My interview on BBC Radio Ulster to talk about persons at the Vatican possibly altering Wikipedia entries on Gerry Adams on the 16th August 2007.

I was also interviewed on BBC Radio Foyle Afternoon Show programme to talk about Wikipedia and Wiki Scanner on the 16th August 2007. You can listen to the piece here. The Belfast Telegraph then did a piece titled Did Vatican alter Wikipedia info on Adams? which was linked to the earlier BBC item on Wikipedia and Gerry Adams entry.

The BBC ran an item titled Vatican ‘edited Adams web page’
on the Wiki Scanner, Vatican and Gerry Adams (16/8/07). It also appeared in VUNet, FunctionPix, Freedom4um,,, The O’Hara Factor, NewsFeed Researcher, adnkronos international, RedOrbit, The Irish Independent, misc.activism, TMC net, Calton Resources, Super News Today including others.