Digital Certificates
Kevin Curran

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Examining a digital certificate

In order to view the certificates associated with your browser carry out the following steps:

Now you know to view Chrome pre-installed certificates. If you click other tabs, you will see some other certificates in different stores: The picture below shows you the Certificates manager in Chrome displaying pre-installed certificates:

View Server Certificate Path

This section provides a tutorial example on how to view server certificate path when visiting a 'https' Web site in Chrome 40. The top certificate in a certificate path is the root CA certificate, which is trusted by browser settings. When a browser validates a server certificate, it will try to build a certificate path - an ordered list of certificates that satisfy these conditions:

Here is what to do to see the certificate path for Web site on Chrome:

We can see this is a valid certificate path and we can trust *, because:

The picture below shows you the certificate path view of a server certificate: Certificate Path View - Chrome.