Watch (21 Aug 17).

UK data bill to bring more protection and bigger fines
Radio Sputnik on new data protection bill handing individuals increased powers over way their personal data are processed. Listen (8 Aug 17).

O2 Admits slowing down customers’ Internet speeds dramatically when roaming
BBC Radio Foyle on O2’s temporary measures in place to protect the service experience for roaming customers. Listen (28 Jul 17).

How Machine Learning is Helping Us Strengthen Home Security
Modern Wellness on robots at the forefront of innovation in home security. (24 Jul 17)

Electricity shake-up could save consumers ‘up to £40bn’
BBC Radio Foyle on implications of new rules making it easier for people to generate their own power with solar panels. Listen (24 Jul 17).

Quantum Computing Could Make Today’s Encryption Obsolete
Data Center Knowledge on a post quantum encryption world. (18 Jul 17)

BBC Radio Foyle – Net Neutrality
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast Show on the Net Neutrality “Day of Action”. Listen (12 Jul 17).

Snapchat, Robots & Venom, Donal Trump Violent Tweets & SwonSong
BBC Radio Foyle about Snap Map, leaving messages from beyond the grave, Donald Trump’s Violent Tweets & Robots extracting venom from Scorpions. Listen (4 Jul 17).

In aftermath of Petya, congressman asks NSA to stop the attack if it knows how
TechCrunch on some key differences in the Petya malware and the WannaCry ransomware. (29 Jun 17)

Six steps to follow for a company to avoid being a victim of Petya
CIO on the various payloads found in the Petya malware (27 June 17).

Highland Radio – Apple iPhone 10 year anniversary
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty Show on launch of the iPhone and general chit chat about smartphones. Listen (27 Jun 17).

BBC Radio Foyle – 10 year anniversary of the iPhone.
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast News on the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. Listen (27 June 17).

WindSpring brings data compression technology to IoT
IoT Agenda on data compression technology aiming to help ease the pressure on power. (26 June 17)

Snapchat Snap Map, Facebook and illegal downloads
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty Show about Snapchat’s Snap Map, Facebook and illegal downloads. Listen (23 Jun 17).

A Method For Verifying Integrity And Authenticating Digital Media
Forensic Focus on our A Method For Verifying Integrity And Authenticating Digital Media. (9 Jun 17)

Cybersecurity Making a new Space
Techphlie on the problems posed by ransomware such as Wannacry. (6 Jun 17)

Social media giants ‘shamefully far’ from tackling illegal content
BBC Radio Foyle on Home Affairs Select Committee stating that extreme content taking too long to be removed. Listen (1 May 17).

Amazon Echo Look Stylist, IoT Fridges with inbuilt WiFi cameras and Banning WiFi in Cafes
BBC Radio Foyle on the Echo Look for choosing outfits, fridges which can notify about expiry dates on food and WiFi free cafes. Listen (2 May 17).

‘A Day in a Connected Life’ Infographic From IEEE
The Institute on how big data and the Internet of Things might be used in gyms, stores, and homes. (3 May 17)

When a robot runs the company
ZDNet on the advances in artificial intelligences which could lead to the arrival of robotic CEOs. (8 May 17)

Inside Track – A look into aspects of Cyber Security
Network Computing on IoT, encryption back doors, steganography, security standards and biometrics. (8 May 17)

A new formula for IoT security is risk equals probability multiplied by loss
IoT Now on the differences in securing IoT devices as opposed to traditional networked devices. (11 May 17)

Digital gold: why hackers love Bitcoin
The Guardian on the early days of ransomware payments in the light of WannaCry. (15 May 17)

WannaCry ransomware cyber-attacks slow but fears remain
BBC Radio Foyle on the WannaCry ransomware Global Attacks. Listen (15 May 17).

Highland Radio – The problem of ransomware
Highland Radio on the global repercussions of the latest ransomware Attacks. Listen (15 May 17).

After WannaCry, will Google now fix permissions security flaw exploited by most Android ransomware?
V3 on the problem of fragmentation in the Android market leading to poorer security. (16 May 17)

Industry Reactions to WannaCry Ransomware Attacks
Security Week on money needing to be spent on cybersecurity and organizations needing to run modern patched operating systems. (16 May 17)

Ransomware, cybercrime and the future of health related wearables
SiriusXM Doctor Radio Show (New York, US) on cyber security and wearables in healthcare. Listen (17 May 17).

Security experts hit out at Google over refusal to patch Android security flaw exploited by ransomware
Computing on Google failing to take action on a security flaw behind three-quarters of the ransomware on the Android platform. (19 May 17)

US Investigation into terrorists using virtual currencies to fund their operations
Radio Sputnik World Service (Moscow) on US dept of Homeland Security conducting a threat assessment for terrorists using virtual currencies to fund their operations. Listen (22 May 17).

Facebook Internal Rules Book Leak
BBC Radio News at One on internal documents outlining Facebook’s in-house policy for handling content containing sex, threats & violence which was leaked to the Guardian. Listen (22 May 17).

Intimacy and Robots
KISS 1065 (Australia) – The ThinkerGirls show on future relationships with fembots. Listen (22 May 17).

No Evidence: US Pushes for Investigation Into Terrorist Use of Virtual Currency
South Africa Today on whether terrorists use virtual currencies, or receive funding with them. (22 May 17)

Sex Dolls Are The New Companion
KIIS 1065 (Australia) – The ThinkerGirls show on future relationships with fembots. Listen (23 May 17)

Interview with Kevin Curran on Recent Ransomware Attack
Digital Conquer on flaws that helped the spread of Wannacry and how IT admins and PC users can protect from such harmful ransomware. (23 May 17)

For more advanced computing, technology needs to make a quantum leap
CIO Dive on cryptographers creating new algorithms to prepare for a time when quantum computing could pose a threat. (30 May 17)

Why hackers demand Bitcoin ransoms?
Tin Tuc on the use of cryptocurrencies by criminals. (30 May 17)

Industry Reactions to WannaCry Ransomware Attacks
Opsfolio on Wannacry damage and lessons learnt. (29 May 17)

A new formula for IoT security is risk equals probability multiplied by loss
IoT Now on IoT security being different because connected devices are primarily embedded, dedicated computer systems and are therefore quite limited. (31 May 17)

10 Incredible Implications Of Quantum Technology
Listverse on the implications of Quantum Computing on Cyber Security (1 Apr 17)

Implementing DevOps: 5 obstacles to overcome
ZDNet on common obstacles to DevOps success and how to overcome them (3 Apr 17)

How to implement DevOps: 5 tips for doing it right
ZDNet on the importance of fostering an environment of experimentation in getting DevOps implemented correctly (3 Apr 17)

Movie industry forces Irish ISPs to take action against illegal streaming sites
Highland Radio on Irish internet service providers needing to block access to illegal streaming websites. Listen (4 Apr 17).

Mobile Technology of the Future | What Tomorrow Holds
Hang the bankers about issues with battery life on mobile phones (5 Apr 17)

Alibaba takes on China’s fake food scams with blockchain technology
Tech Wire Asia on the importance of decentralisation of Blockchain (6 Apr 17)

Why Cyber Criminals are Capitalizing on Digital Currencies
Technative interview on cryptocurrency use in dark web marketplaces (6 Apr 17)

Pragmatic approaches to combating cyber threats today
Agenda NI on best practice advice for prevention of computer fraud. (8 Apr 17)

Touch Screens May Be Ruining Toddlers’ Sleep
BBC Radio Foyle on possible disturbance to toddler’s sleep due to use of tablets. Listen (14 Apr 17).

Credit card with a fingerprint sensor revealed by Mastercard
BBC Radio Foyle on a payment card featuring a fingerprint sensor. Listen (20 Apr 17).

IEEE Mobile World Congress 2017 – Day 3
IEEE Tech Roundup on day 3 of Mobile World Congress 2017. Watch (1 Mar 17).

Barcelona: Many new smart phones
Euronews on 5G & the cloud at Mobile World Congress 2017 (1 Mar 17).

​Can blockchain disrupt the legal industry? Ulster University professor, instrumental in new Legal Innovation Centre, shares thoughts
Techwatch on Blockchain and its implications for the legal profession (8 Mar 17).

That Encrypted Chat App the White House Liked? Full of Holes
Wired on the importance of actual code audits on important encryption products (9 Mar 17).

BBC Radio Ulster – Wikileaks CIA Vault 7
BBC Radio Ulster – Talkback show on the revelation from Vault 7 leak that the CIA used Samsung TVs as listening devices. Listen (9 Mar 17).

BBC Radio Foyle – Facebook Sexploitation Blackmail Scams
BBC Radio Foyle about a Derry man who revealed how blackmailers demanded £10,000 not to reveal an intimate video on Facebook. Listen (10 Mar 17).

Mobile World Congress Features Rescue Drones, Self-Driving Race Cars, and Mixed Reality
IEEE Institute magazine on a select pick of new products from the Mobile World Congress 2017 showroom floor. (15 Mar 17).

10 ways tech can cure big-city headaches
Raconteur on the importance of low latency on 5G networks for safer driving. (15 Mar 17).

IEEE considers management of connected devices the main security challenge
Convergecom on risks to organisations posed by ransomware. (16 Mar 17).

IEEE Cyber Security – Ransomware
IEEE Transmitter on ransomware attacks as part of their Cybersecurity Vulnerability Navigator Resource. Part 1 2 3 (21 Mar 17).

IEEE Cyber Security – Cross-Site Scripting
IEEE Transmitter on cross-site scripting attacks as part of their Cybersecurity Vulnerability Navigator Resource. Part 1 2 3 (21 Mar 17)

IEEE Cyber Security – Data Breaches
IEEE Transmitter on the problem of data breaches as part of their Cybersecurity Vulnerability Navigator Resource. Listen (21 Mar 17).

How the laptop ban could change the course of in-flight entertainment
The Telegraph on the international ban on laptops & iPads in cabins and its impact on the future of in-flight entertainment. (23 Mar 17).

How cryptocurrencies have aided cyber-criminals using ransomware
Vanilla+ on how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin facilitate the rise of Ransomware. (23 Mar 17)

Data Breaches, Compromised Credentials, and Ransomware are Among CIOs and CTOs Top Concerns
The Institute on cyber security threat worries for CIOs and CTOs (24 Mar 17)

Can blockchain disrupt the legal industry?
Silicon Republic on innovations in blockchain and how it could shake up the legal industry (31 Mar 17)

BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast News – Whatsapp’s new features
BBC Radio Foyle about Whatsapp’s new features to edit or delete messages. Listen (3 Feb 17).

The security theory and troubling practice behind the TSA’s PreCheck security lines
CIO on the expedited screening process offered by TSA PreChecks (6 Feb 17).

Technologies leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Artificial Intelligence Online on technology trends which will drive next evolution in manufacturing (13 Feb 17).

AI and Robotics Trends: Experts Predict
Datamation on future trends for AI in workplace, retail & security sectors (15 Feb 17).

Ulster University launches tech-oriented Legal Innovation Centre
Irish Legal News on our new Legal Innovation Centre with support from global firms Allen & Overy and Baker McKenzie (21 Feb 17).

IEEE Mobile World Congress 2017 – Day One
IEEE interview on interesting Technology on display at Mobile World Congress 2017. Watch (27 Feb 17).

Mobile World Congress : tous à l’assaut de Samsung
Euronews interview (French) on things to see at Mobile World Congress 2017. Watch (27 Feb 17).

RTE News on Mobile World Congress 2017 – Day One
RTE News on trends at Mobile World Congress 2017. Watch (27 Feb 17).

Faster Networks for Advancing Technology
HUTV on some Huawei X-Labs research into Drones, AR/VR, Connected Cars & Drones. Watch (28 Feb 17).

BBC Radio – Mobile World Congress update
BBC Radio Foyle about technology on display at Mobile World Congress 2017. Listen (28 Feb 17).

9 IoT global trends for 2017
Tech Republic on where the Internet of Things is headed in 2017 (2 Jan 17).

AI and Chatbots: Where we are and Where we’re headed
Inside Big Data on potential use cases for chatbots (5 Jan 17).

MEPs vote on robots’ legal status
BBC Radio Foyle News on MEPs calling for the adoption of rules for how humans will interact with artificial intelligence and robots. Listen (12 Jan 17).

Chair in Cyber Security
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson Show – Interview on my appointment to a chair in Cyber Security. Listen (13 Jan 17).

The e-vote, the pending challenge of cybersecurity
ABC Spain on the challenges of security voting (16 Jan 17).

Why drones are not just for Christmas
IDG Connect on the future of commercial drones (26 Jan 17).

Quantum Computers Versus Hackers, Round One. Fight!
Wired on where Quantum computing will be applied in the future (27 Jan 17).

BBC Radio Ulster – Phishing attacks and password managers
BBC Radio Ulster “On Your Behalf” Consumer show about Cyber Security. Listen (28 Jan 17). Short clip on the The Perfect Password?.


UK’s critical infrastructure could be taken out by hackers, warns expert
Computing News on the likilhood of hacking attacks on UK ICS/SCADA systems (6 Jan 16).

Twitter to increase Tweet character limit
Highland Radio interview about Twitter considering 10,000 character limit for Tweets. Listen (7 Jan 16).

RTE Player geoblocking restrictions in Northern Ireland
BBC Radio Foyle on IP address geoblocking which led to N. Ireland residents prevented from RTE Player content. Listen (11 Jan 16).

Google readies for VR battle against Occulus & Facebook with new Virtual Reality division
Computer Business Review on the revelation that Google is to form a Virtual Reality Division (13 Jan 16).

What Are The Greatest Challenges Facing Retailers In 2016?
Retail TouchPoints on the mobile payments market in 2016 & implications for retailers. Read
(14 Jan 16).

Power plants, factories, critical infrastructures at risk of hacking, DHS cyber expert says
Washington Times quotes me on the need to patch mission-critical systems (14 Jan 16).

Panasonic bets on EV, backs Tesla Gigafactory to take electric cars mainstream
Computer Business Review on the need for standarised charging stations in future intelligent transport infrastructures (18 Jan 16).

How Could the Physical-Security Industry Deploy Wearable Tech?
IFSEC Global how technology might be deployed by security guards and security services in the coming years (19 Jan 16).

Public bin wearables as they move onto drones and 3D printers
ChannelBixz on what will become “redundant” in 2016, according to an annual survey of consumers conducted for industry organisation IEEE (20 Jan 16).

Online sex scam: PSNI warning after NI men are blackmailed
UTV Live News at Six on people in Northern Ireland who have been blackmailed online over sexual images Watch (20 Jan 16).

Smartphone to kill single-purpose devices in 2016
Smartchimps on the smartphone removing the market for single function devices like cameras and ebooks (21 Jan 16).

Online Voting can be secured and should be an option in the 2020 UK General Election
WebRoots Democracy on the security challenges facing the implementation of online voting (26 Jan 16).

Has Apple’s driverless cars hit a road block? Project Titan stalls as Steve Zadeasky departs
Computer Business Review on the future of Apple in the automotive world (27 Jan 16).

Drones, AI & VR: How Google is shaping up to be the one to beat in IoT
Computer Business Review on the potential of deeper investment by Google in Virtual Reality (28 Jan 16).

Why the Cloud Has a Security Problem
Huffington Post on the prevalence of on-going hacking attacks in the Cloud (29 Jan 16).

Secrets from the dark side of the Web
Excellence Expected podcast on some issues to be aware of when it comes to remaining safe online Listen (1 Feb 16).

PSNI and Ulster University launch online safety course
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on best practice in remaining safe online. Listen (2 Feb 16).

Privacy, liability & patents: 4 major IoT legal challenges every CIO is facing
Computer Business Review on potential issues surrounding privacy with the Internet of Things (2 Feb 16).

Driverless, automated & connected: How the Government is planning a revival of the UKs motor industry
Computer Business Review on plans to make the UK more open to driverless cars (3 Feb 16).

Dell’s cloud BIOS security checks your PC is malware free as it boots
ZDNet on a new BIOS verification mechanism being rolled out on a range of Dell laptops (5 Feb 16).

DataCentred OpenStack public cloud to support HMRC digital tax platform
Computer Business Review on DataCentred been awarded a contract to provide its OpenStack public cloud to support HMRC’s multi-channel digital tax platform (9 Feb 16).

Internet monitoring bill ‘must do more to protect privacy’
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on draft investigatory powers bill which forces ISPs to retain customers surfing records for 12 months. Listen (9 Feb 16).

Wave and enter: The wearable tech set to kill the password and PIN for good
Wareable on the integration of biometrics into wearables for authentication (11 Feb 16).

Would you MARRY a robot? Artificial intelligence will allow people to find lasting love with machines, expert claims
Daily Mail on humans forming close relationships with robots (12 Feb 16).

Internet of Things, virtual reality, phones and more: What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2016
ZDNet on themes such as VR, IoT, 5G expected at Mobile World Congress 2016 (12 Feb 16).

Google seeks driverless talent as Google X jobs advertised
Computer Business Revieww on Google expanding its driverless car team (12 Feb 16).

Avtomobili bodo samovozeči prej, kot si mislimo!
Planet (Solvenia) on thoughts about smartphones, VR & driverless cars (15 Feb 16).

MWC 2016 Preview: What Will Dazzle and Disappoint in Barcelona?
Mobile Advertising Watch on trends likely to be on display in Barcelona (16 Feb 16).

Emoticons in texts can rack up huge bills
BBC Radio Foyle on people being charged higher rates when emoticons cause text messages to be converted into MMS messages. Listen (17 Feb 16).

The Internet Of Things Could Be A Back Door For Ad Fraud
Ad Exchanger on IoT-based fraud being a future-facing scenario (19 Feb 16).

Apple feud with FBI over iPhone order heats up
LBC radio on battle between Apple & the FBI over their request to unlock a specific Apple device. Listen (20 Feb 16).

Carmakers Cozy Up to Tech Buyers in Barcelona
Bloomberg Business on the race to dominate the connected vehicle market (21 Feb 16).

When will our smartphones be smarter than us
Tech Talks Central roundtables podcast hosted by Vicki Kolovou on multi-aspects of AI. Listen (23 Feb 16).

El Mobile World Congress escenifica la guerra total por la realidad virtual
Republica (Spain) on Virtual Reality products at Mobile World Congress (23 Feb 16).

The last visorless generation: virtual reality at the MWC
Deutsche Welle (Germany) on potential applications of Virtual Reality (24 Feb 16).

VR on surface of mars
CNBC (USA) on the potential of immersive shared virtual reality in the future. Watch (24 Feb 16).

Mobile World Congress 2016 – Day Two Mobile Tech with IEEE
IEEE Tech roundup of cool products on day 2 of MWC 2016. Watch (24 Feb 16).

Virtual Reality has already changed the world of technology
Correio do Brasil on future market sectors for Virtual Reality (25 Feb 16).

Virtual Reality is becoming consumer electronics
Yicai (China) on highlights and trends coming out of this year’s MWC (25 Feb 16).

Virtual Reality Takes Center Stage at MWC 2016
CRI (China) on the ubiquity of Virtual Reality (26 Feb 16).

Phone makers turn to wearable devices
Financial Times on the move by smartphone manufacturers to push wearables. Watch (26 Feb 16).

Mobile World Congress 2016 – Day Four Mobile Tech with IEEE
IEEE Tech roundup of innovative products on day 4 of MWC 2016. Watch (26 Feb 16).

The mobile industry flirts with virtual reality
Los Tiempos on the Mobile Industry’s love for Virtual Reality (28 Feb 16).

Virtual insanity: Is 2016 the year users go big on VR?
Computer Weekly on how Virtual Reality may be perceived in the future (2 Mar 16).

Amazon Dash and Internet of Things: eCommerce Revolution?
ChargeBackTech on new pathways for fraud opening as more devices connect to the IoT (3 Mar 16).

The age of VR has come: VR is expected to replace smartphones
C114 (China) on key issues in the development of VR/AR technology (3 Mar 16).

In the Future, Humans Will Form Romantic Relationships With Robots
The Institute on future possible relationships with robots (4 Mar 16).

Google Deepmind and GO champion challenge
Skynews Digital View on Deep Learning algorithm taking on the worlds #1 GO player Watch (6 Mar 16).

The future of mobile will get faster and faster
The New Economy on the impact of AI, 5G, VR and other technologies in the future. Watch (7 Mar 16).

How connected car technology, including Nissan, Nvidia, is transforming the auto industry with car to car communication, neural networks and AI
Computer Business review on Car to Car Communications. (8 Mar 16).

AlphaGo vs. Lee Sedol: What do computer experts have to say?I
Guokr (China) on AlphaGo’s performance and the development of AI (8 Mar 16).

Security, safety, privacy: $140bn global connected vehicle industry faces UK backlash over concerns about future car technology
Computer Business review on concerns over security on connected cars (9 Mar 16).

Security risk or business opportunity? What smartphone microphones can do for your business
Computer Business review on how smartphone microphones are changing the game for business in security, customer services and employee processes (10 Mar 16).

What are possible applications for machine learning in the future
Yicai (China) on possible applications in the real world for the deep learning exhibited by Google’s AlphaGo (10 Mar 16).

We Have 5 Years Until The Virtual Reality Revolution
ARC on the forthcoming Virtual Reality revolution in technology (11 Mar 16).

The wireless technology competing for WiFi’s crown
IT Pro Portal on the differing wireless technologies and the arrival of LiFi (14 Mar 16).

MWC not an auto show, but gaining importance
GPS World on changes in future car ownership due to ride sharing schemes (14 Mar 16).

Nearly €3 million worth of phones stolen in last 14 months
Highland Radio on what to do when your mobile phone is stolen Listen (15 Mar 16).

Not just new products, but also a prolonged and active support – Interview with Kevin Curran from IEEE
Guru advisor on 5G, privacy laws and ransomware (16 Mar 16).

Location technologies prominently featured at MWC
GPS World on every device connected to a network being a potential source of weakness in a targeted hacking attack (18 Mar 16).

CW@50: From Captain Kirk to 5G – 50 years of mobile
Computer Weekly on 50 years of British innovation and development in mobile networking (22 Mar 16).

How your phone will soon control your entire house
Tech Radar on potential downsides to security robots in the home (3 April 16).

Addressing risk in the application of biometric technologies
The Stack on the emergence of biometrics in security (4 April 16).

Biometric Authentication: Making mobile devices and apps safer
Betanews on biometric technologies for user authentication (4 April 16).

Would touching a robot turn YOU on? People become aroused when asked to ‘grope intimate parts’ of machines, study finds
Daily Mail on a Stanford University study which examined intimacy and Robots (5 April 16).

Microsoft vs Google: Can Bing Mobile make headway in smartphone advertising?
Computer Business Review on the struggle Microsoft face in Mobile Search against Googles dominance (7 April 16).

The role of biometric authentication techniques in security
IT Pro Portal on the potential of biometric mechanisms to supersede the traditional password (7 April 16).

Sensors, WiFi & on-board computing: 5 technologies making today’s driverless cars possible
Computer Business Review on technologies making driverless vehicles a reality (7 April 16).

Huawei launch reactions: Will Huawei’s ‘full scale assault’ be enough?
IDG Connect on the likelihood of Huawei’s P9 smartphone making waves in the market (7 April 16).

Banks begin blockchain payment integration
Euromoney on the announcement that Barclays is was working with Circle to facilitate payments on the blockchain (14 April 16).

How the rise of everything-as-a-service will drive IoT pay-as-you-go economy
Computer Business Review on IoT allied with data streams enabling suppliers to gain insights into business like never before (15 April 16).

Man accidentally ‘deletes his entire company’ with one line of bad code
talkRADIO (London) on systems admin who apparently deleted his entire business Listen (15 April 16).

We asked an expert which jobs the robots are going to take first
The Tab on what the rise of the machines might mean for some careers (17 April 16).

Cellphone addiction phobias increasing
BBC Radio Foyle about NoMoPhobia which is term coined for people who fear being without mobile coverage Listen (18 April 16).

How The Internet Of Things Will Evolve Just Like The Internet
Connected World on how standards and best practice in the IoT should evolve from maturing markets (19 April 16).

How your phone will soon control your entire house
SUNMAG on the downsides of certain aspects of security robots (22 April 16).

The smartphone of the future: What mobile marvels will we enjoy by 2020?
V3 on battery technology and features likely in future smartphones (27 April 16).

The impact of robots on future jobs
BBC Radio Berkshire about the possible impact of robots on jobs in the future Listen (27 April 16).

Australian Craig Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator
talkRADIO (London) on the apparent unveiling of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto Listen (2 May 16).

Revolutionary Wonder Material: Graphene
Interesting Engineering on the properties of Graphene (3 May 16).

Volvo to test self-driving cars on London’s roads next year
BBC Radio Wiltshire on the forthcoming driverless car trials in the UK Listen (5 May 16).

Star Wars Day: How close are we to developing the technology from the movies?
Descrier on an interesting study into human-robotic relationships (5 May 16).

An algorithm that makes music on the fly
Robotics & Automation News on self-similarity research we did some time ago (5 May 16).

Revealed: the iPhone of 2020
TechRadar on some promising technologies for future smartphones (25 May 16).

Descent of the machines: Volvo’s robot mining trucks get rolling
The Guardian on driverless lorries designed to work specifically in underground tunnels (26 May 16).

Driverless Lorries to be trialled in the UK
BBC Radio Ulster on the forthcoming UK driverless lorry trials Listen (30 May 16).

Will mobile VR experiences fizzle or take off in China? on future developments in the VR/mobile marketplace (31 May 16).

Mechanised deliveries: A future reality, not just a publicity stunt
ITProPortal on the quiet revolution taking place in drone delivery systems (31 May 16).

Seagate ‘feels effect of changing consumer trends’
ITV News on the reasons leading to job losses at the local Seagate facility Watch (31 May 16).

High Street Stores closing as a result of rise in Internet Retail
LBC Radio Morning News on the closure of high street stores due in part to rise in online shopping Listen (3 June 16).

Our Future with Drones
The Droneologist on likely drone technology scenarios in the future (4 June 16).

Language Readiness: Only 46% of language learners who received language training in school feel prepared to use it at work
Personnel Today where I discuss the future of training in technology where pupils can be engaged in an age appropriate manner (8 June 16).

Will mobile VR experiences fizzle or take off in China?
The Telegraph on future developments in the mobile VR market (9 June 16).

What Jobs Will Humans Have in the Future?
The Institute on likely jobs that humans will have in the future (15 June 16).

What happens when the robots take over?
ShortList on the future roles for robotics in the future (22 June 16).

Study indicates 34 percent rise in IoT app development
Internet of Business on a study which highlights a surge in IoT app development (23 June 16).

Would you become a robophile? Sex with ROBOTS could replace intimate human relationships within 30 years
Daily Mail on the possible complexity of future robot-human relationships (30 June 16).

The Peggy Smedley Show – Best security practice while online
The Peggy Smedley Show on San Diego’s about best practice in staying safe online Listen (7 July 16).

Pokemon GO takes over the world
Highland Radio on the success of the Pokemon GO game Listen (13 July 16).

What will be the next biggest technology to disrupt business?
IDG Connect on future 5G networks ending face to face meetings (19 July 16).

How Do You Avoid Paying a Ransom? Take Steps to Protect the Data before the Ransomware Attack Happens
Veracode on solid steps to mitigate against a Ransomware attack (19 July 16).

Are You Ready To Get A Driverless Taxi?
Innovation Enterprise on human factors in accidents as opposed to driverless vehicles (20 July 16).

The future of in-flight entertainment
Techradar on the cloud driven approach used in modern In-flight Entertainment Systems (25 July 16).

AI could rescue failing cyber security sector
Raconteur on the Hybrid techniques used in many AI-driven cyber security approaches (26 July 16).

Could a computer algorithm be put on trial?
Techradar on whether we could hold algorithms and artificial intelligence accountable for their actions (4 Aug 16).

The need for lifelong learning to boost online security
ITProPortal on the need to constantly update security practices in an evolving landscape of new vulnerabilities (4 Aug 16).

Nasa offers $1m in humanoid Mars robot competition
BBC Technology News on Nasa’s bipedal humanoid robot designed to complete tasks in planetary surfaces (18 Aug 16).

MIT and Microsoft Research made a ‘smart’ tattoo that remotely controls your phone
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on a smart tattoo that allows input, output or sharing data using NFC. Listen (22 Aug 16).

Experts challenge Skyhigh’s patent for cloud-based encryption gateway
CSO on a patent for using a hosted gateway to encrypt and decrypt data moving between users and cloud services (25 Aug 16).

Samsung recalls Note 7 flagship over explosive batteries
BBC Radio Foyle on the recall of Samsung Note 7 phones after reports of phones in flames when charging Listen (2 Sep 16).

Why the Lightning port beats Bluetooth for sound quality
Techradar on benefits of using Apple’s Lightning connector for audio (5 Sep 16).

How blockchain is eliminating online fraud
Raconteur on the potential to eliminate common frauds perpetrated online and help secure financial services from cyber hackers (7 Sep 16).

The Future for Driverless Cars
BBC Radio Ulster Good Morning Ulster Show on driverless cars Listen (7 Sep 16).

My Favourite Tipples from a technology futurist
Jinfo on my various personal resources I use each week (7 Sep 16).

How blockchain is eliminating online fraud
Curated Magazine on how blockchain could eliminate common frauds perpetrated online and help secure financial services (12 Sep 16).

Austrian teenager sues parents for posting embarrassing childhood pictures on Facebook
BBC Radio Foyle on Austrian Teen who is suing parents over Facebook photos she wants taken down. Listen (15 Sep 16).

IoT Standards will Mature with Emerging Markets
Open Stand on standards and consumer protections which will evolve with the Internet of Things (15 Sep 16).

BBC Radio on CultureTECH Festival being cancelled
BBC Radio Foyle on the local CultureTECH festival not going ahead in 2016. Listen (23 Sep 16).

Biggest hack in history leaves 500 million Yahoo users at risk of phishing scams and blackmail
Highland Radio Shaun Doherty Show about the Yahoo ‘state’ hackers who stole data from 500 million users. Listen (23 Sep 16).

Data stolen from 500m Yahoo accounts in security breach
BBC Radio Foyle on the revelation that 500 million Yahoo accounts were stolen in 2014. Listen (23 Sep 16).

Huawei Ultra-Broadband Forum 2016 Summary
YouTube recap of UBB2020 in Frankfurt, Germany. Watch (28 Sep 16).

Why Employee Behavior Is Your No. 1 Cyber Defense
Citizens Bank on using behavior to fight phishing attacks (3 Oct 16).

The eight technologies every entrepreneur should know about
The Guardian on eight key tech areas that all businesses should pay attention to (11 Oct 16).

Public trial for driverless cars beginning in Milton Keynes
BBC Radio Foyle News at One on latest driverless car trials in Milton Keynes. Listen (11 Oct 16).

Keeping your Data Safe in the Age of Breaches and Ransomware
IEEE transmitter on some simple principles of safe computing (19 Oct 16).

Amid major internet outages, downed websites have lessons to learn
ZDNet on possible DDOS prevention mechanisms in the wake of the massive attack on Dyn. (21 Oct 16).

DDoS Attack on DNS; Major sites including GitHub PSN, Twitter Suffering Outage
Hackread on what actually happens in a DDOS attack (21 Oct 16).

Technology news review – AI, machine learning, paperless receipts and legal tech
BBC Radio Foyle Mark Patterson show on some of the breaking stories in technology this week. Listen (25 Oct 16).

Your smart home could help “bring the internet to its knees,” expert says
Tech.mic on the damage that poorly secured Internet of Things devices can cause to the internet (26 Oct 16).

The advent of Drone Technology: What are the legal considerations?
Lawyer Monthly on rules surrounding privacy, airspace, and property with regards Drones (28 Oct 16).

Facebook blocks Admiral’s car insurance discount plan
BBC Radio Foyle on Facebook blocking plans by an insurer to view young drivers’ profiles to help set car insurance premiums. Listen (2 Nov 16).

How secure are home robots?
CSO on security vulnerabilities in home robots (4 Nov 16).

US Election & Social Media, Drone security & VR
BBC Radio Foyle on US Elections/social media, home security drones which are launched when intruders detected and more Listen (7 Nov 16).

Robots present a cyber risk
CIO on the security of robots lying with many in organizations (9 Nov 16).

The new age of quantum computing
HelpNet Security on the role of Quantum Computing in the future (17 Nov 16).

Social Media Fake News Stories
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast News on the rise of fake news stories and the difficulties in policing them Listen (17 Nov 16).

Netflix versus Amazon Video
BBC Radio Foyle on the rise of Netflix & Amazon Video Listen (21 Nov 16).

Quantum physics paving the way for a hack-proof internet
TechInAsia on the promises of Quantum Computing (25 Nov 16).

Artificial intelligence is now Intel’s major focus
Francais Express on how AI will help to shape the way we will work, revolutionising our manufacturing processes at a rapid pace (26 Nov 16).

Ubiquitous Computing – Smart Mirrors
Huawei Ultra Broadband Forum interview about a smart mirror on display Watch (29 Nov 16).

Optical cross connections
Huawei Ultra Broadband Forum interview with James Wang on optical cross connections to reduce latency to nanoseconds. Watch (29 Nov 16).

Future technology | 2020 – 2050
suzguru reusing comments I made earlier about 3D printing (30 Nov 16).

How virtual reality can have an impact on manufacturing
VR Tech on how manufacturers can utilise VR in testing before building real-world models (9 Dec 16).

Experts split on how soon quantum computing is coming, but say we should start preparing now
CSO on whether quantum computing promises to make current encryption methods obsolete (22 Dec 16).

How Quantum Computing Will Change Cybersecurity
iTechPost on the risk posed to traditional public key algorithms from quantum computing (28 Dec 16).

Future thinking: will artificial intelligence overtake humans?
The Guardian “Chips with everything” tech podcast along with Prof Kevin Warwick on whether AI machines may surpass the human race. Listen (30 Dec 16).



Hands-Free Driving
Focus Science Magazine on aspects of the latest generation of autonomous vehicles in the UK (12 Jan 15).

The Big Book Of Things Technologists Say
CIO Today UK “The Big Book Of Things Technologists Say” on wearables on page 209 (16 Jan 15).

Revealed: How criminals can easily ‘suck information’ out of smartphones using public Wi-Fi networks
BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast interview on hackers switching a public establishment’s legitimate Wi-Fi with a fake Wi-Fi AP without them knowing. Listen (22 Jan 15).

“123456” Maintains the Top Spot on SplashData’s Annual “Worst Passwords” List
Highland Radio about the latest SplashData list of the 25 most common passwords found on the Internet thus making them the “Worst Passwords”. Listen (22 Jan 15).

How to improve your online security? Change your passwords no
Guardian Newspaper on staying safe online. (24 Jan 15).

EXCLUSIVE: UK at risk from ‘easy’ hacking attacks as form of ‘modern-day street protest’
Daily Express article which claims that DDOS attacks are “so easy” it means websites are increasingly at risk of being brought down as a “modern-day street protest”. (24 Jan 15).

Windows 10 support on the Raspberry Pi 2 could shape the future of IoT
The Inquirer contribution on how Windows 10 support should be a good move for the Raspberry Pi community. (6 Feb 15).

What makes an online post go viral
BBC Radio Foyle interview by Mark Patterson on the possible elements which are behind stories which become widely shared on social media Listen (11 Feb 15).

Here Comes 5G
EE Times Europe contribution on the forthcoming 5G mobile network standard. (26 Feb 15).

Hi-Tech Digital Clusters
BBC Radio Foyle interview on the potential of Hi-Tech digital clusters to boost the local economy. Listen (27 Feb 15).

To utilize IoT, enterprises need to overcome these obstacles
Fierce Mobile IT interview on enterprises needing to address security issues posed by IoT. (27 Feb 15).

Phone firms look beyond the handset at top mobile fair
Arab News article on my saying that the wearable market is really going to expand because the smartphone market has reached a saturation point in developed markets. (28 Feb 15).

Wrist action: Apple, LG, Huawei bet on ‘year of smartwatch’
Economic Times article where I say Tech companies will start to focus more on design and making devices that are more discreet in the wearable space (1 Mar 15).

IEEE MWC Day 2 Video Update
Video update for IEEE on home wearable trends at MWC 2015. Watch (3 Mar 15).

Mobile World Congress 2015
BBC Radio Foyle interview on the technology on display at Mobile World Congress 2015. Listen (3 Mar 15).

Telecom firms racing to develop 5G networks
Arab News on “Telecom firms racing to develop 5G networks (3 Mar 15).

IEEE MWC Day 3 Video Update
IEEE Video update on home automation trends at MWC 2015. Watch (4 Mar 15).

Smartphones: les recharges sans fil espèrent décoller en 2015
Liberation Economie on wireless charging (5 Mar 15).

Mobile World Congress 2015: Evolution but no revolution
Computer Weekly on the saturated mobile phone market (5 Mar 15).

IEEE MWC Day 4 Video – Security
IEEE final day video from mobile world congress 2015 on security products on show. Watch (5 Mar 15).

Sick of cables? 2015 set to be ‘the year of the wirele

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